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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Dear George.... All White Hats See Actual Letter PDF Attached

By Anna Von Reitz

Remember George Washington? Those of you who are of a "certain age" remember the saying, "Let George do it...." ? 
Well, George didn't make it in time, but we are at that moment when "Lazarus" rises from the dead, raises his hand and says, "Excuse me, but I am the Paramount Security Interest Holder in the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES and the USA and .....and....and....."

Against all the odds in known creation, the unincorporated United States of America represented by its Hereditary Head of State visited The United States District Court for the District of Columbia and made known the fact that the American states and people still exist, aren't lost at sea, and have returned home to the land jurisdiction of our states and nation. 
The Great Fraud has been completely discovered and rooted out down to the fine teeth.
We are very grateful to Our Father and The Lord Our Righteous Savior for making it possible.
Now, the facts are irrefutable. The proof is done, the claims are cured, the liens are in place and recorded on the land jurisdiction of the United States. 
All the franchises of the Municipal United States and all the franchises of the Territorial United States have been redeemed, reclaimed, re-conveyed, and re-venued to the land jurisdiction.
We own it all--- all the Municipal and Territorial franchises that have been created worldwide and which these crooks hoped to use as the means to create a One World Government in which people would be treated as things.

It's all ours, fair and square. The Devil lost again. 
It appears that quite a number of you have been hard at work on the private side on the GCR/RV and various NESARA-based solutions, but without overall success. Let us now come to the table with our Paramount Claim and put together the rest of the missing pieces so that the entire world will see and acknowledge the Truth and the GCR/RV can FINALLY go forward.

A complete recap of the Great Fraud and our go forward position has been released as a letter dated today, addressed to "George" from "Lazarus", and will be posted on my website at     for the entire world to see.   

Let those who were dead, arise again.

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  1. Amen Anna!!
    Thank you so very much, the wicked witch is Dead!👠
    Great work and I can't thank you enough, from myself and family..❤

  2. If this is the case it's (huge)when all elce fails they take us to war and man have they tried.putin has kept a cool head.they are making a big deal of the north Korean launch .the hand on the button is trump can he fight back the evil deep state ?

    1. Stay Tuned! Don't touch that dial! We'll be right back after this word from our sponsor...

  3. Good Morning Anna!
    The letter is as amazing as it is Beautiful! Brilliant in all aspects!!
    A current Civics Synopsis anyone can understand & everyone (literally) should understand, in my humble opinion.
    By the bye, it doesn't come up from the hyperlink on this page but, it does appear from the hyperlink in this same pdf article, #650 on your site.
    Thanks So Much!!!
    All The Best,

    1. I have corrected the link so it comes up from either this blog or the article #650 now. That's what I get for doing this job at midnight.

      Here it is again:

    2. I like to use the excuse of early onset "demensia" because of all the heavy metals and pollution we are supseptable to. But thats

    3. James I totally agree! If we don't "giter done", it is going to be too late for everyone.
      The Chemtrails and the Fluoride are killing us.

  4. Apparently Francis didn't get the memo...

  5. OK, just wait a second here. Just what are you trying to resurrect? The United States of America or United States of America?

  6. I have not been able to to get any of the links you have listed on this Email, nor can I get Anna's web site to come up so I can try to locate #650,

    Please advise

  7. this will never be fully understood until a hollywood movie, sparing no expense, or a true TV mini-series, is made with a beginning comment that this is a TRUE STORY- THE SECOND GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD!!!! Off course some of it can be fictionalized since we will never know how this people dealt with each other behind hidden doors but that is where creative genius can go wild. We can make that as devious as we want, just like they did. Maybe it will force them into the open, out of shear frustration and fear of repercussion, to tell us what really happened behind closed doors in secret and why they wanted this globalist agenda so bad. I already know how to start it.....Having President Trump at his desk all alone, writting a letter himself, not actually talking but thinking, as his words are being expressed verbally as he goes, and the sound of nuclear weapons going off in the background(but only as a fiction as to what actually would have occured if they got away with their agenda)and starting to explain where it all went wrong and that the sins of the past always comes back to huant us when we never stay vigilient.....then fade to "The Civil War" and the brutallity of it, just like in the "PATRIOT". Maybe Mel Gibson should direct it, as a retailiation to the liberal agenda of Hollywood Eleite. Sweet revenge for what they did to him. His old enough to play Lincoln

    1. Wow James! Excellent. Love it. However, as it stands right now, I don't think 'they' would ever allow it to be aired!
      Hopefully enough folks will read and decide "it is now or never".

  8. Has the "Hereditary Head of State" been officially recognized by any countries outside of the united States of America? If so how was that recognition expressed?


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