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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Another Quick Explanation

By Anna Von Reitz

The entire Great Fraud was carried out in the international jurisdiction of the sea and under the auspices of commercial law. 

Under commercial law the governmental services corporations issued securities based on the names of people merely presumed to be franchisees and their assets. 

The DTC, Depository Trust Corporation, acted as the Holding Company and "Trade Depot" for all these government issued securities. 


What began as fraud and misrepresentation ends as fraud and misrepresentation.  There was no actual "American Civil War" --- only an illegal commercial mercenary action on our shores.

There were no millions of "US" Foreign Situs Trusts --- just a lot of hot air and debt by assumption back in the 1930's. 

And so, neither are there valid ESTATE trusts, because there are no missing Americans.

We hit the reset button last week and its now time for all the world governments to hear the news. The actual Priority Creditors showed up.  There will be no claims on abandonment available for Secondary Creditors. 

The depository institutions are all under lien and demand. 

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  1. I wonder when the defacto govt offices and courts be shutdown for good?

  2. Civil war in name but the south won the first battle at manassas they could have taken DC. but hoped the corperate office would come to its senses nope they had lots of fresh green backs to spend.

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  4. If we know the general reason for the removal of a comment, we would be less likely to question censorship.

    a/k/a Red Pill Media

  5. Some times people hit the button twice and it is a duplicate of the 1st:

    That was the case for Kimberly Bonds, I saw it on the 7th and so know what it was.

    Good question though and perhaps when it is a duplicate there might be a way to fully remove it so it doesn't sit there looking like censorship.

    It wasn't censorship, just duplicate.

  6. For people who don't know what is DTCc. Here is the story, mounted around 1989. The Pope, CONgress, and GHBush scamming Affordable Housing Act 1989 (42 USC 3545(d)) is tied--> their section 911, 102(d) and to --> their altered UCc 8-102(14) {a/k/a 8-102(d) in hexcode}, also tied to -People HJR192 credits (taken by Corp.'s) to play their magic Lending/Fraud.
    Signed under H.R. 5334, by GHB, Public Law No. 102 – 550, fraudulently released on Oct-29, 1992 by GH-BUSH and CONgress to direct their sub-Corp.s (Bancorps), Bar lawyers to perpetrate GREAT FRAUD, to scam all souls worldwide, but mainly in N.America.

    So what is UCc 8-102(14)?
    (14) "Securities intermediary" means:
    (i) a clearing corporation; (DTCc, Cede & Company) or
    (ii) a person, including a bank or broker, that in the ordinary course of its
    business maintains securities accounts for others and is acting in that capacity.


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