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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Why Would Catholic Bishops Pray for the Death of America?

By Anna Von Reitz

Today, it has been reported that Catholic Bishops are "praying for the death of America"---- and I have been asked why?

To put it bluntly and succinctly, they would pray for the death of America because they have been cheating, bilking, enslaving, and robbing Americans for 150 years-----and they got caught. 

Their own concessions, corporations merely calling themselves the "United States" and the "United States of America", are the guilty parties. 

We have the records, we have the mechanisms, we have the documentation.  We have the proof that the Roman Pontiffs and the British Monarchs have conspired against us in Breach of Trust and commercial contract since 1822. 

Now they owe us reparations they cannot ever hope to pay, their reputation as a religious organization is in tatters, and so they pray for the death of America because that means the death of their Priority Creditors. 

They are praying for this evil to the "gods" of the "Kingdom of God" whose names are variously called "Mammon" on the land, and "Marduk" in the air, and "Satan" on the sea, but they will be disappointed because Mammon has been recognized as nothing but sideshow fakery, Marduk is dead, and Satan is bound.

It's the Kingdom of Heaven that has won the toss, and now all their "Kingdom" is forfeit for a thousand years. Naturally, they are gnashing their teeth and wailing and hoping for a supernatural saving event that will prevent the entire world from knowing the truth about them and what they have been hiding like a cancer in the bowels of the Roman Catholic Church. 

They are afraid, quite rightly, that this denouement, this "apocalypse" of the apostate pagan "church" within the actual Church will be the doom of all their effort and the end of their control of humanity worldwide. 

This is really not news. The Paradigm Project foreclosed on them years ago from an accounting and commercial process standpoint.  I and my team brought the claim against them from the side of the True Law.  Now they are well and truly stuck. They've been overcome in Common Law, in Commercial Law, and in Ecclesiastical Law, too. 

So they pray to Mollech.  And they pray to Marduk.  And they pray to Satan.  And they pray to Lucifer.  And they pray to Mammon.  And they pray to Baal.  And all that comes back is silence. Now, finally, they remember that the consuming fire fell from Heaven for Elijah.

All that they schemed in secret is known.  All that they did against the True One in Heaven.  All the lies.  All the evil.  It's all known down to a gnat's eyelash.  And instead of repenting and confessing their sins, the one thing that they have taught others to do and which even now could save them, they pray for evil instead--- for the death of the nation they have abused and defrauded and betrayed in Breach of Trust and commercial contract.  Their very prayers are acts of Dishonor.

The Doctrine of Scarcity is overturned and it will not be reinstated.  Their lust for blood and war and injustice and the death of innocence is denied.  They are turned aside and nobody will obey them anymore, for fear of the Living One. 

The Americans caught on and by the grace of the True Lord, have claimed control of the entire Unum Sanctum Trust---- purely for the purpose of instituting the Doctrine of Abundance, introducing people to the simple Law of Heaven, and doing away with the evil ideas and motivations which have deluded, defrauded, and destroyed people for over 8,000 years. 

It's over.  The Stumbling Block of Dan will be tied around their necks.  Those who do not fully repent the evils that this "church within the Church" has wrought will inherit the Abyss and no longer be protected by the sign of Cain.  In a twinkling, they will  be gone from this Earth as if they never were.  And we will not remember them nor will we regret their passing. 

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  1. No REAL Catholic Bishop has prayed for the "death of America".
    Show me one! Don't show me a Novus Ordo Roman "bishop". And don't look for a true Catholic (Universal) Church that Jesus founded in Rome. Rome has lost the faith and will become the seat of the Antichrist. If you are looking to an Anti Pope for the truth you are going to wait a long time. Most so called "Catholics" who have accepted this new and false religion promulgated after the Vatican II council in the sixties, have thrown the baby out with the bathwater.

  2. Marduk.was the mastermind creator of Babylon or modern day Bagdad a cult center worshiping the zodiac . Marduk was Enki'd son the annuiki scientist who mixed annuiki blood with humanoid apes creating the Adam . Enki abbreviation was EA. of which EARTH was named in his honor .

  3. I am sure pope Francis is praying for the death of America, he could be Fake and in his soul he is. It all depends on your perception. These bishops molest children, what sin is more that that, not any in my mind maybe murder is equal. We have a anti pope in our mist already and have for decades. Just my opinion.

    1. Francis is not a true Pope, but an anti-Pope look it up.

  4. Whether you're a "real" bishop among the vipers, or a crusading, tried-and-true congressman or woman, you're going to be sullied by the temples to Mammon you are pressed into "warship"ing in, until we have a total and final cleansing of these rat-holes and Earth entire that must come from the heavens to usher in our new (and hopefully permanent) epoch of Peace, Light, Love, Truth, and Unity.

  5. Tear down Vatican and send them to sea
    Tear down queen empire and send her out to sea

  6. Death, Judgement, Heaven, or Hell. One chance to get it right. Nobody gets out of this world alive. There is NO SUCH THING as a self powered ascension. Your soul will live forever even if you don't want it to. Where you will live is up to you, so repent and do penance while you have time. Remember the good thief on his cross beside Jesus. Ask him to pray for you.

    1. Paul, not to worry, your support of man made religion has registered you for much loving spiritual corrective rehabilitation once the process of your many assigned lifetimes have completed. Meantime you will do well to cease your baseless assertions in hopes of earning commendation at the time of your permanent physical life cycle termination. Your role in this particular physical life cycle has been assigned to you due to your request to make a difference this time around. Just like the rest of us you can be assured your shortcomings, such as what you say with regard to the bible, Jesus, God and the Catholic religion will be overlooked to a large degree. Meantime, you will shortly be given a dream in support of my words to you. Respectfully Yours.

    2. And if I am right you are in a heap of trouble Keith.

  7. Great...Where does that leave us. One more reason they will try and institute "Muslim" religion if that were ever to go public. God forbid.....


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