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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Letter to President Trump on April 11, 2017

By Anna Von Reitz

For forty years we have kept the land jurisdiction states of America alive, and for the past eight years, we have played a desperate international role in preventing the Obama Administration from ---quite literally--- killing off the fifty republican states of the Union and liquidating our assets to pay foreign corporate debts.

 We've had quite enough of our servants secretively waging illegal commercial mercenary "wars" against us while taking their paychecks from our pockets. You are now in charge of the same nest of Territorial and Municipal corporations that are responsible for these gross international commercial crimes against the American states and people, so let's have a truce and discuss this ugly circumstance.

We hope that you agree that this travesty and long history of commercial crime and personage being practiced against the American states and people ----your actual underwriters and employers---needs to end.   150 years of this  interloping and usurpation on behalf of foreign powers is more than enough.

We can show you the actual history and prove beyond any doubt that the American Bar Association has violated its treaty allowing it to be here and to operate on our soil.    We can show you where the money is hidden and how all financial concerns, including worldwide debt, can be permanently eliminated.

We can show you exactly why there is no "National Debt" and we can show you the truth about the sovereign power under which all American ships sail.  We can rip the top off the mismanagement and misdirection of both the Internal Revenue Service and the IRS, and much, much more.

It's time to respect the actual political status of Americans and stop the pretense of universal "US CITIZENSHIP".   Toward that end we have asked that you establish a standardized (and mutually approved) process for the American states and people to reclaim their good names and estates and to live peacefully on the land of their forefathers.

We have labored under false presumptions and illegal taxation for a long time.  Tempers are high.  It is in the best interests of all concerned to move onward and upward in a cooperative way.

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  1. there is no proof that this was sent, I have shown my actions what Ive done with the courts, judges etc. video taping it all for yt, so why when you said it was a letter, is there no proof that a letter was sent? Why not show the LETTER, instead of posting the supposed WORDS that are claimed to have been sent to the President?

    1. Sciptic, you dout the legitimacy
      Of the content ? Or just the delivery? Will say we know the trump team monitors our content and many other alphabet agencies that's for sure one high level brain on our side makes a statement on a U Tube
      The next day the lib media is blasting trump to respond.

    2. Carol, then send it your self. Have you heard of copy and paste? Jeeze!

      A simple "Thank you." would suffice.

    3. DUH!
      Carol, Are you still on the fence? Or, Have you already decided?
      (you may consider my questions ill-founded or cynical but, consider this...if you really do not trust Anna by now & her actions do not clearly represent her intent; What do you suggest that you do about that?)

    4. From Anna Von Reitz:

      Idiot. The letter was sent, but that is not the point. Simply by posting it, it was sent to him many hundreds of times. It was sent via email to the White House. It was sent in slightly different form to his legal counsel.

      You really NEED to get your head screwed on.

  2. So glad you did that and he does listen to higher power calls. He has done that since he was a child. That is one of the reasons he is determined to get this country back to it's people. He doesn't need money, he already got that, and he doesn't need power, he's already got it. The reason he ran for president was to fix this country period. Many great things are coming and he is the only one that has the soul purpose to help make that happen. We were able to dodge WW3 which would have happen if Hillary won. What these elites had in store for us is so evil it would make you suicidal, May God Bless US All and I believe he has.

    1. Unfortunately, it appears that he is trying to start WW3 in Syria, based on a false-flag chemical attack that amounts to yet another desperate attempt by the UN/NATO NWO to get their grubby hands on the ancient treasures of the Middle East, and do the bidding of the Vatican and destroy the world in order to spitefully "possess it entire" in their wretched, evil claws of power-drunk madness.

  3. Do video confrenssing. ... elite kill

  4. Sadly, i have written to him also on his website on "howbto make America Great again. At least 5 times. By the 2nd or 3rd time I told him your probably going to get sick of hearinbg from me but your the only president that has ever asked for our help. I told him straight out that if he really wanted to make America great again , the very first thing he has to do is "get rid of the BAR first or make them give their cards back,otherwise all my advice or all your good intentions will be worthless, because they have been and continue to be a standing army against you, like they have been to us and the country as a whole....and I told him why!! Im not sure he even read it or received it without an attorney getting it first. So what happened to his health bill....his first failure. He doesnt seem to realize that all of congress is made up of those "traitors".. !! He could have cleared the "swamp" in washington and passed all of his bills without opposition from an empty congress at the same time. Did he listen? NO. And what happened...his health care bill was squashed. And he took it hard. Its funny how these presidents never read our letters of "good advice", but a 5 or 6 year old gets National attention on the news media with a badly hand written letter. Maybe thats the answer. Next time I write him , it will be a badly handwritten letter, like a five year old, scribbling my message and pretending im a 5 year old. I even told him how far back this fraud goes. Those two judges already opposed his "immigration bill" which was an "Executive Order". Thats how arrogant they are. I wrote to him again, telling him that those two judges should have been "court marshalled" under military rules, not civilian, because of your position as "Commander and Chief" as well as President because you are their General and they are your subortinets. President Trump, you have no idea of the power of your office. After 150 years of legislative BAR authority, they have litterally given you the power of a "dictator". Because they never expected an "outsider" like you to ever get in. Use it for the next year or you wont be able to change anything, including draining "the swamp"....!!!


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