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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Seeking the Truth as a Way of Life

By Anna Von Reitz

Seeking the Truth is often uncomfortable business.  You have to give up your own opinions on the way, and often let go of things you have been taught since childhood. Those losses of what we always believed make us feel lost, as if the firm and settled boundaries of our lives are suddenly as fluid and uncertain as waves on water.  Sometimes--often-- things you dearly cherish, things that add to your sense of security and value, get mashed along the way.  

Although I most often hammer away on the Truth about our government, what has happened to it and so on--the search for Truth is amazingly open ended.  Once you start seeking the Truth about one thing, you start seeking the Truth about all things.  

That includes the Truth about medical science.  No surprise that the field of medicine has been hijacked by the same feudalistic Robber Barons who have corrupted our government and for the same reasons-----profit and control.  They long since took over the medical schools and drug companies and have been using one to push the other for several generations with great success.  

They haven't made us healthier, wealthier, or wiser---- but they have filled their pockets and left us sickly and fat and dependent on pills, which is precisely what profits them and makes us miserable.  

Many of you had the opportunity to watch Ty Bollinger's expose, The Truth About Cancer series.  And now, a friend just forwarded The Truth About Vaccines. 

Watch it, download it, do whatever you can to learn and to share the information being provided for you and your family free of charge---today is the beginning of the final broadcast: 


  1. The FDA is a puppet in the hands of the AMA. the English passed the quacks charter to allow alternative medicine in and brake the strangle hold doctors had on your wallet.

    1. AMA, BAR, and other large groups are destroying lives.

  2. Great information in both of these films/docuseries! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Actually, the AMA is the puppet, as well as the Drug Companies, when it comes to their leader....the "FDA". I read a book some 30 years ago called "murder by injection". Its investigation reveiled that a very ambitious "journalist"(with no knowledge of medicine or the body) found out that no one was overseeing the medical community and applied for the job of organizing it. And you wonder why the medical community was corrupted. Without the FDA's stamp of approval, no drug Co. could get their drug approved and was basically hijacked and blackmailed into giving the FDA untold millions to get their drug passed for human consumption or use. Even with all the testing the drug firms now have to do in order to get their drug approved, there is still a bribery amount to be paid to the agency before they approve it. Somehow Trump knows about this to, because of his investigation into his sons autism that occured because of all the vacinations he received,most of which is laced with "mercury" for quicker and cheaper way of the bodys absorbtion of the vaccines, instead of the safer way of delivery costing $0.15 more. But does anyone even tell us theirs a choice....NO. Trump went to the CDC which is the leading agency for all diseases and supposedly where all the experts are located, and confrounted the person in charge. He was asked by Trump point blank, how these vaccines work and whats in them, and further crewlded him on the safety of so many and at such young ages. In some instantces right after birth. He told him the truth. That he was basically ordered to approve them knowing it wasnt safe, especially so many and so young, before the child has a chance to develop his own immune system. Needless to say, Trump fired him on the spot. Je is determined to get rid of all these federally funded, worthless, corrupted federal agencies that become self sustaining by requesting more money every year after the last to justify their exsistance. False lab results, false reporting of new outbreaks, etc. Now they are requiring, mandatorily, that all publuc school systems have their students vaccinated or , of course, no federal funding. Autism has blown up in the last 10 years because of that mandate. I was pre-med, and i know the body doesnt need any of these vaccines except maybe polio and chicken pox. When we were going to school, i only remember getting just a few vaccinations. Now there are at least 40 and counting....insane. What happened to "common sense". What planet are the parents of these kids living on.

  4. What planet are the parents of these kids living on. Doesnt it ever occurr to them to question the doctor about these vaccines and their safty. We should never trust our health(or our children) to any doctor, anymore than we should place our faith on priest, rabies, or pasters. Its up to us to start questioning everything. The real reason why everyone, including all doctors are pushing these vaccines is like everything else....the monitary incentives put in place to do it. For every injection a doctor gets a patient to comply with, they get a bonus that in a year can add up to over a million dollars. The doctors have no time to investigate everything the govt. is demanding, especially if it comes from the CDC, who most doctors admit are the experts with the time and money to investigate and approve such things as needed for health reasons. If a doctor ever perscribed vitamin C , instead of a state approved perscription drug, he would immediately be visited by his malpractice insurance co. and told that if he continues to perscribe vitamines or wholistic methods of treatment, he would lose his license. You can bet that the head of any federal agency is a greedy corrupted politition with even higher aspirations. We just listened to a four part special online about vaccinations and their dangers. How do you vaccinate against a flu virus. There are thousands, if not millions of viruses, that can constantly mutate at will. There is no way to tell exactly what virus you jave or how to prevent it, unless you vaccinate some universal vaccine for every know virus...No one has ever done that because it is impossible. And it would probably kill the person instead of protecting him. God created these bodies that are near perfect in there conception. The daily functions of the body are so complex and works without ever thinking about it , and working in conjection with all other systems of the body at once, including the extremely complex cognitive abilities of speech and simple task like commenting on this blog, would blow most peoples mind if they could even comprehend it and the words used to describe it. Anyone who has studied how the body works as any pre med or med students have done, has to know that something this complex can only be explained by creation. No amount of evolution could ever explain it....

  5. Anna explained states are bribed by block grants ,so are research facilities in universities lead professor marches to the tune of government funding or he's not funded.
    Scientists doctors know who's buttering thair much as teddy Roosevelt was corrupt stealing he did break up the big monopolies standard oil,bell telephone , us steel .
    We lot all oversite!if it weren't for activest we would be like Mexico best politicians money can buy we have to exercise our 1 st ammendment .

  6. Luc Montagnier on you tube ( he is the orignial official public claimant profiteer that alleged or announced that HIV causes AIDS) now says that most people have HIV likely quite a few times and it is simply not a problem, a harmless retro-virus, common and that it is health, a healthy immune system. Evidence shows that the medical investors knew this and purposely designed a diet, medicine and surgery industry to keep people sick and on life long drugs treatments. Seems diabolical but these same folks starved people to death and genocided many in their climb to attempt world domination of the master discardable slave system. Many do not know the store is full of stuff to sell, health is not a concern, and you cannot even prove that some pill or other damaged you especially if taking a bunch of em and exposed to numerous other mildly toxic ( long term death to drain your finances) effects. The days of the "miracle pill" have run their course revealed now as lies for profit.

  7. Trading a lie for a truth is a bargain, not a loss. Trade up.

  8. I will add another link on the vaccines issue that all Americans need to be aware of, which is: It's almost unspeakable the evil that's being foisted upon, especially, our children.

  9. "I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life," said Yeshua. Indeed, Truth is the Way and Life itself.

  10. The medical industry is open for business profitting from sickness only. They have no knowledge in nutrients, minerals or vitamins. Grow food NOT lawns, practice paramaculture to get soils in high nutrient values chemical free. Feed your family, neighbours, community. Follow 80.10.10 vegan diet for humans and watch all diseases disappear. Have health issues juice or water fast to complete health, but read from experts prior to do safely if bad diet. Health isnt in a pill... dr mcdougall has videos to heal self, free receipes, ... lots of info on youtube. Wake up no one needs DEATHcare.
    Ref lots of near death survivors and
    ref Gerson therapy in Mexico has website.... learn how to keep your colon clean with enemas or colonics... its your sewer system ... food is medicine and the key to health.. eat lots, be merry.


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