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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Let's Send Them a Bill, Shall We?

By Anna Von Reitz

I have just been told a most amazing thing.
Nobody has sent the Queen of England a bill for anything the British Government has cost us
since 1756. There have been no end of bills addressed to us, for services they claim to have rendered---- but not a single one in return.
There has been no billing for American lives lost, American natural resources expended,
American labor invested in all the bloody wars and mercenary conflicts that the British Monarchs and the British Crown and the Popes have foisted off on us for two-hundred plus years in Breach of Trust and Commercial Contract.
What do you say that we total it all up and send our bill to the Pope and the Queen and the Lord
Mayor of London?
There's just one problem.
How much is the life of a man worth?

They tell me that a cadaver is worth $11.4 million in today's market, but a living man is so
much more than the sum of his parts.....
How do you ever calculate that loss?
I say that the loss of even one life is more than anyone can repay.
I say there is no currency for that.
So all these grand princes and potentates, the Popes and Queens and the Heads of State --- are in reality, all bankrupt, unable to meet their debts by any means.
Perhaps that is why no American bills have ever been sent.
The ridiculousness of trying to put a value on what is beyond value must have
plagued generations of accountants. They must have sat here as I have this afternoon, and left the calculation to God.
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  1. On paper, the World is bankrupt to include the Top familys!

    In Reserves, private vaults held under SKR- Safe Keeping, the "liquid assets" they hold..."illegally", are enormous and truly speaking, is what is owned to the World along with the SOUTH PACIFIC HOLDINGS, should be returned to the people for manupulating the population into believeing this "royal" nonense!!!

    In time, the "people" will emerge to hold accountable these corrupt officials to overthrough and charge everyone of them: "for treason" !


    In time,

  2. Shakespeare says you steal my purse you steal trash .in a sense he is right
    Your honor is invaluable .

  3. I hate to say it, but the so called friends and aquiantances that have been hanging around me for over 40 years collectively wouldnt add up to buy a "big mac"....sorry, but some people just made everyones life around them intentionally misserable. That was their entire goal in life. Trust me when i say, they were born for nothing else, based on their works in this life. That should bring down some of that

  4. Seems actuarials are used. So much value in a predicted future life to calculate a bond value. Cases where wrongful death calculated in millions due to loss of breadwinner income. Insurance policies on persons (entities like soldiers, officer positions). They sure have created a bunch of money values for a life yet in reality it is priceless. Selling the family or trading them for food or pile of coins? Not me, I love my family.

  5. EXCELLENT... also in line with exactly how I see it and feel.
    As Mr. Pansini stated WE as Americans do feel put upon, used, unthanked and relegated to benevolent servants to the world in general and at large- like ungrateful relatives and fair weather friends seem to feel they are owed bigtime and because WE are willing figure WE can afford it just fine and should be glad to to it with a hiny kissin smile And of course WE are.
    This while they complain about us even tho WE just saved their lives at great costs and personal losses etc etc.
    Seems to be the story of my life- maybe that's why I enjoy living remotely miles from towns listening to the peepers, tree frogs, crickets, owls, hawks, woodpeckers, redwing blackbirds, chickadee's and brown creepers, coyotes, whistle pigs, chipmonks, squirrels, wild turkey,ravens with the wood+pintail ducks+canada geese on the pond while watching the deer with their fawns.


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