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Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday and the Kingdom of Heaven

By Anna Von Reitz

This post is for the Christians in the group, a rumination on where we have gone wrong for so long.  All my other friends may wish to read and think about these things also, for the Christian faith is not the only one subject to corruption.... 

So here's what I am thinking this Good Friday: 

Jesus, a Nazorean, paid for all sins with one horrendous sacrifice to end all sacrifices.  We remember Him and that supreme act of unselfish love for all of us and for the world and for the Earth and for all of Creation--- on this day.  

For a Christian, this is the most solemn, most thought-provoking, most painful day in the entire year.  We once again confront our sins in the shadow cast by His cross and must ask ourselves---- could I pick up my cross and follow Him?

Could I, for the cause of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, do what has to be done even now?  Sight unseen? Job description and extent of suffering unknown?  
On faith?  

A friend sent me a greeting early this morning, wishing me "peace"--- and I realized that despite many, many sacrifices and much suffering at every hand, I do have peace---peace which does indeed defy all understanding.  I sleep like a rock and do not stir.  I rise up refreshed.  No anxiety troubles me.  

I know that I am doing all I can to guard and feed His sheep and His goats, and to keep the peace, and see to the fruition of His Mission which started so long ago---- to wrest the world from the jaws of Satan, and finally see the literal establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. 

It may come as a Big Surprise (the word "apocalypse" implies exactly this sort of denouement) but the incorporated churches have not only failed to help bring about this result, they have actively promoted the opposite outcome.  They have been buying and selling Baptismal Certificates and conscripting the new "souls" as chattel owned by their organizations, pledged to pay for their debts. 

If you can imagine anything more repugnant than this betrayal of the very meaning of Christian baptism--- I can't.  I am sitting here this Good Friday afternoon, communing with my Lord and I am horrified.  My very blood runs cold.  

All these fancy church houses made of stone and all these people running to them for guidance and help, all betrayed, all for nothing, white-washed tombs and dens of iniquities built by gangs intent on serving themselves. 

I want you all to understand that when Jesus told you to remember him when you ate bread and drank wine, He meant it literally.  He wanted to be part of your day to day lives, not some figurine on a mantelpiece, not some remote "Christ" veiled by mysteries and recalled once or twice a year.  He was giving up His life for you. That's why it was important and is important, that you make Him part of yours. 

Mahatma Gandhi once said ---and I paraphrase--- that he loved our Jesus but not our Christians.   It was a telling point, that what has come forth from these churches has been a rotten fruit, a mockery, an endless parade of men who have done anything and everything but sincerely devote themselves to the imitation of Jesus and the realization of Heaven on Earth.  

They've been far too busy robbing and cheating and defrauding and setting themselves up in positions of authority over others, doing precisely what He accused the lawyers of-----not entering the Kingdom themselves, and not allowing others to enter, either.  

And so we find the money changers and the Synagogue of Satan alive and well snagging down billions of dollars and harnessing billions of souls to pay their bills---- not for the glory of our Father, not for the salvation of the Earth, not for the good of Mankind---but for their own glory, that they might parade around and palm themselves off as righteous men and pillars of the community. 

They stand up on Sunday morning instead of teaching us to obey the Sabbath our Father commanded, and exhort us to do good works while they wallow in every kind of evil themselves, even to perverting the meaning of baptism and making it into a commercial contract, even to obscuring the meaning of communion and making it into something to buy and sell-- and for them to arbitrate who can and cannot commune with our Lord?  

 Are we so deluded?  So afraid?  

Truly, I say to you this day, that whoever keeps Jesus close in their hearts and who remembers Him day to day in their most homely moments, and who does the work He commanded us to do, they are His brothers and His sisters and they will not be forgotten.  Truly, those who love Him, have His presence and His power in their lives---- a power to transform themselves and to transform this world into a paradise: the Kingdom of Heaven. 

Rise up, all of you who hear my Voice, and do justice, kindness, and make yourselves a living sacrifice to serve Him truly and love Him dearly.  Let it no longer be words mumbled in the dark, or guilt or fear spurring you on.  Come out of the tombs of Babylon and into the fresh wind and light of Heaven.

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  1. From the Passion according to St. John:

    Pilate therefore went into the hall again, and called Jesus, and said to him: Art thou the king of the Jews? Jesus answered: Sayest thou this thing of thyself, or have others told it thee of me. Pilate answered: Am I a Jew? Thy own nation, and the chief priests, have delivered thee up to me. What hast thou done? Jesus answered: My kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would certainly strive that I should not be, delivered to the Jews: but now my kingdom is not from hence. Pilate therefore said to him: Art thou a king then? Jesus answered: Thou sayest that I am a king. For this was I born, and for this came I into the world, that I should give testimony to the truth: every one that is of the truth, heareth my voice.
    Pilate saith to him: What is truth?


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