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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Continental Marshals - History You May Not Know

By Anna Von Reitz

An unnecessary controversy is brewing.  It began because the people reorganizing the Continental Marshals Service lacked knowledge and initially confused the Continental Marshals with State Militias.

Well, if you make a mistake, and you are a grown-up, you correct the mistake and go forward with a minimum of fuss.  If you are egotistical and ignorant, you blow it into a Big Deal because you can't stand to be corrected in public and make improper assumptions.

Oh, well, fellas.

The Continental Marshals are not land jurisdiction officers.  They work for the land jurisdiction states and people living in their postal districts to protect and defend the international rights and powers retained by the states and people under Article 10----but that is not the same thing as being a state militia man. 

The Continental Marshals are not under the control or authority of any Grand Jury.

Grand Juries are authorized to investigate any crimes occurring in their jurisdiction and in that capacity only they have the right to investigate any criminal activity promulgated by any Continental Marshal.  That, and handing down the results of their investigation as either an indictment or presentment, is where the power of the Grand Jury ends.

Likewise, Continental Marshals are not under the control or authority of any State Justice. 

The Continental Marshals work for the Federal Postal District Courts set up by the people in their district for the purpose of prosecuting international crimes that occur in the undelegated jurisdiction created by Article X. 

Many of the worst crimes that the people of this country have suffered have occurred in precisely this jurisdiction: inland piracy, unlawful conversion of assets, interstate bank fraud, kidnapping, press-ganging, human trafficking, enslavement, extortion and racketeering practiced on an interstate or international basis is all in the jurisdiction of the Continental Marshals and it is precisely because the Federal Marshals were no longer being funded by the renegade Congress that we have suffered all these crimes in our midst.

The Continental Marshals enforce the orders of Federal Postal District Court judges, not State Justices.

Now some State Justices are puffing themselves up and usurping powers never granted to them under any constitution and walking on the wrong side of the law and structure of the American Government that the rest of us are trying to restore.

A fully functioning Continental Marshals Service is a key part of restoring the Checks and Balances and the complete American Common Law Court System we are owed.  

Those who are attempting to co-opt or subvert the mission and authority of the Continental Marshals and "horn in" on the jurisdiction of the Continental Marshals Service to fatten themselves with authorities never granted to them, are just as bad or worse than those that have worked the Great Fraud against the American states and people in the first place. 

They are attempting to spawn a new fraud and to gain control of our retained international jurisdiction via new means. 

Nip it in the bud.

In particular, the people of Louisiana need to rethink their choice of Justice Michael Hamilton and the Marshals need to rethink their confirmation of Marshal Edwards. 

Both these men have spread this pernicious lie about the nature of the Continental Marshals office throughout the restored states and have also carried on a witch hunt against Chief Marshal Tresa Haywood. 

Upon investigation, all their complaints thus far have turned out to be hearsay, unsubstantiated gossip, false assumption on their own parts, and misunderstandings confusing the British system with the American system of government. 

This indicates a failure of their education or a failure of their devotion to restoring our lawful government, and either case, if they won't listen, learn, and correct their behavior, they need to be ousted from any office or position of authority they currently hold.  

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  1. At one point continental marshals were coming directly from militias . Hate to see friction amount ppl of our Nobel cause of righting corruption that's out of controld .dam if Edward Johnson didn't go off the deep end putting out videos attacking all common law ppl. He was brilliant in statuary law .justice hamelton probably trying to get enforcement and not getting it..he is using the bill thourton.straight common law sovereign is senior over fiction corperation . I am sure the judges would stonewall this eventually after feeling it out.

  2. Judge ducett was shooting for 9 thousand marshals but was quickly brought to a halt under marshals Haywood if hiller would have won the police state would have done to us what the did to the rest of the world installed hate crimes and lock up everyone using unconstitutional laws.

  3. I am seeking justice and I know the court here are extremely biased against me as I sued 3 judges in Federal court, but it was determined by the out of town judge LOL that it was a frivolous case. I suppose he would since he was protecting his gang of thugs. So how does one get ahold of this Maywood lady or can folks contact her at all from any state? I need help. I was illegally hounded for TWELVE years by JPMorgan Chase bank. I won my case, after sending them some Common Law and about 19 counts they were facing, rico, banking fraud, coercion, as they solicited the help of the court, the clerk, the commonwealth attorney, the country attorney, the sheriff, AND the police dept, but I stood my ground, and I WON! After receiving what I sent them, they filed fairly quickly a MOTION TO VACATE THE CASE against me. I received my mortgage, which was b/s because they never proved they had one, never submitted a bona fide accusatory instrument whereby they could seek remedy in a court of law, and we know these are not lawful courts. can I pursue THEM for their wrong doing, they stole twelve years of my life, and its time they paid the piper! Not to mention all the copy fees, certified mail fees, gas, etc etc. thanks for all you have done,do and doing still. May the Fathers hand guide, strengthen, and sustain you. :)

    1. Chief marshal Haywood she has a Facebook or contact judge bruce ducett Facebook . Or go to site .or Friday night join the conference call 712 770 4169
      access code 6665599. You can do a replay anytime. Facebook Ken Dost another expert on morgage.fraud .

    2. Judge curry who moderates this call would love you to bring this to the call to analyze and give to file counter claims ect ect.

    3. Please I need HELP. I've turned every stone, up and down my commonwealth state and there is none. I have some serious issues, and I WANT justice IF its to be found at all while Im living. I ditch my phone soon enough so heres my number 606-269-7607

    4. I do not have f/b, they banned me for life for telling truth and exposing nefarious characters!

  4. Judge Anna speaks lofty I don't know the duties of a postal judge exactly I do know there are two distinct post offices one old time system and a new one .the old one was more old school common law the judges went after mail fraud and you today have to have stamps on your oath as that is your bond .
    this said we are fighting a old enemy yes the British system yes the church is in on the birthcirtificate fraud.but the most vile are the zionest in the words of Mel Gibson jews are behind all wars I will defend that once you find the real power lot of ppl fawn over Israel not knowing the Israeli gangs that slaughtered thousands of palastinians hoe they bought Churchill the homosexual opulent tool. How Roosevelt not only let the bankers steal all the gold he enacted the war powers to steal personal gold Churchill and Roosevelt conspired to take over the world facts are facts it's a very dangerous world.

  5. Like I said before, after going through a foreclosure myself, and putting the Bank (HSBC) into default and filing it as well as filing an "intent to preserve interest" in property form at the county recorders office, they still got the judge to dismiss my claim by mail. And the judge didnt even sign it. She got her court clerk to sign it marking a box saying that I was not on the deed. So what. I was the only one that supplied all the money for the downpayment($40,000) , plus thousands more for the person i helped buy the house for for repairs and improvements, and bills and on and on. But he was never good on his word to put me on title. Friends are just as bad as the banks. Contracts are nothing more than a written version of two people shaking hands in good faith that they mean what they say as a "bond" between gentlemen that each will trust the other that they will perform as agreed. If they break trust by breaching their agreement with a handshake(a valid contract as any), then they never intented to honor the written contract either. It starts at our level, not theres. How can we expect them to be any better. That said, it still doesnt matter because no one in these foreclosures has any "standing" to foreclose in the first place without producing a "REAL PARTY OF INTEREST"(FRCP 17a) that no one ever produces. Thats because all the "Original NOTES" were lost in the "Securitization" of the NOTE on wall street, where all real estate transactions started in the first place. Even if they did eventually get them(which never happened) , we are still in possossion of the home and the ones who created the loan in the first place using our signitures which the bank collateralized, not once but 3 times by the time escrow closed. Which means the house was paid for already in full. Not to mention the bailout by our govt. So they were paid off again through "TARP" funds or "Credit Default Swats" and they still needed the money from foreclosures too. That means they have already been paid at least 6 times now for that property. And the only time the bank ever tacidly addmitted that you were actually the real owner was at the county recorders office when they filed the first paperwork on your house, listing you as the "Grantee"(the owner/creditor) , and them as the "Grantor"(the borrower/debtor). But because we never checked it out, or even knew anything was even being done at the county recorders office, being such ignorant idiots that we are, and since all their contracts have a waiver of "power of attorney " and a "power of sale" on them we also agreed to in the 20 or so pages of legalese we signed, they immediately(often the very same day) they filed another contract making them the "grantee" and us the "grantor". All behind our backs.

  6. No one ever taught us the importance of or how to even use the county recorders office to keep everyone honest. But boy are the experts at it. They already know the weaknesses of the CR office and blatently take advantage of it, knowing that that office is not "liable" for anything filed with them because they dont know or required to know the law. Instead, they make whoever is filing the paperwork liable even if it is totally fraudulent as long as it meets the minimum of their filing requirements....they will file it. And the Banks and their attorneys know exactly what that office requires and also knows and exploits their ignorance also. Have any of you visited the CR office and actually seen everything filed their on your property.....NO. Just like me. But i know it well now. I even did my own investigation on the judge who ruled against me.... Well guess what....low and behold. My judge was in worse shape than me. Her house went into foreclosure before mine and it was valued at over $400,000. It went into foreclosure and actually went to auction twice already. If it went one more time, like our house did without a buyer, the bank automatically becomes the owner. But low and behold, just before that last auction, she was able to secure a "miracle" loan from BOA for $120,000. But she owed the Bank(HSBC) $80,000 to bring the default on her loan back to normal. These were the exact same banks that I was dealing with, just like many of you to. Go to the CR office and check out not only your name but the name of your judge to see if she/he is or was in foreclosure too. And you can also prove that the bank actually listed you from the start as the "grantee" and them as the "grantor". And then immediately reversed it....WHY, your honor.....?????

  7. Incidentally, according to the financial expert that even the pentagon uses, james richards, the new money is about to be introduced, called the blueback because of its color, and having only woman suffergretts on the bills, instead of presidents, all federal reserve notes will have to be turned in, and exchanged for the new notes before a certain date, or all your money will be worthless after that date. Do you realize the implecations of that. If you come into the bank with thousands of dollars without proof of how you made it, there will be officers and the IRS wanting to talk with you on the spot, and will probably confiscate all your money on the spot and possibly charge you with drug dealing. Thats why no one has been able to explain why this system hadnt crashed yet....Its because of all the hidden or hoarded money that people are secretely keeping from being exposed. This was the exact same thing that was recently tried in India with incredible success. Now its our turn. It might be a goid time to invest all that hidden money into bitcoin before you lose it anyway. At least you still have that option. But only until the middle of this month if we are lucky, because this is the month it is supposed to happen....GOOD LUCK...!!!!

    1. Wow , criminality is nonstop.the criminals run our gov . deregulation of banks to do derivitives, sell junk to unsuspecting ppl.
      Eric holder brought in to cover up to big to jail. Reading in fruit from a poisonous , .
      a credit card holder got the bank to admit they just zeros to thair ledger ( create money out of thin air).

  8. Well I tried to implement the use of those continental marshals through the postal service, and I was told they arent called that, I tried to educate the lady, but they stuck with what ever they called them, and unless I had something that was stolen in the mail, usps, not anything done through UPS or other mail carrier there was no assistance, so pray tell, how am I to obtain justice for the wrongs done upon me?


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