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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Trump Card will be played this month, or will it?

In Reply to Fears About the "National Debt"
By Anna Von Reitz

What people are missing --- and Mr. Stockman, too --- is that the "National Debt" is in fact falling, not rising anymore. 

How is that possible? 

Simple.  The "National Credit" is being applied to pay down the "National Debt".

Last month, Winston Shrout applied $400 billion directly against the National Debt.  And that is just one man properly applying the remainder of a commercial claim against the so-called "National Debt". 

As I have tried and tried to get through to people, there actually is no "National Debt".  There is only a criminally mismanaged bookkeeping system.

In a monetary system based on Promissory Notes (I.O.U.'s aka "Federal Reserve Notes") there is only one transaction possible and it is known as "passing the buck".  When someone pays you with a debt (an I.O.U.) and you accept that debt as payment, a credit is created for him and a debt is accrued for you. 

You never get paid for anything until you "pass the buck"---and use that debt instrument as a means to receive something real in return.

Think about it in another way--- every time a debt is created, so is an answering credit of equal amount.

The debts and credits naturally cancel each other out.  There cannot be a $20 Trillion dollar "National Debt" created without the existence of an answering and equal $20 Trillion "National Credit" being created.  

So what is all this horse-hooey about? 

The "United States Government" --- as opposed to the American Government --- has been very profligate.  It has borrowed and borrowed and avoided paying its debts and squandered money like a drunken sailor for decades, and in the process it has accrued a $20 Trillion dollar National Debt for itself. 

The American Government as a whole, meanwhile, has been very circumspect and diligent and has accrued no commensurate debts so that a $20 Trillion dollar National Credit (and a great deal more) has accrued on our side of the ledger. 

It's time for the Internal Revenue Service to do the bookkeeping and zero out the "National Debt".   It should be a routine process akin to balancing a check book, but instead it has been made into an excuse for fraud and theft on an unimaginable scale.

It's also time for the vast majority of the members of the U.S. Congress to be sacked, thrown out on their ears, given a pink slip, sent home in dishonor, and held feet first to the fire for their gross lack of accountability, honesty, and competence.  

After having spent considerable time talking to members of the "U.S. Congress" I am convinced that most of them (1) have no idea how the government of the United States is supposed to work or fit within the framework of the American Government as a whole, (2) have no clear knowledge of how the government bookkeeping and accounting system is supposed to work, (3) and aside from knowing how to "appropriate" money for every unauthorized and questionable purpose in the western world, have no idea where the so-called money comes from, how it created, or anything else about it. 

A more brainless, irresponsible, unfocused, unaccountable, indecisive, self-absorbed, egotistical, crooked, and abominable assemblage of human flotsam than the "U.S. Congress" has seldom been collected on the face of the Earth.  One can only assume that Washington, District of Columbia, is the drain-hole of the world, and that the dregs of society have been dressed up in $2500 suits and trotted out as a joke.

Clearly, when the actual land jurisdiction states convene a Continental Congress and examine the topic of credentials and requirements for Congressmen and US Senators, having a brain and an I.Q. above 60 should be first on the list, followed by a solid understanding of how the American Government functions, followed by an equally solid grasp of basic economics, bookkeeping, and accounting.  Congress, after all, has the singular task of holding the purse-strings, and they have also very apparently failed to do so.

As for the political parties supporting such appallingly unqualified candidates for office, they should be universally despised as significantly worse than useless and self-interested. 

The whole idea of "political parties" was imported here by European immigrants cast out of their own countries for their participation in the 1848 Communist Worker's Rebellion.  It is a foreign concept and practice being promoted by a foreign "government" services corporation that is under contract to us and our states to provide stipulated services.  None of the familiar political party frou-frou-rah  has anything to do with our actual and lawful government, except that the "United States" Incorporated has been criminally mismanaged and allowed to run rampant over the people and states that it is hired to serve and polarized by different political party platforms which serve special-interest agendas instead of seeking the Public Good..

As part of the much-needed overhaul and reform of the "Federal Government" as its functions pertain to our states of the union,  I believe that political parties should either be outlawed as seditious special interests or all political elections should be publically funded or both.  Continuing to allow the "end results" of two rival gangs' selection process to control corporate offices that have such important duties to perform is nothing short of madness.  Elections for actual Public Offices must be resumed within the broader framework of the American Government and new restrictions and requirements must be imposed upon those offices and processes of the United States Government which affect us and our states.

Anyway, folks, next time someone starts prattling about the "National Debt", be sure to cock an eyebrow and inquire--- "What National Debt?" 

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  1. Why not get on the Sean Hannity show to talk about this and the rest of your work. He has Trump's Ear. Trump may or may not know just exactly how bad things are messed up.... Get on rush Limbaugh... Trump listens to his show when he has time

    1. Be truly great if it could happen as millions would hear.

      Glenn Beck was fired for even mentioning it once.
      Rush asked "why nonospeak about it" said-
      "I want to come back to work on Monday."

      So they both stick to politics.
      If not for Beck's blind hatred for Trump those covenanted together could turn it all on its ear IF potus Trump was with them for protection.
      If only somwhow it could be done- easily over 1/2 the American people would believe and be outraged.
      ICELAND + HUNGARY have done it already~!

  2. I know the acccounting equation drilled in to memory is Assets=Liability+ Owners Equity. Thinking about that it might be we have something more than equal credit on the asset side. What about the owners equity? ( that is what is scooped off in excess or profits)

  3. Good job anna! Try it u can't be fired!
    She needs to be on Trumps news channel

  4. March 3, 2017 - Great Debit Winston - As Anna stated, the $20T so called artificial "national debt", is just an
    illusion & ploy as planned to collapse the economy on paper and merge the Governments of the World; (“EU”)
    with Belgium/France Headquarters as noted by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ over 2,000 years ago! TV

  5. Pass a dept instrument fiat monopoly you give your credit to the creep who passed you the monopoly money but you accrue his dept instrument .

  6. monopoly fiat note you credit the guy handing it to you you accrue the DEPT insturment.
    FDR let the banks confiscate personal gold because banks stold all the gold and needed more to cover thair tracks.

  7. This was SUCH satisfying reading!! Thank you, Judge and Paul!

  8. In the July 19, 2012 report "The Price of Offshore Revisited:Press Release" by the Tax Justice Network, there is a finding that states that between 21 trillion and 32 trillion dollars are sequestered in offshore havens. This money benefits the financial services industry which does their best to shape international regulations,undermine democracy, and sucking up all the natural resources.

  9. I have for at least 4 decades spent time, energy and my resources to elicit 300 million Americans who need to descend on WA DC, and quarantine the area, and we begin making arrests for treason,war crimes, and crimes against humanity on that basis alone.

    Notwithstanding the corruption and criminal psychopathic mindset that exists at every level of planetary hierarchical Reptile behaviorally driven social systems that are run by the same entities across the board, who carry out their many millennia, ecocide and genocide against the hu-man population and other hybrids on this planet, they have collaborated in, to maintain their corporate fiction spiritually dead globalized new world order one size Luciferian/Satanic religious system.

    Most of us who are boomers, learned from our parents, and the nature of how money worked to begin with, because we still had silver certificates and a gold window in a bank while I was growing up in the 1950's and 60's, before President Nixon went full fiat.

    The very idea that we used to pay 15 cents for a loaf of bread, and they pay up to 7 dollars in Hawaii for a loaf of bread is disgusting and pathetically indicative, of how low we are willing to accept such insanity and needless suffering.

    The very idea we as a group of people tolerate such behavioral psychopaths who run this corporate criminal fiction is bad enough,in spite of the obvious to the contrary.

    It, shows us just how sick we are in accepting this as status quo.
    It sends a stark and alarming message throughout the living planet,and the rest of the living universe, our collective loss in love, compassion and empathy for others, that is not enough to motivate a collective response against such people who are by definition criminal psychopaths.

    I suppose if Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court Robert Jackson were alive today who was the chief prosecutor at the war crimes trials in Nuremberg Germany at the end of the war in Europe in May 1945, who helped to establish the Nuremberg Doctrine might invoke, a national prosecutorial indictment against the rank and file American public for their collective mental, emotional and physical material support to those who carry out genocide and ecocide against all life on this planet.

  10. Because I for one in my youth, refused to join any military, work for any organization that builds, creates or otherwise uses a for profit money system that its end use or in process procedures causes harm to any life.

    That's my standard.

    What's yours?
    I have NEVER lived in FEAR of these psychopaths, because I know who and what I am as a higer vibrating life-force of love, compassion and empathy for others, and have no loss of sleep or molecule of anxiety to give my biological life up, so you can live one more second, minute or year of your life, as so many others who share the same higher and inner sense of our internal moral, spiritual compass that drives us internally and not from an external program scripting that comes through a sick culture that breeds this collective behavioral outcome.

    There is a big difference in the collective behavioral outcomes we can measure across the national GDP, as to those who live in love and service to others, and those who live in service to pure self interests as a parasite, who give nothing back.
    The fossil record alone in conservation biology will tell you, they are the first to go extinct and the ones who have the shortest life-spans, with far less love, harmony and balanxe in their lives, because they do not live on a Pythagorian harmonic wave frequencyscale that vibrates at the highest charge that reches critial mass in a sea of enery we are wobven into.
    Love attracts the highest charge from the energy field we occupy.
    Those who create hierarchies to dominate and control others, represent the polar opposite in energetic terms of those who live in peace, love, harmony and balance.

    And if you choose to break it down by family bloodline DNA based species group, of hu-man hybridization you can.

    Particularly between mammals versus reptile with the R-complex brain seen in hu-man mammals, that mix polar opposite behavioral group traits.

    The positive RH (Rhesus primate) blood factor indicates the host mother was Rhesus Primate, with their mitochronia DNA origins, by screening with a DNA tribal identification kit, available from Ebay or Amazon.

    An RH blood factor that is negative, simply means your host female MtDNA origins are not hu-man, but some other species that is identified in the National Academy of Sciences morphology chart they quantified through collaborative government and higher academia support all around the world, to establish global DNA and bloodline groups in the early 1990's.

  11. 1.

    I suggest for those who love a math challenge, begin to quantify the national GDP, and correlate it directly to the outcomes we can measure to what they invest money and their profits in and my thesis is that their is more money and profit in killing people, than it is improving the uality of life for every American.
    Because I did that math as a graduate student 10 years ago, and do not have all the time to list the companies I have our group identified, besides the biggest,(Monsanto) that is responsible for more damage being done to the human-genome and the living ecosystems of the earth, than all military's combined engaged in killing people.

    And I submit the largest piece of the puzzle of what that is, is that we learned through what was presented to us in our childhood up to our adulthood a stead stream of social programming scripts, on a mass media and public education scale, coupled with parental reinforcement, that they went through the same mental images and social herd mentality of hive mind socially reinforced behaviors we feed off of.

    I would challenge anyone here, to begin a daily journal as I have throughout my life, and start listing as much as you can if your able to identify, externally driven, versus internally driven, trigger mechanisms of thoughts, images, sounds and text that you are presented with, that in turn invoke a behavioral choice we make, that came directly from our own internal filtering, versus a behavioral outcome whose source from which you can identify is external to you.

    The obvious truth in this, is how much of who and what you are and express in life, is driven by the real you, or if you express yourself in life, by a Pavlovian process of scripted social programming that triggers like the mouse does to the bell, a behavioral response.

  12. The same Pavlovian process is what creates a herd mentality to answer the bell from an authoritarian top down pyramid scheme of control people buy into from childhood to adulthood, that is contrasted between reptile behavioral group traits, and what we see in mammal groups in the wild, that Dr. Sapolski at Stanford University so brilliantly demonstrated in his primate study, that compared the health and well being of the primate group when it was living in anarchy, that led to a higher state of harmony and well being within the group and in balance with nature, versus a reptile hierarchy that creates disharmony, conflict and violence.

    Pretty basic behavioral stuff.

    Because in a vast majority of hu-man DNA studies, we find the DNA reptile splice along chromosome 1, and a little of #2.

    The more you live in Nature and cut out the white noise of America culture, the more harmony and balance e live in, and 10 years ago, I tested that on myself in collaboration with a clinic in Medford OR, (La Clinica) that isolated the differences between attaching ourselves to any presentment made to us by culture, and what happens to our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual state of being, when we cut cultural influences out of the loop, and instead embed ourselves into a to a natural living environment and measure the differences.

  13. In summary, when the first black and white TV came out, I said to my father, it was a social programming device when I was age 7, and we never had one after that time, and do not own one.

    When we as a people who live in America are no longer willing to give mental, emotional, physical and any kind of spiritual support to a group ofspiritually dead, hierarchial psychopathic negative-energy parasites, there's hope we can heal this living planet, and end those who rule over the obsolete energy and genocidal/ecocidal for proit money systems they setup as the Babylonian Company store system on this planet.
    Because when those of us who give major technical and financial support to building free energy systems that are already in place all around the world, their rule is over, and they know it.
    And why Trumps choice of Exxon's CEO Rex Tillerson is hugely symbolic of the battle ahead..

    Because the same kind of knowledge so many of us already understand about the zero point energy field, (Ralph Ring,Otis Carr Group) who had built a 45 foot inter-dimensional craft in 1955, that used the power, energy and consciousness connection to a large quartz crystal that energized and synergisticly harmonizes as a bumble-bee does, to gravitate with the harmonics of light,sound and wave frequency technologies, to power spacecraft as Otis Carr's Group did.

  14. Robert: IMHO, when we are no longer willing to use that Federal Reserve Note then we can eliminate the "energy' that feeds the many of us can do that?


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