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Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Two Are Not Two. They Are One.

by Anna Von Reitz

There are two factions--- the UNITED STATES and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA --- fronted by two competing international banking cartels, the primarily French-based IMF and the British/German/American Federal Reserve.  They have both been preying upon us, innocent Third Parties, and plundering our country in the process.  It is key to understand this.

It is also key to understand that these banks, no matter where they were chartered in the world, are all ultimately linked through the Vatican Bank--- so at the end of the day, what appear to be two conflicting forces are in fact one---- like two fists slamming you from different directions, but all emanating out of one central power base. Similar to the apparent fight between the "Democrats" and "Republicans", it is all for show and leads to the same results.  It is the actual modus operandi of these manipulators to always present "a pillar" and "a post" and keep us running back and forth between them for their own profit.

Who are these Masters of Deceit?  They are the Roman Pontiff's Bill Collectors, the members of the Bar Associations and the politicians who they manipulate to enact "legislation" which then is used to empower them and give them coercive power over the masses. 

In our case, the Pope is obligated to act as our Trustee and is bound by solemn oath to the Holy Mother Mary to do so. However, when he changes hats and becomes and acts as the Roman Pontiff, he has been preying upon us in the guise of Satan and offering us a "deal we cannot refuse" ---because we don't know that such a "deal" has ever been offered and therefore have no means to refuse it.  He and his minions, the bankers and lawyers, have been laying surreptitious and improper claims against us and our earthly estates --- and doing it with the appearance of our consent. 

They claim that we have "voluntarily" and privately contracted with them to donate our estates to their organizations in exchange for benefits that we are then made to pay for ourselves by coercive force.  They also use this false claim and presumption as the means to allege that our lands are forfeit to them.

We must see through all of this and bring effective action against it.  The lynch-pins in their system are the politicians and the politicians can be brought to heel by bringing enough public opinion against them.

They may not care what you say as individuals, but they will pay attention to whatever is going to advance or tank their reputations and political careers. Making it clear that this is the most important issue in America today will go a long way toward solving the problem.
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  1. My idea of making them wear explosive neck collars is still the best idea yet . I am serious . If they do what they have taken an oath to do and not to do then at the end of thier term it comes off.. If not, then a special wlection can be held to replace the deceased.... This is not an outrageous suggestion because of the degree to which we have been robbed, murdered, raped and plundered . The depth of the brainwashing on everyone I know is breathtaking . ... Who else ?

    1. A very creative solution to a huge problem!

    2. We'd have far less government with this solution...

    3. Patriot58,
      Tho the problem is very real, your solution is in fact an outrageous suggestion.

      We have no control whatsoever over the present legal system in use throughout the country, much less the ability to enforce insane practices such as the one you put forth.

      You need to go back to the drawing board. This time disregard the demons sitting on your shoulder feeding you this crap.

      This goes for your friends who agree with you also. I mean c'mon, grow up.

      Have you all expatriated? I bet not, and if not, when are you planning on it?

      And expatriation is just the beginning of the solution. But at least from there our footing is solid, and peaceful, lawful ways can be found to correct the actions of these mindless politicians we have all come to despise.

      Because the situation is so serious we need to put forth constructive ideas that will lead to the needed change, not the type of fodder as you suggest, that can only lead to greater satanic actions against us.

    4. So what is your solution and procedure Keith?

  2. We need a good old fashioned newspaper delivered to every american's doorstep, delivered by the paper boy and girl. It would be the best investment we could have. It would be informative and fact based and would reach the americans without the black outs.

  3. I noticed that you have copyrights does that mean you are incorporated?

  4. No, an individual can have a copy right to their own work.


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