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Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Once and Future Story--- and One Simple Correction

by Anna Von Reitz

The Pope, in his Sacred Office, offers salvation, redemption, and forgiveness, but in his Secular Office as Roman Pontiff, he acts as the Snake, offering the "apple"---- now called "social benefits" ----and as usual with Satan, the deal wasn't fully or honestly disclosed. Nobody said a word about the "civil death" that would result.

So, your Mother--- still reeling from childbirth, clueless, trusting, signed the paperwork selling you into slavery and making you a ward of the state and leaving the rats free to assume that your Father, though named, didn't claim you as a son and that she, herself, your Mother, was just an "Informant" talking about what? 

Some baby she found on her doorstep?

What this is, is an attempted return to feudalism, where everyone owes everything to the Church and the King.

And if it is a blatant lie and a fraud, what do Pope Francis and Queen Bess care--- so long as they are not found out and accused and held responsible for attempting to rob and enslave billions of people using false claims in commerce?

What began with self-interested fraud ends with it, too.  What began with lies, ends with lies.

It is time for this "System" of things to end.  Cleanly. Utterly. Forever. Worldwide.

But the members of the Bar want to pretend that we are imagining things---- imagining the definitions of "DOG LATIN" and "American Sign Language" and "Glossa" plainly stated in Black's Law Dictionary 4th Edition and in The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition.  They want to pretend that the rules of Latin grammar changed or are unknown or......?

We must be "imagining" the CUSIP Bonds being traded everyday on stock exchanges. 

We must also be "imagining" the DUNS Numbers and CIK Numbers and CAGE Numbers and EIN Numbers attached to what appear to be our government, but which are actually for-profit corporations--- THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, USA, US Corp, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA MUNICIPAL CORPORATION, GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES---and on and on.

We must be imagining all of Title 5 of the Federal Code, Annotated, which details the bankruptcy of the United States of America, Inc. back in the 1930's.  And now that we are here in 2016, we must be imagining the re-conveyancing fraud that has been attempted against us and our countries.

Yes, countries---- because this fraud is worldwide, folks.  It's not just America.

Please note that I flubbed up in my earlier post and gave the slightly incorrect title for the multi-volume set of books I was referencing which is about the principles of ecclesiastical law, but which is titled "The Elements of Ecclesiastical Law".   I was tired as I am tired most days and misstated the title.  So there it is--- go read Volume 1, page 55. 
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  1. ALL RIGHT!!!! Now we can read the root of the evil for ourselves. THANKS ANNA, and flubbing up is a human affliction and forgivable.


  2. When I see the parasitic "Windsors" thrown out of their castles and stripped of their wealth then made to earn an honest living in the dying world they have largely created, then will I sing unto the Lord. But until then, I guess we'll have to hear the oooos and aaaaahs at every royal birth and watch people all over the world celebrate their slave masters as though they were something wonderful. Sounds like Stockholm Syndrome to me.

  3. Ya lawyers silver tugged devils.lets let a jury of the average americans present a verdict screw the dog of hell lawyers.

  4. Ya lawyers silver tugged devils.lets let a jury of the average americans present a verdict screw the dog of hell lawyers.

  5. Now that I've looked at this publication, pages 53-54 should be added to the reading material.


  6. Here is a good explanation of what Ecclesiastical law is.

  7. Here is a link to that page referenced by Anna.

  8. Finally getting at the root, the maternal line, X. The 4 points of X is North,East,West,South which should be news worthy. Amun Ra, Aum, Ameen, Amen, all meaning the same thing according to the science of sound, like a 2 dimensional cross is the 3 dimensional cube etc....... Divide and conquer......


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