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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

ALERT Sheriff Gillespie Seeks Slaughter

Was this a setup to bloodshed from the start?

Published on Apr 13, 2014

I am putting this up WAY out of chronological order because of its importance. LVPD Sheriff Gillespie said that the BLM would pull out and release the cattle back to Mr. Bundy within an hour of his (Gillespie's) speech to the crowd. It did not happen as he promised. Worse, an MRAP and a LVPD SWAT team were only one exit away. Why? After the discovery of the MRAP and the SWAT Team, Gillespie claimed they were to keep the peace. But, if the cattle were released according to the promise of Gillespie, no need to "keep the peace" would have existed. Therefore, Brand and I conclude that a more sinister and deadly trap was being set to end the lives of many people, especially BLM officers, and to use the massacre as an excuse to implement far more stringent and tyrannical controls over the American People. Gillespie sits on the board of the despicable Southern Poverty Law Center and the DHS. This was a highly sophisticated manipulation to kill as many as possible and blame it on the liberty/conservative movement.

Found here:

Comment by  roypotterqa

Let me point out here that the issue of this video is that Gillespie said that the BLM had agreed to release the cattle and pull out, and that there was a press release to that matter. However, even with the Bundy cowboys waiting peacefully at the BLM corral without the presence of the supporters or the militia, the Sheriff had the MRAP and the SWAT Team close by, showing he knew he had spoken falsely, AND his Deputy Jenkins told Brand that the release of the cattle was "Not going to happen." The Bundy supporters WOULD NOT HAVE GONE TO THE BLM CP if the cattle had been released as per the Sheriff's now questionable statements. All of what Brand and I say here does not detract from the fact the BLM Officers threatened to shoot Americans over cattle ( a despicable and flagrant despotic act), or detract from the extreme professionalism and discipline of the militia (which showed just how "well-regulated" our armed citizenry is). Today we hear the BLM stating there was no deal!!!  The Feds are liars, deceivers, and drunk on power with no regard for the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of the people they are supposed, and  sworn, to serve. Remember Wounded Knee, WACO, Ruby Ridge, and on, and on... This country is dying as a result of  the interests of international bankers and foreign corporations with the assistance of traitors like Gillespie, Reid, etc...

My own comments:

It was more than the first skirmish. This was a set up to get some BLM and mercs killed and blame it on the patriot movement to discredit the US Constitution. I very much admire the Bundy family, all the patriots, and all the militia members from several states that showed much needed restraint and patience in the face of the unlawful tyranny of yet another federal force sent out by their political bosses to be cannon fodder to get the violence their tyrannical bosses want. This whole federal action was absolutely diabolic. There are not words in the english language to adequately describe the evil of the whole action against this family. The BLM and federal government does NOT own the land. It belongs to the State, and the Bundy family is fully paid up to the rightful landlord. Just because the other ranchers in the area bowed to the unlawful usurped authority doesn't mean that the Bundys are obligated to also. They all did the right thing by standing for freedom and America. This is MUCH bigger than just this one ranch and family. This is about whether we have a country left. This is about if we can live and work and raise our families in freedom and peace without some conquering tyrannical diabolic government claiming they own absolutely everything and everybody just like the stolen cattle. That is the way they think. We are just cattle, to be led around by the nose, or herded into whatever corral they they want us in.
NO MORE. If they come back with 10 times the number, we should be there with 30 times the number.
This has to stop somewhere!
The agents that were on site need to do a little soul searching and refuse the job when they are offered it next time. They should begin to realize that just one state in America has more armed people in the woods hunting than all the men they could muster to another attempt at tyranny. Just the hunters from 4 or 5 states would outnumber the whole military might of several countries.
Now you know the real reason for the 2nd amendment, especially the part about a Militia being necessary to the security of a free state! They should also realize that if they turn traitor to the oath they swore to get that fat paycheck, they are traitors to our country, because that oath is to the US Constitution and not their bosses.

And when these same tyrannical bosses want the military to do their dirty work all the men in service need to stand down and refuse to obey the unlawful orders, especially orders to fire on Americans.
Here is how you do that and keep your oath:  That is how you stay Amreican!
That is how you refuse to be a traitor to your country!  By NOT blindly following unlawful orders!

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