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Monday, July 8, 2024

The Truth About Central Bank Immorality & the Theft of YOUR PROSPERITY  Watch this video full screen to see the charts.

In this compelling video, Mike Maloney dives into the controversial actions of central banks and their impact on global wealth distribution. Discover how these financial institutions have enriched the wealthiest individuals at the expense of the poor and middle class. We’ll examine:

  • The mechanics of wealth transfer via currency devaluation.
  • The competence and morality of central bankers.
  • Overwhelming evidence that economic freedom and property rights foster prosperity.
  • Alarming trends in wealth disparity and their social implications.
  • The inflated asset prices driven by central bank policies.
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  1. Hi Paul, how do you break these coins into 4 pieces? Do they have to be cut with something?

  2. Hammer and. Chisel- seriously.

  3. Question for Anna Please. Hi Anna. We Love You. Regarding the American Confederacy be revived through Military Law - Codes - Statutes, as they are separate from the Federal Government? - What Derek Describes yet looking back to the the Army at the time it was created and then up to 1861 when it ceased to operate? You covered everything else. Looking for an honorable explanation for all. How about under the "Spirit of the Law" under God in times of necessity? It looks like they really tried to get it right. One more question, Are the American States Assembly willing to help heal the breach through perhaps an addendum to the Peace Declaration you have already declared? Sure would like to see the twain meet in Philadelphia. Thank You so much for what you do. One day I hope to return to my Nation State and cross the Delaware in Peace.


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