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Monday, July 1, 2024

International Public Notice: Unlawful Conversion and the Only Missing Parts

 By Anna Von Reitz

It has become apparent as a result of recent discussions that many people are not familiar with the crime of unlawful conversion.  Here's a nice definition of the basic crime, called "conversion", borrowed from Stimmel Law: 

Conversion is the deprivation of another’s right to use or possess personal property.

Conversion is often defined as other interference of a person’s right to property without the owner’s consent and without lawful justification. Stevenson v. Economy Bank of Ambridge, 413 Pa. 442 (Pa. 1964). 

Conversion is considered the civil side of larceny, namely the improper taking of non-real property from another without due authority. Conversion is the civil wrong done while larceny is the criminal act.

Or this definition from US Legal: 

A conversion is the unauthorized assumption of the right of ownership over the personal property of another to the exclusion of the owner’s rights[i].

The tort of conversion is an intentional exercise of dominion and control over a chattel which so seriously interferes with the right of another to control it that the actor may justly be required to pay the other the full value of the chattel[ii].

Thus, conversion is the deprivation of another’s right of property in or use or possession of a chattel or other interference therewith without the owner’s consent and without lawful justification[iii].

So, conversion is basically using someone else's property without their knowledge or without their consent or both, to enrich or benefit yourself. 

Plain old "illegal conversion" as discussed above involves non-material assets, such as performance rights, patent rights, copyrights, or credit, for example.  

Unlawful conversion goes a step beyond and involves the use or misuse of another's physical property, their land, their bodies, their gold. 

Our people have suffered both kinds of conversion -- legal and lawful conversion.  

The illegal conversion involves two principal pieces of personal property -- our identities and our credit, but sometimes involves other bits and pieces of our intellectual property assets -- such as patents we might own, or titles to property they want to exploit.  

The British Crown has seized upon our Given Names and copyrighted them, an act for which they have no viable excuse, beyond the undisclosed and to us, unconscionable, citizenship contracts that they purloined from our mothers while we were still babies in our cradles. 

This has then served to steal our identity as Americans, has altered our political status to that of U.S. Citizens, as if we were all born in Puerto Rico or some other US Territory or Possession, and has given them the right to act as Usufructs --- and use our names for public purposes. 

The other thing that has been illegally converted on a broad scale, is our credit, which they have latched onto using other schemes based on "killing" the above-created U.S. Citizen on paper, and creating an Estate (and Estate Administrators) for the poor British Territorial Taxpayer they gave your name to. 

It turns out that a "taxpayer" is a Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marines, who collects taxes and tariffs for the king.  

These taxes and tariffs include "gift and estate taxes" collected by the Internal Revenue Service (Territorial) and IRS (Municipal) Corporations. 

The "estate tax" collected on behalf of the British Territorial "government" -- that is, the USA corporation, is a tax owed by the Estate of the "missing" British Merchant Mariner referenced above, who has been "presumed dead, lost at sea".   

The "gift tax" collected on behalf of the Municipal Government headquartered in Washington, DC, is purportedly a voluntary gift to their Pope, known as "Peter's Pence", which is collected every April 15th by the Inquisition, and which has been used to pay for the Church's war debts ever since the 1100s. 

All of this, is, of course, illegal and fanciful constructive fraud, resulting in illegal conversion of our identity and the imposition of numerous harmful (to us and our property) foreign laws, debts, and legal presumptions. 

That is the principal theft by conversion that bedevils us all of our days, causing us to be mistaken accidentally-on-purpose, for someone or something else, such as the Estate Agent, aka, "Authorized Representative" of a lost British Subject's Estate, or, worse, a US Municipal CORPORATION franchise of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION. 

In addition to illegal conversion, per above, we have also suffered unlawful conversion -- in which actual physical assets have been purloined by the same Bad Actors. 

The principal assets they have unlawfully converted, are our "Natural Persons" -- that is, our bodies, our land, which has been unlawfully cashiered in State Trusts that are named after our States of the Union, but managed by the Perpetrators of these crimes for their own benefit, and our gold and silver asset-backed money, which they purloined in inequitable exchange for their paper promissory notes called FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES. 

You can now see how using the large lump sum of gold owed as pay to the Hessian soldiers to make loans to Third Parties and pocketing the interest paid on those loans was a crime of unlawful conversion. 

1. The gold, an actual asset, belonged to the soldiers, which makes its misappropriation an unlawful conversion not a legal conversion, because gold is a physical asset, not an intellectual asset; 

2. The Rothschilds used this gold without the soldiers' knowledge or consent to make loans to Third Parties, and kept the interest -- benefiting themselves, but not informing or sharing with the actual owners of the assets. 

The same thing is happening throughout the so-called "mortgage industry".  A mortgage by definition is a debt owed by a dead man.  

Who could that dead man be, but the poor missing British sailor?  Yes, he (and his Estate) owe the debts of the King and the Crown.... so all these misidentified Americans who are purportedly converted to being British Territorial U.S. Citizens and Holy Roman Empire "Dual Federal Citizens", have been stuck paying not only the Estate Taxes, but the mortgages that have been placed on every house belonging to these lost British sailors and Municipal slaves. 

Unknown to the American victims of this scheme, when they make a "home loan" they are loaning their own home to the bank as an asset that the bank then takes possession of and borrows against.  

The bank loans itself the money out of thin air by making a ledger entry and uses the criminal magic of "fractional reserve banking" to do so.  On a $100,000 house, the bank loans itself a cool million, gives the Borrower a $100,000 of his own credit, based on his own asset, and pockets the $900,000 for the bank's use and abuse.  

Thanks to interest and long term lending, the bank makes use of the victim's asset and credit for thirty years, spinning off hundreds of loans based on this one house, and collecting all the interest off those loans without sharing a drop with the actual asset owner who provided all this largesse and who is never told a word about this entire sidebar economy that he is supporting. 

The bank also secures an unearned and totally inequitable "secured interest" in the house, such that the bank can foreclose on the asset if the Borrower, who is actually funding everything himself, gets behind on his payments. 

And remember, this is all based on the idea that the American creating the loan is acting as an Estate Administrator for the Estate of a lost British Merchant Mariner, a U.S. Citizen who owes the Crown money -- i.e., a mortgage that no American ever owed, or, alternatively, that he is acting as a Municipal CORPORATION estate trust, and all the same applies. 

This is just one example of illegal and unlawful conversion, both of the actual physical asset which has been unlawfully mortgaged and put at risk, and the credit, which has been purloined for the benefit of the bank, but which in fact belongs to the "Borrower". 

Similar to the Hessian soldiers whose gold was the basis for all sorts of loans at interest that they never got a penny of, the American homeowner misidentified as U.S. Citizen never sees a penny of all the interest collected on all the "derivative" loans made using the purloined $900,000 of "reserve credit" either. 

It's the same old Rothschild story: unlawful conversion of assets.  Using other people's assets and credit for their own enrichment, without mentioning it. 

Just a little lapse, that foregoes the pleasure of sharing the profits. 

There is only one other issue that needs to be discussed --- is any of this justified?  And the answer is no, it isn't. 

The seizing upon our identities and the unlawful conversion of American babies into U.S. Citizens is predicated on the idea that our government either no longer exists, or is in "interregnum" and that therefore, gives rise to the idea that our assets are up for salvage and might even be abandoned.  

The only thing that is actually "missing" is the American Federal Subcontractor known as the Federal Republic, not the American Government.  

The American Government, represented by the Federation of States that made the original delegation of powers to the Federal Republic, is still here, alive and well.  We simply haven't been kept informed by our employees and the other Principals about all these convenient legal presumptions and conversions of our property interests by our erstwhile British and Holy Roman Subcontractors. 

And there is the second part of the Rothschild Recipe: simply don't tell the soldiers, or in our case, the civilian government, what's going on.  

Keep the victims of all this conversion activity dumbed down and distracted, misinformed and clueless, so as to expedite the promotion of all the False Claims and False Identities being used to indebt the Americans for mortgages, property taxes, income taxes, etc.- that they never owed. 

It isn't just the Americans who have been victimized by all these convenient "presumptions" and asset conversions favoring these banks and corporations and certain foreign governments. 

All the countries overrun by these hidden mercenaries in World War I and World War II and the British homeland and former British Commonwealth countries, plus all those countries like Libya and Iraq that have been overrun and occupied by these same mercenary forces, have suffered the same fate.  

Let's call it the Rothschild Run Around, because nothing much has changed since they first bilked the Hessian soldiers. It's the same schtick, just embroidered over time. 

It all amounts to illegal conversion of intellectual assets and unlawful conversion of physical assets and results in the same thing: using someone else's assets and credit to unjustly enrich yourself. 

This hidden and long-term occupation of many countries has been justified by claiming that no lawful government exists anymore.  All the traditional lawful governments of the people native to each country have, according to the Fraud Artists, disappeared. 

So, of course, they have to stay and keep the public order, and charge for their "services" ---- and use both illegal and unlawful conversion to asset-strip the victims of this gargantuan fraud and identity theft scheme.  

Just like the Hessian soldiers who weren't told a whisper about all the loans and investments that the Rothschilds were making with their money, none of us have been privy to all the False Claims and "legal" mechanisms that have been deployed by these crooked banks and crooked government services corporations to defraud us and keep us in the dark

This doesn't mean we aren't owed full disclosure and good faith --- we are.  And our silence on these matters does not represent acquiescence or absence, either one. 

It simply means that the criminals responsible for all this unlawful and illegal conversion of American and British and Aussie and French and German and..... assets, have kept their mouths shut, instead of doing their duty and fully informing their employers. 

They have been working behind the scenes to steal the identity of entire nations and via a process of unlawful and illegal conversion, to asset-strip them. 

So this is why Mr. Rothschild is holed up in Geneva and why his "Federal Reserve" banks are all under demand, and the reason that the IMF, World Bank, IBRD, and all the other players --- JP Morgan, Chase, et alia, are all under demand and hunting shelter. 

This is why the government services corporations are high-tailing it and doing backflips to make amends.

This is why the WEF, a subsidiary organization and beneficiary of all this crime, is being picked apart and why Pfizer and Moderna and the other pandemic criminals are envisioning their doom as class action lawsuits the size of Alaska take shape and begin rolling downhill toward them.  

When push comes to shove, the soldiers and sailors don't like to be lied to and cheated; when push comes to shove, the governmental services corporations would rather sacrifice other corporations than bear the brunt themselves.  

And it has come to push and shove. 

So what do we do with this horrible situation?  The answer is surprisingly easy and simple.  We lawfully convert everything that has been unlawfully and illegally converted.  

Instead of running a world economy based on debt and scarcity, we run a world economy based on pre-paid credit and abundance. 

We lawfully convert all the corporations that have been guilty of these crimes, and bring them ashore to function under Merchant Law, instead of Maritime Commerce. 

We completely restructure the banks and discharge the odious debts built up by these monsters. 

And meantime, we introduce the world to our new banking system, free of transfer monopolies used to obstruct trade and commerce, free of unlawful conversion and illegal conversion schemes, free of identity and credit theft, free of lies, greed, and war-mongering. 

We restore lawful government and promote a new spirit of respect and brotherhood and helpfulness among all the cultures and nations that populate the Earth. 

The enemies of mankind had reason to know that a government vested in its people cannot disappear, is never absent, and will prevail. 

Issued by: 

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

July 1st 2024


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