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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

International Public Notice: To Ben Fulford--- and The Generals

 By Anna Von Reitz

The only thing in "interregnum" around here is a bunch of Federal Government Subcontractors that are bankrupt and deservedly so.  They are in receivership to us, so we fail to see how any British Bunko Artists are trying to take control and mandate how things are going to go from here. 

The actual American Government is here and organized, so any presumption otherwise needs to be examined with a brand new set of eyes. 

The U.S. Inc. and USA, Inc. debt is owed to the American people, just as FRANCE, INC. debt is owed to the French people----  and we very handily explained how this debt was accumulated in a Notice issued last week, "International Public Notice: Joe's Hamburger Shop Worldwide". 

This debt has to be repaid to the living people as prepaid credit earned. 

We have brought and we will continue to bring claims regarding the harm that has been done to the living people of this country and every other country impacted by the British Territorial corporatocracy.  

There will be no peace and no happy-happy without restitution directly to the living people and no shilly-shally dance is going to "wash" any of it away. 

Lies and promises will not do. No imaginary Chinese Elders.  No Bull Poopie at all. 

If the Odious Debt against non-existent Federal Citizens is to be washed away, as it should be, then have the guts and glory to admit that it is being written off the books as Odious Debt.  

Don't try to cover that up and say that someone else paid for it.  Don't make up any Chinese Elders who were notably missing during Mao's Cultural Revolution. 

The only people who paid for anything was Mom and Pop back home and their kids being used as cheap mercenaries. 

Fess up and cease and desist the lying. 

Be straight for once in all these years since 1863 when the U.S. Military was handed responsibility for this horror show. 

The facts are in our faces, inescapable and obvious. 

Where's the seigniorage owed on all those Federal Reserve Notes?  

Where's the proper accounting for the goods and services received in exchange for Federal Reserve Notes?  

How do the progeny of six generations of American, Brits, Aussies, and everyone else get paid back? 

When are you all going to stop trying to steal and control everything in sight and admit that all those "Legacy Trusts" are bogus and actually represent inheritances owed to living people?  

We are calling you all out for what you've done and what you've failed to do.  

We are ledgering the Avila Family Trust assets for starters and going forward from there.  

You don't want to talk to the lawful inheritor, you want to pretend he doesn't exist or that he's "missing, presumed dead" --- fine.  We will ledger and spend the assets no matter whose bank vault the assets are in, and leave you all with our demand to render an accounting which has been owed since 2005.

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 19th 2024 


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