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Friday, March 8, 2024

International Public Notice: Regarding Money and Charges

 By Anna Von Reitz

No element of Federal or Municipal Code which has not been published in the correct Congressional Record and for which prior proper regulatory authority has not been established, can be applied to any American State National or State Citizen. 

This includes establishing debts and debts in our name, securitizing the flesh and assets of any American, abusing Usufructuary relationships, and the imposed use of Federal Reserve Notes, Clearinghouse Certificates, Registrations, and similar commercial or appearing to be commercial paper.  

Unlike actual money that has actual value in-and-of-itself, legal tender may or may not exist as a valid commercial instrument.  In the case of the Federal Reserve Note, no lawful assets have backed it since at least 2005, and as it has no "sum money" due and payable at any stipulated time it also fails the test as a viable commercial instrument.  It is a domestic currency only, and competent only to serve as a symbolic exchange of debt credit.  

The only way to receive payment in such a system or circumstance is to execute a debt swap, known as a Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption, as provided for under Federal Title XII. 

Put bluntly our Federal Subcontractors have amassed an admitted debt to us of $35 Trillion USD and have never set up a systematic means for us to arrange an appropriate debt swap (MOCEE); they have conveniently continued to extend "our" credit to themselves and have evaded and obstructed remedy. 

They have also participated in a widespread legal scheme to impersonate their Employers and thus deny them access to the obvious remedy, which is to swap any debt the Employers owe the Employees against what the Employees already owe to the Employers.

There is really no excuse for this behavior on the part of the Federal Subcontractors as they are required to work on credit and extending more credit is equivalent for their purposes to reducing their debt which increases their available credit without additional debt. 

This idiocy has resulted in the appearance of a "National Debt" in a System that is designed to automatically cancel all debt accruals, simply by crediting the value of the goods and services received in exchange.  It has also resulted in False Claims in Commerce amounting to trillions of dollars paid in non-existent "interest" on non-existent debt. 

Federal Reserve Notes are not valid commercial instruments nor are they money.  They literally have no actual value; so much so, that if they are stolen, the thief cannot be accused of theft. 

Self-evidently, it is not possible to allege the existence of any debt based on Federal Reserve Notes, either. 

This entire situation has been exacerbated by compartmentalization and lack of communication between two competing federal bureaucracies to the detriment of the Employers, our unincorporated States and people. 

We have extended $35 Trillion in credit to our Federal Employees and their District of Columbia Municipal Corporations against our will, having been denied access to remedy and prevented from issuing our own currency since 1913, and now, when we have demanded that they provide the stipulated "offset credit exchange exemption" they are balking and evading our demand. 

This is not only unimaginable malfeasance and Bad Faith in the commercial sense, but plain criminal dereliction of duty and breach of trust on the part of these Municipal Corporations and their Principals. 

We are owed: (1) immediate access to our Mutual Offset Credit Exemption Exchanges; (2) a true, complete, and not misleading accounting of each Federal Department and Agency; (3) a similar accounting of all Central Bank functions; (4) a balancing of the books and debt jubilee to discharge all the Odious Debt that has been accumulated against average people who don't owe these Pikers a dime.   

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

March 8th 2024


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