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Thursday, February 1, 2024

Yes, There is a Public Duty

 By Anna Von Reitz

Just as they sit, as properly populated and declared General Assemblies, our fifty State Assemblies, are powerful and enabled to do a lot of worthwhile things and they have already done so. 

They have formally enrolled all the Territorial States that have been formed since the Civil War under the provisions of The Northwest Ordinance -- "States" that were never completed, and which have waited for decades to become full States of the Union.  That was accomplished as of October 2020

They have outlawed forced vaccinations in this country and published the first Public Law in three generations prohibiting commercial claims or patent rights asserting that people are rendered Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) as a result of receiving undisclosed mRNA injections. 

Our General Assemblies have claimed back the property assets of their States and picked up the gavel, learned their responsibilities, rights, and powers. 

Every day more Americans are learning the truth -- that yes, we have the right to self-govern, and with that right comes the responsibility to do so.  

Unfortunately, some people aren't getting the message clearly enough.  When you run for an office in a State Assembly, it is literally a Public Office.  

The State Assembly is the actual Government of your State of the Union.  

Even the State-of-State elected officials understand the necessity of publishing their election results and standing in the glare of public cognizance when you hold --- or in their case, occupy --- a public office. 

Americans accepting State Assembly Offices need to understand the same thing. 

You might not like your State-of-State Governor, but at least he lets you know who he is.  You can write to him or call his office.  He doesn't attempt to wield the power of his office in secret, does he? 

Of course, not.  He's occupying a public office, even if he got there via a private election. And if he has the brass cajones to occupy a public office under those conditions, I really have to question your reluctance to fill an office in your own government? 

Unlike club and secret society offices, public offices owe a duty to the public to be announced. The successful candidates' names are published in the newspapers. Contact information has to be given. 

Numerous Assemblies have somehow thought that they could elect officials to serve in Assembly Offices, but not actually publish the results of their elections outside the venue of their own Assembly. 

Some people have approached me, clearly terrified by the thought of having to admit that yes, they are actually standing up and taking responsibility for their own government, applying the actual law, and enforcing the Constitutions. 

They say, oh, oh, but we aren't ready yet. The Assembly isn't fully seated yet.  We don't have our courts all up and running yet.  

They come up with all sorts of excuses, and here I am, shaking my head. 

Honey, baby, darling, dear.... you are talking to a woman who has had her name and photo and email and telephone number published and distributed worldwide for the better part of three decades, standing here as the Fiduciary of The United States of America. 

Did I have to stand up and divulge who I am to the public? And not just within my State? I've had to face the scrutiny and take the slings and arrows from the whole world. Hello? 

Could I accomplish the work to be done while hiding under a rock?  No. 

What service would I have done or been able to do without the courage and conviction to act?  None. 

You'd all still be sitting at Starbucks, doing the crossword puzzle. 

Your job may be different, as an elected State Official, but it's just as important in its own way, and just as public within your State of the Union. 

So. I've done my public duty by you.  Will you do your duty, or not? 

If you aren't willing to "go public", please don't run for a public office.  

Doing something that is illogical doesn't help and your decision to step down, or rather, never complete the requirements of public office, just creates a lot of drama after the fact. 

The time to contemplate the seriousness of what we are doing is before you run for a State Assembly office, before your neighbors have put their trust in you, and before the Assembly has invested all the time and effort in an election process. 

When I first faced the necessity of acting in Public, I was terrified. I hate politics. I hate public speaking. I am naturally shy.  I don't like sitting at the front of the room.  I don't like the way I look or sound on camera. I am horribly self-critical. 

Of all the people on Earth that could draw this slot, I have to be absolutely the least likely candidate, okay?  

I feel like God is having a good laugh each and every day.  I get up and look in the mirror and think, "Oh, good one.  He's laughing.  He's having a good guffaw...."  

They send their thugs, and he sends Grandma. 

You could not, on a bet, find a less likely candidate to do this work.  

Yet, here I am, out of necessity, because there was nobody else standing there when the moment came, because once I knew about the criminality it was my duty to report it, because once I saw the danger to innocent people, I had to act, and because there was and is no other choice. 

Nobody can do this for us.  Like peeing, running your government is something you have to do yourself. 

So, wherever you are, and whatever challenge you are facing, know that others have had the same and even worse choices set before them, and because they found the courage to go forward, you have the opportunity to reclaim your birthright and restore your government. 

It's just a chance, but it is a precious chance, one that depends on you, but has been paid for by a lot of people over a long period of time, people who sacrificed to do the research and bring it forward, people who overcame poverty, fear, ignorance, and even faced death to make it possible for you to serve as an elected official of your State Assembly.  

If you can't find it in yourself to have your name and office announced in a newspaper, just think about all the people who are depending on you, those who died honorably in the service of this country, and generations of Americans to come. 

What happens if you run away now?  

When that choice came to me, I can tell you it wasn't easy.  I felt hopeless, overwhelmed, and scared.  I did it anyway.  I did it because I knew it was the right thing to do, and if I didn't, I'd never be able to look myself in the face. 

So here I am.  Where are you? 


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