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Sunday, February 11, 2024

International Public Notice: Federal Agencies and Proper Language

 By Anna Von Reitz

It has already been said that there is no "State of Israel" associated with our country nor with our States of the Union.  

Please reference what a "state of state" is provided by the Definitions of the Uniform Commercial Code. 

A state-of-state is not a state, and should never be confused with one or referenced as "a state" or as "a State", because to do so is a deception, and it results in fraud and misunderstandings. 

This has been an issue since 1781, when such Confederate States-of-States organizations began to be called "States" though in fact these business organizations are not States and have no physical character, but are merely instrumentalities under contract to provide "essential government services" as referenced in Article IV of all Federal Constitutions.  

As an example, the State of California is often referred to as "the State" or "California" when in fact it is neither; the State of California is a corporate franchise of the United States of America, Incorporated, a foreign British Territorial organization in the business of providing government services. 

Failure to correctly identify states-of-states, and to realize that these foreign Legal Fiction Entities are not States of the Union can be used to promote all sorts of mischief. 

Israel, Inc., may well be a franchise of the United States, Inc., or the United States of America, Inc. or it may be that the State of Israel, Inc., is a franchise of these or other deceptively named parent corporations, but in no case is Israel a State of the Union nor even a state-of-state associated with our country.  

With the end of the Balfour Declaration the 99-year lease provided by the British Monarch to Jacob Rothschild ended.  

Instead of seeking a peaceful rehabilitation of the originally tolerant sharing of the land that was typical among Jews, Christians, and Muslims living in the region before the meddling British Protectorate, the present Israeli government has chosen to attack with declared intent to genocide its Muslim neighbors living in the Gaza Strip. 

The only known provocation for this atrocity is the discovery of oil in the Gaza Strip, making acquisition of this formerly disregarded and marginalized area an economic priority for the Netanyahu Administration. 

In the midst of this, we have the purported "Pope" telling Catholics to open their hearts to Satan and to pray to Satan for true enlightenment, and in several recent diplomatic broadcasts, we have Mr. Netanyahu seemingly saying that Jesus is the Messiah and that Jews must eventually realize this. These facts only underscore what we have already surmised: Netanyahu is working for the Pope. 

So now, for apparently commercial reasons, we have the Pope selling Satan and Bibi Netanyahu selling Jesus; and they are even trying to sell us and the rest of the world on the idea that Israel is one of our States. 

Obviously, they intend to try to embroil our country in their corporation's dogfight, using the completely specious idea that Israel is one of our States. 

The Pope's former Municipal Corporations that are all recognizable by the fact that they use what appear to be acronyms as names, for example, FBI, CIA, FEMA, DHS, DARPA, DOT.... such that we call them the "alphabet soup agencies", have been sold off to Blackrock or other large corporate umbrella organizations or given to China by the Bankruptcy Trustees handling the recent Chapter 7 dissolution of the UNITED STATES (Incorporated). 

None of this has anything to do with us or our country, despite causing havoc and opportunistic attempts to defraud our people and present chaotic conflicts of authority among agencies that never had any authority to begin with. 

It is important to realize that the so-called Federal Agencies have all been created since the Civil War by foreign corporations, and they have been hired as subcontractors by these foreign Municipal Corporations as workers -- subcontractors of subcontractors. 

It's simple enough to understand.  We hire Ben to do some work for us, and Ben then hires John, Fred, Cleo, Clyde, Bob..... and their various organizations to do the work.  

The DOJ, FEMA, DOT, DOD, DARPA, FBI, BLM, are all Subcontractors of Subcontractors, and they have been unlawfully and illegally exercising delegated powers that were never delegated to them. 

This malfeasance and misadministration is part of the complaint which we brought before the former owners.

Our country is in fact a consortium of separate and independent States bound together by mutual assistance Treaties and Compacts.  King George III signed individual Treaties with each and every State of the Union.  The only way to become a State in our Union of States is via the Organic Law known as the Northwest Ordinance, followed by enrollment as a State of the Union. 

The actual American Government is not vested in the Federal Subcontractors at all. 

They are hired to work for us under separate service contracts called Constitutions.  Their Agencies have no direct contract at all and are or have been in the past, working for our Subcontractors. 

Thus, after the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES the NSA (National Security Agency) is working for new bosses at this time and appears to be controlled by the Mossad. They also appear to be using the Military Commissions Act of 2006 to justify setting up a second military in this country, complete with military tribunals --- with what authority and to address who or what? 

As we have no contract with the NSA and no reason to allow them to set up shop on our shores, much less allow them to create a mercenary army in our midst, we wish for them and their promoters to be gone, along with FEMA, and any other former Federal Agency that is misbehaving and acting under color of law at the behest of new corporate owners. 

Anyone intending to use former Federal Agencies as cover for insurgencies in this country needs to think twice -- for it is within our direct power to prosecute former Federal Agencies as foreign criminal organizations and the NSA and FEMA and DOD and DARPA are all already under investigation for criminal conspiracy related to the Covid 19 debacle.

The pretensions of authority these organizations project were never valid and aren't valid now.  The effort to connect them with our government by association has failed. 

Just as a state-of-state is not a state, a Federal Agency is not a part of our government and not granted any delegated power, role, or responsibility by us. 

Any organization hiring or acquiring such an Agency is 100% individually and commercially-- and that means criminally--  liable for its lawful functioning. No corporate veil will apply in the event that we find these organizations engaged in criminal activities on our shores. 

Any actual foreign government caught dabbling in this dirty pool of false claims and misrepresented powers will be charged ten times the damages and bounties will be posted on their operatives.  

Any corporation caught trying to exploit the identities of foreign Federal Agencies for covert action against our country or government at any level will be liquidated with prejudice and its officers and employees will be charged with Inland Piracy and other international crimes appropriate to the circumstance.  

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

February 10th 2024 


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