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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

The Fruits of Monarchy and Empire

 By Anna Von Reitz

Russia has stood beside and behind this country -- the actual country and people -- in every fight since 1858, when we entered into a mutual protection Alliance. Russia is our friend. 

Russia has twice blockaded our country and kept it from being overtly invaded by Great Britain. 

Now, observe: both the Roman Catholic Church and the British Government are, essentially, Empires -- with hierarchical compartmentalized bureaucratic governments of cronies led by singular figurehead leaders. 

Empires have the same basic structure as Monarchies, they just operate in global jurisdiction instead of international jurisdiction. 

Okay-- what do Monarchies and Empires have in common with us, a Government of Common People - bellhops and shoemakers, farmers and tradesmen? 

Almost nothing. 

We eschew cronyism, nepotism, and bullies.  

We despise dishonesty, unfair advantage, and unjust enrichment. 

We champion the rights of the individual, not the rights of any monolithic government. 

We accept our obligations in life and don't try to escape liability for our actions. 

We don't want or need a "Nanny State" micro-managing our lives for us.  

We separate church and state and uphold the right of everyone to have their own beliefs. 

We don't want to be coerced and we don't want to coerce anyone else, either. 

Bottom line -- we have nothing in common with any Monarchy or Empire that has ever existed.  

We've always had more in common with the Communists than the Monarchists -- and that scares the Monarchists silly.  

That's why the Empire of the Cities and the British Empire have spent so much propaganda time and money to make us mistrust, disrespect, and fear the Russians and the Chinese. 

They don't want us to ally with the Russians and Chinese, because left on their own, the old European Cartels would have nothing and nobody but Germany to rely on.  

And encouraged by the success of their American Sting Operation during the Civil War and the cheap supply of (unwitting) American Mercenaries ever afterward, the Empires have spent the last four generations pounding Germany into the dirt. 

So they shot themselves in the foot and burned those bridges. 

India won't come to their rescue after being impoverished and decimated by the Raj.

Nine-tenths of Africa hates the old European regimes, with good reason.

The clueless Americans and the equally clueless Commonwealth nations are the only bulwark standing between the European regimes and a well-deserved reckoning. 

But at the same time, the Americans and the Commonwealth have to be pressed dry to pay the debts that the Old Cronies have run up "for" us. 

What to do? 

Convince China that the problem is the Americans, ingratiate themselves, and move to China. 

Like nasty school gossips, the Brits and the Papists just stand in the middle and talk bad -- first, telling the Americans crap about China and Russia, then telling China and Russia crap about the Americans. 

Pretty soon the victims of this guile are hating each other for no reason, and the actual source of the problem is happily ensconced behind a wall made of millions of hungry Chinese workers who think we are the cause of their problems. 

Meantime, we, Americans, the actual country and people, have been under military occupation and martial law since the 1860s.  Without realizing it. 

This illegal, immoral, unlawful, criminal situation was promoted by a relatively small group of religious, political, industrial and military leaders allied with the old European powers. Minus Germany. 

Germany wouldn't go along with the plot to install British "Territorial" Governments --- the Raj --- in all the other countries. So the Perpetrators undermined Germany and pounded it to pulp, twice, lest the truth come out. 

The Truth has come out. 

The Perps used us to destroy and slander Germany, one of the best friends we ever had in the international community.  

They'd love to be able to do the same thing with Russia --- while they sit safely on the sidelines in China, protected by the Sino-Russian Pact. 

Realize that this is what happens when we allow men to occupy the position of God.

Over two centuries ago our Forefathers authored and supported The Unanimous Declaration of Independence.  In it, they took pains to list all of the evils that had been perpetrated against them by King George and the Government of Great Britain. 

The same exact list applies no less now. 

The American Raj that was secretly put in place via deceit and False Pretense by the British Territorial U.S. Government in 1865 has committed exactly the same crimes and impositions.

These are the fruits of Monarchy and Empire.  


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