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Sunday, May 7, 2023

The Counterfeiting Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claims March 6th 2005January 19th 2023 in Seq:

When something is passed off as something else, we call it a counterfeit whatever-it-is, or a "knock off",  meaning that someone has created a copy of something and abused trademarks and copyrights to make it look like the genuine item produced by another manufacturer.  

There are other forms of counterfeiting, that include most of the Substitution Schemes we have generally discussed.  The incorporated foreign businesses substituted for our American States of States are a good example.  They are counterfeiting and substituting their States of States for ours.  

This is apparent in the fact that the only discernible difference between "the State of Wisconsin' and "The State of Wisconsin" is the capitalization --- or not --- of the Definite Article. 

The same thing applies to the counterfeiting of currency issued against our credit and assets by the Perpetrators of these incorporation and substitution schemes.  

There are numerous issues of extremely similar paper bills, all green, all very similarly engraved, all seemingly representing "United States" currency of some form or other, all seemingly issued by some form of "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" Incorporated.  These bills vary considerably in their actual nature and value and issuance, but they are all assumed to be of equal value and identical in the marketplace, even though some are objectively counterfeit. 

A twenty dollar Silver Certificate worth over $400 in silver redeemable from the actual Treasury Window still trades as the equivalent of a twenty dollar UNITED STATES DOLLAR worth less than one cent, unless we add the cost of printing it.  

One of the reasons that the Perpetrators want to stop printing cash money is that it costs more to print it than it's actually worth, so they are losing money on the printing costs, even if they are allowed to increase the purported "National Debt" with it.  

These are all forms of counterfeiting and more generally, substitution schemes, that are ubiquitous throughout the activities promoted by the two Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia. 

These schemes, however corrosive they are in the longer term, are not usually what the word "counterfeiting" brings to mind, which definitely involves skilled engravers working long hours to produce exact copies and obtain specialized papers and inks to duplicate genuine bills issued by legitimate governments -- not foreign, for-profit corporations. 

Regrettably, thanks to the Great Fraud indulged in by our Federal Employees and the non-disclosure and breach of trust exercised against their unwitting Employers, no such genuine bills issued by the American Government exist.  Our currency remains the United States Silver Dollar
and now, the gold-backed American Federation Dollar. 

Thus, all the paper dollar bills that have been populating everyone's wallets since Lincoln's Greenbacks, are counterfeit.  They are private bank scrips produced by foreign for-profit commercial corporations and have nothing whatsoever to do with the actual American Government or any authority delegated to the Territorial or Municipal United States Subcontractors, yet everyone in the world presumes that all these Federal Reserve Notes of various kinds and generations are "our" currency. 

All of this is bad enough, but when Barack Obama entered office, we witnessed a crime of classic counterfeiting on an unimaginable scale: he ordered that engraving plates, papers, and inks, direct from the United States Mint, be shipped offshore to various foreign locations and authorized the foreign governments to print Federal Reserve Notes at will.  

The result has been the production of trillions of dollars-worth of Federal Reserve Notes printed offshore in China and other locations around the world and all foisted off as "our" domestic currency by the same incorporated Municipal Corporations that have either created or allowed all the rest of the criminality.  

There are a few uncirculated paper bills in existence that are, at least arguably, valid for use as an American currency, including the Kennedy Dollars backed by American Silver Assets and approved by both Marcos and JFK days before the Kennedy Assassination.  Similarly, there are "The Uncut" gold-backed American dollars funded by gold investment receipts, that are sitting in warehouses all over the world, ready to be released. 

The Perpetrators know that only our American Government can issue those bills against our physical assets, and they struggle mightily to make sure that the General Public remains unaware and unable to participate in the world economy. 

Like the evil Company Stores of the Railroad and Coal Mine Barons, the American people, who actually own everything in sight, have been entrapped by their own employees acting as Undeclared Foreign Agents and forced to buy everything in-house and limited by their undisclosed illegal foreign occupation to buying and using their products at their prices in collusive and corrupt restraint of trade ---and so, Americans have been forced to use the Perpetrator's private bank scrip under the force of Legal Tender Laws and effectively prevented from running their own Mint and Treasury functions by our own employees.  

We wish for the immediate release of the uncut Kennedy Dollars and the Uncut Gold Dollars to help ease the transition to a new and we hope, far better, economy in this country and the world.

We wish for the release via our Federation Treasury of the United States Gold Eagle coins we ordered from the United States Mint in October of last year. 

We wish for an immediate understanding that the American Federation Government, is the direct Delegator of the constitutionally delegated powers, and the Receiver of all powers and duties returned from the Federal Republic Government, including but not limited to the right and duty to run the United States Mint and to direct the production of credit-based notes and gold and silver coinage in behalf of the Several States. 

 Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 7th 2023


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  1. There were stories.
    St. Germain story. Huge gold vault. American revolutionary war. .....

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  2. In the world, there are crap stories, there are shit stories, there are fart stories, ...
    no one concerns.

  3. Translate this to actual homes people got to live in... thanks to alledged home closing documents... presented by purported bank lenders... presenting a so-called promissory note document.... presenting a supposedly necessary mortgage document.... presenting a right to declare default.... presenting a right to foreclose... used to obtain signatures... used to define who pays property taxes... then people "sign" it?... used it to convey deed of trust... did people trust it?... receive their printed check draft... did people accept this check?... was it backed by value or thin air?... one bank interacts with another bank?...

    Life goes on... paper is sold... servicers collect...

    Then people are forced to accept less fake paper in their quest to repay a purported loan...Then people cannot do what they agreed by their signature to do.... Then people go into default. Then banks won't even accept fake paper to repay this aledged debt... Then homes are foreclosed. Then lenders reclaim the homes. Then belongings and people are stripped by County Sheriff's. Homes which are actual physical assets are recycled. People are left homeless.

    Then bank's lenders repeat the above. to the next people who masquerade under false pretenses unknowingly. The people participate in the fraud unknowingly. Their lawyer reviews their paperwork and goes right along with the fraud saying it is legitimate.

    What does H.E. Mamberti think about all these facts?

    How fast will some attorney tell people that they got the benefit? They got a house to live in. Even though thin air was invoked, somebody still used raw materials and labor to make that house. How are materials and labor ever truely repaid?

    What a circle they've all woven to enslave, cheat, lie, steal, counterfeit and make false claims.

    Something long-lasting needs to be done. Some bar association's heads need to be removed, for openers.

    All people who are fraudulently put through all of this fraud need lasting and real actual reparations.... not just more of the same.

  4. Somebody should invent a universal global mechanism and its curriculums which can propel actual people, in the triplicate use and private gain of these three PERSONS created in our names.

    We should all be able to property govern ourself to utilize our 1. non-profit to then manage our 2. Domestic, to then in turn operate our 3.FOREIGN...

    As these 3. Hoodlums, 2. Vultures and 1. vermin are constantly pushing the three or more things at us, as if we know what is going on, then how about we invent the means to achieve abundance given there are now at least three of each one of us, in name only?

    We're forced unknowingly into this game of commercial exploits... Okay then, it is time we figure out how to govern our quadruple selves.

    Some kind of training and some kind of toolsets.

    Instead of looking for ways to cancel the three of more PERSONS, we need a means to turn the tables and retake the controls.


    1. 2:38 --- you mean properly govern, I assume... yeah there isn't a edit function ... who cares

    2. I lived at Colorado for a time. This stuff Anna has been saying over the years means a big list of lies takes place Nation wide...

      Here is a chain of examples...

      1. A fake UNITED STATES was created long ago by a fake CONGRESS during a fake Administration.

      2. The fake UNITED STATES created a fake STATE OF COLORADO long ago.

      3. The fake STATE OF COLORADO created a fake WELD COUNTY long ago.

      4. The fake WELD COUNTY COLORADO acknowledged and supported the re-establishment of a fake CITY OF GREELEY long ago.

      5. The fake CITY OF GREELEY submitted a fake Annual Comprehensive Financial Report beginning long ago and ongoing to recent times.

      6. The fake lawyers and fake accountants provided fake signatures to fake documents.

      7. These fake entities sold fake bonds. The fake bonds made public housing.

      8. Real people lived in real housing but the underpinnings of everything was all faked.

      Do you see where this is all going? To our deaths.

  5. Every MUNICIPALITY, every COUNTY, every INCORPORATION, every STATE, every DOLLAR, every GOVERNOR, every LAWYER, every STATUTE, every NEWS STATION....

    all fakes!

    Not just fake news, fake everything.

    Even fake pandemonium in the streets.

    Even I am fake because of the anonymity of it all.

    What is not fake?

    The theft, the lies, the cheating, the losses, the suffering, the pain.

  6. Being anonymous does NOT mean you are "fake." It can mean many things. But you write as though you are wisely operating in a fox hole, under fire and attack of the "fakes." Keep moral courage, pray, and pass the ammununtion.

  7. And all is not fake, not fake in any manner. It is full on deadly deceptions. Its actual.

    Your task is to expose the deception, strip the lies away, awaken those deceived into in stupor and "go along get along."

    And replace all the deadly deceptions,

    Replace with the Living Truth. Do it.

    Thanks to Anna, Paul and others, we now know the challenge.

    And "WE," only "WE" can overcome it. "WE" are of/in/with the Living God.
    Who is NOT simply God.

    Truth sucks. Or does it?

  8. Here's a thought: We use county coin in our over 3100 counties. County coin can be made of what ever we want. County coin is backed by the integrity of the land and soil jurisdictions covering The United States. Rome used bronze to get their economy up and going and tally sticks were used for over 700 years for commerce in Great Britain. We don't need any precious metals. We need some body to control the amount of money in circulation and watchful eyes making sure our money system is not being abused.

  9. Today I replace the word "govern ment." (we don't need no stinkin "Govern ment."

    Govern=Steer, Ment=Mind. No thanks. Steer my mind? Mind control. Nope.

    I replace "government" with "truth"

    Truth = Actual, Factual. How shall you and I refer to it? Actfact?

    Do we engage life with Facts, and then by our Acts?

    Hopefully we engage all life with "actfact" and throw the mind controllers into the oblivion corners, caverns, and dungeons, of their very own stinkin' minds.

    My motto for today. "I am under the auspices of eternal truth. Being who is knowable by actual facts, with whom we may engage, in alignment with all life worthy.

    Life is a cooperative effort, from soil, pond, fish, frogs, flowers, trees, the bees, etc. etc., and all you and "mes" who are not cleverly deadly liars.

    To "lie" as in "liar." means to lay in wait to pounce.

    We are advised to speak or not to speak to defend living life, which does not make you a "deadly liar."

    facts, acts, being TRUTH.

    I am under the auspices of Truth, not under Mind Control (govern ment.)

  10. Failing to stand against each bogus presentation, every bogus command, every butt-heads "go-along get-along" agreement with their mind controllers (who are the soldiers of the death dealing adversary) then you have joined the march with the death dealing adversary.

    Start saying "No," particularly where/when you feel most at risk saying "No!"

    Say "no" gently where you may guide a child. Say NO and be not moved from you NO, when it matters most.

    Say NO now.

    1. Somehow this worked for me a few times... I was really scared. And a lot was at stake, yet I said "no" to very, very bothersome presentments, and that was the end of it...

  11. To, "Somebody should invent a universal global mechanism and its curriculums which can propel actual people, in the triplicate use and private gain of these three PERSONS created in our names..."

    This is trust law that will give all , you, I and others, the tools to manage our own assets.

    Why no-one has delved into trust law yet is mind numbing.

    It is all about triangles and triangulation.
    The three (originator:Grantor, the responsible/liable one: Trustee, and the receiver of all benefit, gifts from it: Beneficiary.) This triangulation us our TRAP.

    We can never be the Grantor as we did not create the trust (in our name/names). We CAN , however be either the trustee and or the beneficiary.

    Right now the so called Mind Controllers (govern- ment) have tricked us all into being the trustee on all these accounts and LAW makes us pay and become.LIABLE for all CHARGES monetary and criminal etc. on those trust accounts. The BC scam has set up the trust and we are the trustee of the dead baby SO LONG AS WE CAN 1) STAND UP (not a toddler anymore),
    2) SPEAK UP ( not a child anymore),
    and 3)ACT RESPONSIBLY (not a teenager anymore), we can comprehend the triangulation and claim our rightful status of the trust. This scheme has entrapped everyone of us and yet it is all legal.
    (Albeit IMMORAL)
    We know lawyers.and liars is synonymous, we know the corruption is to the core, but they created trusts against our will of which we have access to.

    So lets USE it against them and crush their scheme and start ACCESSING out cest te que (NOT VIE (LIFE))

    You are the BENEFICIARY of a trust created against your will with fraudulent documents. But your "baby body" is the "carrier" of the dead placenta according to their law (satanic) and their credit/debt money system allows it:(satanic money system) and the trust account was created by them to make sure any living heirs to the placenta would receive their due benefit and inheritance.
    I claim myself, in their sickness "as the living heir to the placenta" my mother created for my life. I love life and I love my mother. And these sickos will not take anything from me anymore...
    We can crush their system by using their own laws to crush them.

    Let the scorpion sting ITself!!!

    Trust law is the scheme.

  12. Divide and Conquer
    Some take the bait the other half don't
    Meanwhile the perps walk their World Parliament/GODvernment into the light

    Cloak set to 90 seconds to midnight
    ALL the BUZZ(hive mind) words are there

    An excerpt
    It has taken 2,000 years for the Occulted Powers to amass the resources and technology to convincingly fake his return. Since he’s not real, the only way he could “return” was for the people who first conjured him up to put on a Jesus Show using smoke and mirrors. It has taken till now for them to put up the right kind of smoke…

    Vegas NAVIDAD

    Reverse image - mirror
    East Palestine OHIO and East Palestine in the Middle East

    This has nothing to do with money but thats what they want everyone seeking - the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow covenant

    The mormon church and the great salt lake
    Ye are the salt of the earth or again soon will be

    Keep scaring the shit out of them and they will eventually sucCUM
    FEMA/DHS Earthquake Drill March 27 to April 24, 2014.
    This EQ drill is also corresponding to the troubles in the Ukraine and the standoff at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada. It would seem that these events should be considered to have absolutely no relationship to each other, however, they are but to chess players making moves with the eventual desired outcome.

  13. The HIVE Morphing into Nirvana MY ASS
    The sat yoga aka Kevin Costner LIVE from his COLORADO ranch wrapped in a toga animal house sheet

    Aw who remembers animal house
    All which leads up to their shit shew of Zoonotic 'diseases' to go with their behemouth corporation AMAZON
    You know like in a JUNGLE OR A ZOO
    Even the doomsday clock shew provides insight as to the planned introduction of their Zoonotic Diseases boogey man

    Bird Flu
    Monkey Pox
    Chicken Pox
    Mad Cow Disease
    Zika and their fucking mosquitos


    They can take their bullshit and shove it all where the sun they warship never ever shines

    You'll never see a dime of any money from these heathens and if you do you can bet there are strings attached you just cant see them

    And what a coincidence that the internet and communications in the Ukraine have not been impaired
    Tell me how do you lunch the CBDC in a war torn country
    Well through the Ministry of Digital TRANCEFORMATION
    Just like the DIC in India
    Pre planning back in the day
    Curiously, the war in Ukraine which began in earnest as the Sochi Olympics took place, … then escalated rapidly towards the downing of MH17. The Ukraine being a subliminal for the You-CRANE, the Bennu Bird, the mythological symbol of rebirth and regeneration. And now, just this morning, August 2, 2014, it’s been announced that California and the Ukraine National Guards are gearing up for “Military Collaboration In 2015”! The Ukraine and California! How incredibly curious!
    From the following article

  14. Anna, Do you have access to our gold and silver yet? If yes, seems we can start printing gold and silver backed fiat, am I wrong? Why do you need permission?


    Greenland aka ROME

  16. Comment of Jurisdictions - L.A.W.

    Land - Where we are born, live/love - breathe, drink, and eat, until we recycle body into soil, mind into spirit, leaving behind those who are born from us, and sadly leaving behind as our legacy the horrors of the infidels ideas which we failed to vanquish in our life. Those God Awful fictions which persist and injure those born for tomorrows who are born to love, live, guard, and enjoy.

    Sea - Intersection between life (Land, Water, Air in harmony) and death (total bamboozling and disharmony.) Jurisdiction where the agents of hell with their easy fiction factories fashion fraud for piercing our lives, via the "pirates.

    Air - The place (jurisdiction) where the imagining, shaping, and creations of fraud are spun, and sent via communications, where these devil ideas are most easily conjured. Where you are most easily bamboozled. Metaphorical Jurisdiction for grand frauds, fakes & phonies, wil o' the wisps, things that go bump in the night. The gossamer trap upon our minds, and solidifying our errors. Because we trusted who we should not.

    Realm of Contracts, consent, and that "ouija board" CONSENSUS by those conjures of fraud & evil - Those terminators of life and continuance.

    Align all you of life! Against the death dealing adversary who has infiltrated all Jurisdictions. And say NO often.

    1. WLA (law) Acts

  17. It's not a sustainable way to live and eat as she/he laughs and tips up her/his promo bottle of Mountain Dew

    StatusCOUPNews pretty funny huh

  18. Counterfeit Medical Degrees and Licenses too created by the same ilk

    The Covid op was carried out by fake nurses and doctors created by the DOD via a fake diploma program
    As it turns out, the DOD launched the Covid op and supported it with thousands of fake doctors and nurses who made the ventilator deaths happen.

  19. My local walmart is all about SUSTAINABILITY it says so right on the wall as you enter their store
    Neast texas
    Thats how embedded this shit is


  21. They're all NUTS I tell ya

  22. Replies
    1. that [yes:dEAR] in brackets ain't foolin me
      I know what the fuck that's SUPPOSED to be all about

      It's a FAMILY AFFAIR

      She didn't die of a drug overdose she came back from the dead as a little ole grandmama shewing the serfs how to get their freedom back

      Must be some pretty iron clad contracts you signed as a childhood actress, fake your death and then be resurrected as a little old wolf grandma to lead the serfs back to the so called light and to a bucket of non existent gold at the end of the rainbow

      I wonder who gets the dough she collects after all it is an operation and there has to be some kind of cut she gets for playing her part and her masters take their cut

  23. Anyone remember the little girl who played the role of PUNKY BREWSTER

    She looks a whole lot like that little BRAT

    Oh and how rich is this her name was SOLiel Moon Frye

    And it would make sense she would marry another hollywood BRAT playing his role as a Prince (aka Ronnie Howards son) and they left England to be in California to be around his daddy

  24. What do ya know ole Dave here was in Brussels making presentations

    He sure gets around

    Make note that
    World Legislative Act #21 Department of World Patents and Intellectual Property Rights
    Summary WLA #21 World Patents

    If I'm not mistaken this bow tie wearing free mason has access to all these patents and did an extensive study of them for the World Parliament
    He created a database blah blah blah and has WORKED THE WHIRLED OVER LITERALLY bringing clarity to these patents
    He's the CEO and owner of several outfits

    He's got many videos of his adventures traveling the world and 'doing the right thing' and never accepting not one penny in compensation from the overlords
    MY ASS

  25. Now I find it quite telling that the sponsors of factcheck are mentioned in this blog
    (At Nixon Library Brea CA, you see two top benefactors to the Nixon Administration Walter Annenberg and Max Fisher. Both are Gangsters)

    Note Ties of Cord Meyer to Operation Mockingbird and Chicago Gangster Walter Annenberg

    More notes from the link above

    The Dean O'Banion Gang was in Competition with Capone for Control of Chicago. The gang was headed up by Moses Annenberg prior to the Massacre - Closely aligned with the Jewish Mafia Segment via Moses Annenberg

    Top of the page for
    A Project of The Annenberg Public Policy Center

  26. Remember now what that Shetar reads about you and your two witnesses and you identifying yourself as their debtor
    Page 55
    Eventually the Goyim will be so angry with their governments (because we’ll blame them for the resulting mess) that they’ll gladly have us take over. We will then appoint a descendant of David to be king of the world, and the remaining Goyim will bow down and sing his praises. Everyone will live in peace and obedient order under his glorious rule.


    The ZIONIST State and home to CERN the WWW of va va va of 666
    CONGRESS in BAZEL 1897


  27. read uder 9.2.1

    1. And the Green New Deal Build Back Better BULLSHIT is the same hustle
      Under section 10.4

      All under the Fed Reserve that the crooks creates