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Monday, March 20, 2023

Shadow Banking Whistleblower: “They have the Names”, Pandora Papers w/ Mike Gill


  1. Dear Paul, where is Anna? Is Anna ok? Please let us know asap, Thank Thou Paul. m

    A great point by point re: current banking forensic affers exposé by

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    Peoples-DNA, PleaseFreeDOMize
    TheUnitedStatesOfAmericaOfSynagogueOfSatan, AndFraudgenic
    ForensicSeniorExecutiveServicesAgendas, AndParasiticPilgrimsSocietyPrograms, AndFraudpotentGlobalEconomicPatogenSercoGroup AllPoweredBy
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  4. PAN dora Paupers, more PP, DICK jokes
    Brendon Lee O'CONnell is doing videos with Mike but he is only on the phone
    The picture ole Brendon shares is of Mike in a pink shirt with his free masonic hand on his chin
    And according to Brendon, Mike is clean as a whistle and the crooks couldn't find anything on him and he is fighting back?

    Kinda reminds me of ole Gene HACKman and his Prathers Priorities series
    Where did that go?
    You know Gene, the one that played in the movie
    Think they can't fake all this shit
    Sit down and watch a movie and see what in the hell these hollywood magicians and disney land have been brainwashing the masses with for a century

    Mike Gill sounds like Michael the ark angle or I mean angel
    Ole Mike didn't make a fortune without his free masonic buddies helping him get it and especially since he was in real estate like humpty dumpty orange man is/was or so they say

    Haven't seen ole Sarah on the circuit lately, they circling back around to former 'truth' accomplices
    Hmm and do you think that the name WEST ALL could be a clue
    Well I think it is says batman to the joker

    Like the snakes eating their own tails that they are

    PANdora paupers like the fake ass Warren Commission Reports
    Same Shit Different Day

    The symbolism gets massive, when looking at the names, symbols, coordinates, and cultural nuances. I’m sure you get the picture, literally, that this whole experience in this 3D illusory world is nothing more than one huge subliminal message and a work of mass hypnosis, totally similar to what was witnessed in Germany, under Hitler, in the 2nd World War era. Except this time it’s much bigger, and going for broke.

    You can lead the flock to the water but you can't make the ones who see drink the poisoned shit

    Be sure and donate using those 3 pointed squares and compasses to the right of the page and doughnate all you can to the World Parliament and the Earth CONstitution SDG development goals
    Says right in their DOCKuments that they will incur no cost in setting this WORLD GODVERNMENT up and that the assets required will be the volunteers and their generous donations that MAKE IT HAPPEN

    Billions, Trillions folks

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