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Tuesday, October 25, 2022



CDC stands for “Child Death Cult” … nationwide child sacrifice ritual disguised as “immunization”

With the CDC’s outlandish decision to add covid-19 “vaccines” — which are really transhumanism mRNA experimental drugs — to the childhood immunization schedule, the CDC has cemented its position as a Child Death Cult (C.D.C.). By pushing this unproven, unsafe and unnecessary jab onto children, the CDC proves it is operating as a shield for Big Pharma while sacrificing millions of children to vaccine injuries and deaths over the coming years.

This decision by the CDC has no medical or scientific justification whatsoever, and it’s abundantly clear the CDC made this move to grant a liability shield to Big Pharma (all vaccines added to the childhood immunization schedule enjoy absolute legal liability in the United States). Even Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA technology, can hardly believe what we’re seeing here. “I am shocked by the malfeasance,” he wrote. “I have no trust left at all in our public health. It is broken.”

Here’s more from Dr. Malone, via

This means that public schools, which all use this schedule, will then be able to mandate the “vaccines” in order for children to attend public school.

This is all being done at the last minute and basically behind the backs of the public, as this received virtually no media attention prior to the vote.

ACIP’s decision to add the COVID-19 shots is based on regulatory capture, budgetary issues, politics, and it is not based on scientific data.

We all know the adverse event profile of the jabs. It is horrific. The small sample size in the clinical trials were poorly designed and inadequately powered.


  1. PLEASE STOP the organic prospect flashing! THANK YOU

  2. repeating:
    the 14th Amendment was not properly ratifed; its on their books, you can look it up for yourself. even (i believe) Georgia, as recently as the 1950s has come back in saying, on the Record, that the 14th Am was never ratified.
    its the same type thing they did with their "Constitutions"... that is: they were never properly ratified either and as ive said a dozen times or more THE DAMNED THING ISNT EVEN SIGNED... just by witnesses who have no responsibility for carrying it out.... get it???... its their "CONGRESS" members that were the witness signatories on their "Constitutions".... and the witness signatories have no responsibility for carrying it out......get it?...get it??.... its worthless. and likewise, so is their "Constitutions' " cursed "14th Amendment" worthless.
    however, look at the way we are learning that they have treated "The Elections" and i think we have a pretty good idea of the way things have been being done without our knowledge or agreement... so that: none of it stands.
    i:woman say: none of it stands.
    it has no meaning and none of it stands.

    they know this, now, thankfully, so do we and we can start, from right, to tell anyone still trying to push this on us that we believe it has nothing to do with us, State nationals naturalborn upon one of our now-50 landstates;

    1. For the- Fran Mueller does bear witness to your testimony woman Janmarie. Their Constitutions were unlawfully with intent to defraud ratified for sure too.

    2. hi fran,
      well, it looks like at least three of us: you, TRUTH, and me, understand that Their "Constitution" has no authority in law.... oh, and Lysander Spooner 5oo. :)

    3. "A Teaching Moment #1"?... for anyone who cares...:

      1. law is made by creator/God: one law:
      do not break peace.

      2. Witnesses are Statutory, and are not part of God's law.
      [even in Torah: Witnesses are Statutory, not part of Gods law.
      Torah means "teaching", not "law" or "the law".]

      3. [whatever is] Statutory is made by man, not creator/God...
      or said another way:
      creator makes law not Statutes.

      4. Statutes are made by man and therefore apply only to man's man-made DeadEntities /FICTIONS/ Imaginary Persons.
      Statutes do not apply to (a/any) God-made *man*.


    4. Witnesses:
      that is: man-made Statutory creations created to use upon man-made DeadEntities/ FICTIONS/ Artificial or Imaginary Persons:
      1. are not required when God-created *man* says something.
      2. when God-created *man* [made in the image and likeness of his creator/God] opens his mouth and uses his voice to say something, what that God-created *man* says is: *true*;
      and no other man's words are required to make them true.
      3. in the event that another *man* says that man's words cause harm to him (example: he says its a false claim) THEN the *man* speaking IS required to PROVE that his words are true.
      4. it is at this point that other men, who can PROVE that they "have first-hand knowledge" about the event, can come forward and make their own declaration before God and man.
      4. and also, likewise, the man challenging the first *man*s words is required to PROVE that HIS words that are true, rather than the first man's.
      this is States of America (and ancient) common law that God-created *man* have God-gifted right to use.
      this is the law that je-sus taught.
      they despised him for it.
      he was messing up their PlayHouse -- where they stride around among *man* pretending to be en-Titled, privileged, immune to Gods law and above other men... all UNPROVEN.
      these are ALL UNPROVEN claims: to be "in Gods name"; under UNPROVEN claims of "Divine Right of the Kings", "Manifest Destiny", "Unum Sanctum", and such the like.
      .. you know, like how they do with The BerthCertificates... where they dont disclose.
      And the Constitutions that they dont sign and have no obligation to carry out.... and DONT carry them out... but use VIOLENCE ON *man* to make *man* carry them out... and call it "volunteering" the hot end of a loaded wepon...

    5. its the same with the word "Testimonies".
      in Hebrews ch 9 vs. 16, 17 (kjv):
      my paraphrase:
      v. 16 it is a necessity that a testator be DEAD!
      v. 17 a testament is of force (only) after the one giving the testimony is DEAD!... the testimony is of no strength AT ALL while the testator is alive!!!!

      see what theyve done to us??
      see how theyve gotten us indoctrined/ brainwashed into un-intention-ally using DeadEntity words on ourselves?
      see how they even use the HolyBook/s to entrap *man*, then claim we "volunteered"?
      this is why i say :
      even the HolyBible has their pawprints smeared on it.
      but we, *man*, do not lose our connection to our creator if they mess with things.
      we are secure. spiritually.
      we are eternally joined to our creator and NO MAN OR OTHER CAN SEPARATE US.
      The only way we can be separated is if WE, intending to, walk away from God for that final time.
      hebrews again, ch 13:5
      for he hath said, i will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

  3. Stupid people obey , smart people don’t.