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Sunday, October 23, 2022

Typo Alert and Negative Numbers

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Summation of The Great Fraud against Americans sent as a Public International Notice yesterday contains a simple but important to notice  typographical error in reference to the Public Law established as  remedy and basis for legalization of the fraud.  It’s Chapter 28 of the United States Statutes at Large, but the actual Citation of the Public Law is 48 Stat 112, not 28 Stat 112.  We are editing and resending to the limited list that received the original transmission yesterday before issuing the final version today

In the decades  since this debt-credit monetary system was adopted  the various Territorial and Municipal Congresses that have struggled with this situation have never had a firm grasp on the concept of negative numbers and have not realized that the system of debt -credit they adopted is self-regulating and self-healing, if they will simply get on with their own program. 

All negative numbers are less than zero in value. The largest negative number imaginable  is still less than zero. As a result, all positive numbers are greater than all negative numbers. One actual dollar is greater than a hundred million “negative” dollars.  

People try to think in terms of a debt accumulating in the monetary system as a number of dollars owed to get even with the board, or as a “lack of dollars”, but as dollars in a debt-credit system are fictional (there is no such Thing as a “negative dollar) this reasoning doesn’t apply.  

Fiction is fiction and fact is fact. 

This is yet another reason why a “National Debt” cannot exist and no interest owed on a National Debt can exist, either.  

This applies to the US National Debt as well as the National Debts of all the other countries that have adopted the Federal Reserve Note as their Reserve Currency. 

We already pointed out that no actual National Debt exists because it is instantly balanced by an equal National Credit.  

Walk through the “zero sum transaction” in your own mind using a real life example. 

You walk into a store that is selling large Navel Oranges for “a dollar”.  You give the clerk a Federal Reserve Note (not a dollar) and she gives you an orange. 

You have just traded a fiction (an I.O.U.) for a fact (a nice juicy orange). 

The grocery store accepts the theoretical debt as equitable and equal exchange so this is a zero sum transaction. Nobody gained or lost anything. 

The “value” being represented just changed in form, from a piece of paper to an orange, and the debt on one side of the transaction was transformed into an equal credit on the other. 

That is, in the aggregate, the “National Debt”(the I.O.U.)  is instantly counterbalanced by an equal and opposite “National Credit” (the orange).  

The orange gives equal value to the note. 

So there is no “National Debt” anywhere in the world — there’s just a lot of funky phony bookkeeping that keeps track of the “National Debt” and forgets to apply the “National Credit”.  

For these reasons also, there is no “interest” due on any so-called National Debt and any such interest collected by any bank is by definition Odious Debt: a debt created by some means of fraud (negligent bookkeeping) of which the Victim is unaware and does not benefit from. 

Creating what appears to be a debt where no such debt exists, for the purpose of charging interest on it, is simple garden variety Fraud anyone can recognize. 

The fact that a negative hundred million is less than one is also something that everyone can recognize. 

In the 1980’s the Grace Commission Report revealed that none of the Federal Reserve Notes being collected as taxes were  being spent to provide actual government goods or services of any kind.  Instead, it was all going to pay “interest” on the “National Debt”—- which does not exist. 

In reality, those notes representing “debt” were being used to “discount” structural inflation, which is what happens when you fail to establish and maintain an equal value to equal value parity by introducing the “interest swindle” to the zero sum equation. 

When you start paying interest on one side of the ledger and acting as if the National Debt  actually exists (and was not in fact instantly counterbalanced and cancelled by the National Credit) the “value” being represented by the Note is diluted—- and devalued, and inflation sets in. 

Your currency value (the value represented by  Note) is devalued because you are paying interest on a debt that doesn’t exist.  

So then the Government tries to offset this idiocy by charging more and more draconian taxes (87,000 new IRS Agents?) and printing more and more Federal Reserve Notes, which is like stepping on the gas and the brakes at the same time. 

Then you wonder why the economy is 

Stop paying interest on a non-existent debt and notice what is also happening because of this artificial structural inflation:

As the Notes are devalued the precious metals values are increasing.


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