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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

A Simple International Public Announcement

 By Anna Von Reitz

There is no reason for poverty, ignorance, or violence.  

There is more than enough for everyone to live and be and fulfill their life's purpose in joy and comfort.  

The Federal Court has ordered Julius Shiva to settle the estate of Severino Sta Romano, the same professional "Metals Depositor '' that went around and deposited gold (that didn't belong to him) in banks worldwide in order to fully fund government services for everybody.  No more taxation as of 1941.  

But that didn't happen, did it?  

If it did, I certainly didn't get the memo.   Like millions of other Americans, I have been ceaselessly threatened and harassed by Agency Goons to pay taxes I didn't owe.  Just ask yourselves how you could owe a "federal income tax" without having any federal income?  Uh-duh? 

Like millions of others, I was left to assume that the taxes were needed to pay for government services and public infrastructure.  

Imagine the irony of learning that all this racketeering was based on the Fourteenth By-Law Amendment of a dishonest Scottish Commercial Corporation that went bankrupt in 1907?  A Scottish commercial corporation merely calling itself "The United States of America" ---Incorporated?  

You can imagine how much authority is actually vested in the By-Law Amendments of a Scottish Commercial Corporation that has been defunct for over a hundred years. 

Silly Buggers, you can't make this stuff up.  I can't, anyway.  Maybe we should ask King Charles of Scotland --- the man the British Parliament recently swore allegiance to --- how they think they can keep this "narrative" going? 

Remember, all government expenses were paid for as of 1941.  Every fire hydrant. 
Every school.  Every airplane.  Every expense for government services or infrastructure throughout the entire planet was paid for as of 1941.  

It was the Donor's intention that paying for government services would relieve people of the burdens of taxation and would relieve entire countries from the burden of keeping tax records, prosecuting tax cases, and ending the incarceration expenses for "tax evaders".  

Imagine me scratching my head.  What have we been paying for all these years? 

Enter the Grace Commission which told us not a dollar of taxpayer money went to pay for government services or infrastructure.  It was all taken to pay against the interest owed on the National Debt. 

So we chewed on that piece of petrified bunk for a while, and realized that that was a Big Fat Lie, too. 

Ever since 1933, we've been obliged to live in a debt-credit economic model.  And in a debit-credit economic model, any debt a society creates is instantly balanced by an equal credit. 

Joe's hamburger pays off Ernie's $5 Federal Reserve (Promissory) Note.  It's called a "Zero Sum Transaction".  

As a collective enterprise, the National Credit has been exercised to pay the National Debt.  So there is no "National Debt".  And therefore, there is no interest to be paid on any National Debt. 

Clearly, all those tax payments extracted from our labor, were embezzled under False Pretenses and we've all been defrauded.  Oh, my. 

The only thing standing between humanity and a far happier outcome, is stupidity, ignorance,  and greed.  So let's shed ourselves of all three and any fear, also. 

The Federal Court Order requires Julius Shiva to settle Sta. Romano's Estate, to pay any estate taxes, and then, Julius agreed to use 99% of all these assets to uplift humanity via global project funding. Under the agreement and instructions from the D'Avila Family, Julius can provide up to 10% of all the interest accumulated to the world governments, which would be over 100 Quintillion dollars or more.  

So.... there hasn't been any need for taxation and if the Idiots would simply stand aside, there would never be any need for taxation, ever, anywhere, again. 

And this is where all this "project funding" is coming from.  Not the World Bank.  Not the Global Debt Facility.  Not any "Global Collateral Accounts".  Not from NESARA or GESARA.  Not from the World Trust ---- which my family set up and provided ---- and they have bungled that beyond belief, too.   

As the Donors we are fed up.  

We gave the money (gold, silver, etc.) and our land holdings in trust,  in good faith,  as assets to lift humanity out of the dregs of poverty and ignorance and ill-health, just as we gave the money to pay for government services and infrastructure in anticipation that people could sleep sound in their beds at night and not have to worry about "the IRS" or any other coercive "tax collectors" blighting their lives and stealing their property and earnings. 

This is the truth of the matter and the only truth there is. We have not wanted to be public figures or political leaders of any kind.  We have been forced to do this, because most of the people you elected to "represent" you are crooks or fools, who don't know their butts from buttercups.  

Our dream for all mankind is that we grow up and all govern ourselves, govern our own lives, our own communities, our own States, and our own countries.  

We don't want to rule over anyone.  We don't want to tell you what to value or believe. We want you to exercise your own brains.  We surely don't want to take anything from you via taxation or any other scam.  If we had our way, all forms of taxation would have ended in 1941, as they should have.  And didn't.  We don't want to dictate anything to anyone at all.  We want you to take that responsibility over yourselves and your land and your health and everything else.  

The only thing we do want in exchange for all we have given, is for you to live together as what you are--- brothers and sisters, part of a worldwide family, taking care of each other and this beautiful planet which is your common birthright--- not sitting around in some snobby club planning how to kill and maim others for profit. 

Life is not a game and there is no reason for anyone to lust after "profit".  You were all born richer than Midas ever was.  Now, wake up out of your bad dream and hear the birds sing while there are still birds left to sing.  Put an end to the madness and those who are promoting it. Do it now, peacefully, lawfully, and with determination. 

This is the time for the people of the entire planet to get organized and put an end to the gross theft and dishonesty of the militaries, the politicians, and the banks.  They've been entrapping and enslaving and mindlessly glutting themselves at the expense of their Employers --- the people who have loyally paid them for "good faith service".  

Help Julius and help me and help all the other Donors who made a wonderful future possible for all of Mankind --- if you all wake up out of the illness and the stupor that these cretins have created in their attempts to maintain "power" over you. 

All the actual money -- gold and silver and precious stones, artifacts, and art and land--- that you could ever dream of, exists, and is ear-marked to turn this planet into a paradise devoted to love and to life.  All you have to do is wake up and want it bad enough to take action. 

I know it sounds crazy that we would need your help to do this, but the Vermin have blocked access to our accounts for our own use, even though we have fully informed them that we are the Donors and we have established the facts in court.  We are not getting any younger and neither are you.  If you want this stalemate to end, and the question of Earth's future to be settled in your favor, get up, sound off, and help in whatever ways you can.  Please send bank checks and money orders in support.  If you are sending from overseas, send international money orders or Traveler's checks, because the banks here can't negotiate actual  international bank drafts or checks --- even though they are obligated to do so under about a hundred different bank treaties and international agreements. 

My mailing address is: 

Anna Maria Riezinger
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska, 99652

All Americans born on the land and soil of this country and all those lawfully or legally Naturalized here, please go to: 


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  1. This Article tells exactly what our Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen united States of America was recorded by our ancestors to declare our separation from; that is:
    one or more *man* pretending to OWN THE WORLD.



    1. we hold these truths to be self-evident:
      that all men are created equal
      that they are endowed [endow-ments are gifts]
      by their creator [not another *man*/ other created be-ing/ other]
      with certain unalienable rights
      that among these [among many many others]
      life, the RIGHT to be, to be living, to be alive: no one can kill you.
      liberty, the RIGHT to move around freely at your own will when you wish: as long as you are not breaking peace/ causing harm to *man*.
      the RIGHT to do whatever it is you believe will bring happiness to you: as long as you cause no harm to another *man*.
      the RIGHT to be safe!: to protect yourself.
      each *man*, ...not just some. not just the bully. not just the biggest group:
      we ALL have equal GOD-GIFTED RIGHT to be here, move around freely, build our lives in a way that makes us happy and protect ourselves and be safe.

      woman:janmarie: daughter and descendant from man:simon: from family known by 'kenton' on virginialand, 1755; and it is so.

    2. so the question becomes:
      if God created the world and everything in it,
      what man can be the Donor of what God created?
      is God who created all not the only possible Donor?
      are *man* not all equal in their station before the one who created it all and gifted it to them?
      [..gave them life, breathe, energy, creativity, production, and re-production?... gave them all these free materials here on earth to use and be creative with, to build whatever they wish with all of these natural source materials... to combine with our energy (God endowed), creativity (God endowed), to produce happiness and beauty and fun and safety for ourselves and loved ones, as long as we dont harm other *man*?].

      woman:janmarie: daughter and descendant from man:simon, naturalborn son from family known as 'kenton', upon virginialand, 1755.

    3. who said This Handful of Families are the Donors of the world God created and everything in it? [.... who, that is, besides This Handful of Families themselves and their minions?....]
      i:woman dont see any proof of it.
      all i:woman see is some *man* ["men"] breaking the laws of God for the purpose of making false claims upon other *man's* equal-share portion of Gods free gifts to every *man*.


  2. such declaration tells the world, before our *creator* and *man*, that we know and understand that all *man* have equal station in life pertaining to the gifts that our *creator* gave to each *man* SEPARATELY; and these are gifts that no other *man* can separate from him, unless he causes harm to a *man* and is required to restore the *man* he causes harm to.

    woman:janmarie: naturalborn upon land known as 'missouri': daughter and descendant from man:simon: naturalborn upon land known as 'virginia', '1755': son from family known by 'kenton'; and it is so.

  3. I just did a search for "Federal Court""Julius Shiva" and of the 8 initial results searched further re: "Severino Sta Romano" and found nothing! Where is the public record for: "The Federal Court has ordered Julius Shiva to settle the estate of Severino Sta Romano"? .........

    1. Good question!

    2. GREAT QUESTION! As I have looked for other cases stated by Anna with no results I.E. Proof

  4. "Please send blank checks and money orders in support." Please Explain blank checks? Sarcasm or something else?