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Saturday, August 6, 2022

More Specifics on Regulation Z

 By Anna Von Reitz

As you will find as you explore your remedies, Regulation Z attaches to all Acts of Congress that involve securitization or monetization of physical assets belonging to Americans. This is because the "government corporations" indulged in illegal securitization activities and forced registration of private property and they have to provide remedy in order to legalize any of this. 

Regulation Z was adopted by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and imposed throughout the corporate government franchises wherever otherwise illegal seizures of ownership interests and security interests have been imposed. 

Thus, in response to the illegal forced (and false) registration of privately owned cars and trucks as "motor vehicles" we have Regulation Z attached to the Motor Vehicle Code and the Federal Highway Safety Act beginning in 1956. 

Regulation Z is also attached to the Reversionary Trust Interest remedy found at 12 USC 95(a) as remedy for the seizure of your trust assets --- though it was omitted from the text of the Federal Code until very recently, when it has been overtly included and made visible again. 

Regulation Z is also broadly attached as a remedy for mortgage fraud (thanks for digging these out, Dr.W!!!) at 12 CFR 1026, which corresponds in turn to:12 USC 2601, 2603-2605, 2607, 2609, 2617, 3353, 5511, 5512, 5532, 5581; 15 USC 1601 et seq.

Most bureaucrats you encounter at "Departments of Motor Vehicles" and Title Companies and banks will scratch their heads and look at you like you have three heads when you claim your exemptions and remedies.  

This is because although they are required to establish these remedies, they have not been required to explain them or provide instructions to the Public -- a situation that we are all in the process of correcting.  People didn't know that they were being criminally defrauded and coerced in the first place, so had no reason to dig out the remedies and exemptions being offered to "legalize" these outrages. 

As a result, most of the bureaucrats we are facing on the other side of the table have never met an American claiming their Regulation Z exemptions and they will treat you like a Talking Horse when you do; nonetheless, it is important that you engage the Public Law and claim your exemptions in order to maintain your own property interests and those of your countrymen.  

Our late British friend, Christopher Storey, who published the astounding news that securitization is illegal many years ago, would be pleased and proud to know that people have finally awakened from their daze of trusting "the government" and are actively in pursuit of their remedies. 

So -- don't be surprised or discouraged when the bureaucrats tilt their heads and look at you like so many befuddled Saint Bernards when you bring up the topic of Regulation Z exemptions.  After all, they aren't trained or paid to hand out exemptions to their regulatory regimes, even when they are obligated to do so ---- and in many cases, it's been years, even decades, since anyone exercised these exemptions. 

It's a bit like loosening a rusted screw that's frozen in place, but it can be done and must be done to secure justice in this country and to relieve millions of Americans of odious debt and subjection to regulations that don't apply to them. 

We are significantly assisted in this endeavor by the U.S. Supreme Court findings in West Virginia v. EPA, which reiterates the findings of the Tennessee Supreme Court in Norton v. Shelby County a century ago ---- Congress has no ability to further delegate its legislative powers to Administrative Agencies. 

With respect to the General Public, this decision tosses Administrative Code of all kinds under the bus and does so in an official capacity.  This includes the Motor Vehicle Code, Internal Revenue Code, EPA Regulatory Codes, State-of-State Statutory Codes, and all the rest of the noisome millions of private law codes that have been promulgated by public employees and unelected bureaucrats since the days of the King Rat, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  

The only question that remains is --- where do you stand?  Are you a member of the General Public or not?  

If you are a public employee of a State-of-State franchise organization or a federal employee or actual federal dependent (evidenced by receipt of an unearned federal paycheck sufficient to support all your needs) all the codes and statutory regulations continue to apply to you as a condition of your employment and/or dependency. 

But if you are Joe Q. Public working in the private sector and not obligated to subject yourself to the whims of foreign corporations charged with providing you with certain strictly enumerated services, then, by all means --- stand up.  

Declare your birthright political status as an American, a member of the General Public, owed all freedoms, rights, and prerogatives --- including the unencumbered ownership of your body, mind, soul, land, house, soil, business, occupation, and all other material and immaterial property interests, including your Regulation Z exemptions and remedies. 

Go to: and get started.  The Declaration process itself involves signing a one page form and providing reasonable proof (including two living witnesses) that you are who you are and that you were either born in this country or naturalized to it. 

You sign the Declaration, publish it on the public record, and provide yourself with the basis to claim your exemptions. 

Remember that so far as mortgages are concerned, the proper time to claim your Regulation Z exemption is at the closing table.  Also remember to bring along ten silver dollars or the equivalent in gold as payment for the property interest you are purchasing -- the "titles" that you are "redeeming".  

Also remember that thanks to the very recent ruling in West Virginia v. EPA, the banks and title companies cannot use IRS Code to block you from coming back after closing and claiming your Regulation Z exemption.  

We have discovered that the IRC (Internal Revenue Code) was being used to enforce foreclosures and evictions (Sections 1091, 408, 61, 108 and 751)  and also to prohibit people from claiming their Regulation Z exemptions at any other time except during loan closing.  The recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling reiterates that the IRC has no authority over members of the General Public, therefore, no ability to dictate limitations on where or when you can claim your exemptions, either.

So, welcome home, Joe Q.  It's time to reclaim your identity and estate and freedom. 

Go to: and get started. 


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