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Sunday, July 17, 2022

Nothing Is Ever Settled Until It's Settled Right

 By Anna Von Reitz

Today's article title is actually a saying of Miss Jane Marple, Agatha Christie's elderly female sleuth.
It's ironic and fitting also, that we exonerate the British people at the same time as we excoriate their Territorial Government --- which is not British at all.
It's German.
Look at what was done here in America.
At the end of the Civil War, the British Territorial United States Military, was largely staffed by people born and bred in this country so that they appeared to be "American" but they weren't acting as Americans --- they were and are under contract to serve foreign corporations.
They continued to wage war after Lee's Surrender at Appomattox, Virginia. They simply didn't tell anyone and let the gullible public believe that all was well, while they moved their foreign "States of States" into position to usurp upon our rightful government and while they brought their Admiralty Courts onto our land and soil in preparation for the greatest fraud scheme and identity theft in human history.
The date of the Naval Agency and Distribution Act of 1864 demonstrates pre-meditation of the crime that England had prepared against its former Colonies three generations after the Americans won The War of Independence.
Ulysses S. Grant, U.S. Grant, whose actual name was simply "Hiram Grant" was a British Agent, the Great-Grandson of a man who lost his fortune supporting the American side of the Revolution and who was never repaid because he was a Jew.
Abraham Lincoln was also the Great-Grandson of a Jewish investor who was similarly cheated out of his investment, his land, and his Good Name, leaving the "Lincoln" family in the famous state of poverty that Abraham Lincoln grew up in.
Grant and Lincoln both had personal motives of vengeance and avarice combined to sell out America to the British and they did, but after the surrender of the South, Lincoln wanted peace and reconciliation. Grant didn't. There is a reason that General Grant and his wife were not at the Ford Theater that fateful night in April of 1865 and it had nothing to do with visiting their daughter in Ohio.
It had to do with keeping the war going indefinitely into the future, so that the U.S. Military could glut itself on their defeated adversaries and consolidate coercive power over the civilian population and set up the entire pillaging and plundering operation foreshadowed by The Naval Agency and Distribution Act of 1864.
So, there is no doubt that we have indeed been undermined from within, by people who let their own pettiness, greed, and lust for vengeance overcome any finer sentiment. The British Territorial United States Army inserted itself via Lincoln's General Order 100 into a lasting position of command and control that they have milked for a century and a half --- when in fact Lincoln had no authority to set aside The Constitution of the United States of America or grant any such authority to the U.S. Army.
Even though the U.S. Army appeared to be our Army and was staffed by people born in this country, it was always a Mercenary Force from 1860 onward. Any claim they ever had to being an "honorable soldiery" died at Fort Sumter when ignorant -- or complicit--- commanders followed orders from Lincoln and opened fire on their own countrymen.
So let's examine this British Territorial "U.S. Army" and note that it wasn't our Army then or now. Let's also note that it's a Mercenary Army --- paid to fight in commercial conflicts, not actual wars.
It was and is exactly analogous to "The Raj" in India --- a foreign expeditionary force occupying another country and riding roughshod over the native population for no better reason than their own greed and lust for coercive power.
And it's the same story in England, where German usurpers have long held down the "British" Throne and abused the British population and baffled them with bunko in exactly the same way they have lied to and racketeered against us.
As it is here, the British Army appears to be staffed by Brits, as homegrown as you could wish it to be --- and yet, it's not. It's a Territorial and Mercenary Force occupying England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland, under the command of princely Germans who have also occupied --- under conditions of deceit --- most of Western Europe.
It would be a mistake to think that the Nazis won the War. The Nazis were just a political party kicking up dust, like the Republicans and the Democrats. No, the actual play came long before the Nazis during Queen Victoria's reign, and as a result of her marriage to Prince Albert of Saxe-Gotha-Coburg which consolidated other royal German holdings with Hesse-Kassel and the Danish Royals, to assure that "Great Britain" was firmly under the control of the House of Wettin and the Lords of Glamis.
Just as we were undermined from within by Lincoln and Grant, Great Britain was sold out by the Scots, in particular the Lords of Glamis Castle --- the present Queen's Great-Grandfather, the 13th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, had scores to settle with England going all the way back to the Jacobite Rebellion.
This sheds light on the reason that the residents of Edinburgh have continually voted to remain part of Great Britain. Why wouldn't they, when they have a substantial controlling interest in it?
As for the Germans, we recently conducted an experiment. We published what should have been astounding news --- that the Kingdom of Prussia survived the First World War, and a very substantial hoard of gold was waiting for the heirs at the Bank of England.
You could hear a pin drop.
This is no news to numerous parties in Germany who sold out the Prussian people to the Russians and didn't bother to do anything about it for over forty years.
So you have a German Territorial Government in control of Great Britain, and a British Territorial Government in control of America, the Former Commonwealth, and most of Occupied Europe and Hong Kong and Japan.
It has nothing to do with the British people, who have been enslaved to pay for this monstrous racketeering scheme promoted by the Crown and the Admiralty --- which is controlled in turn by the German House of Wettin and their mostly Continental investor groups.
If you want to collapse their Evil Empire, it's simple enough to do.
Declare peace. Insist that the United Nations Organization stop being a storefront for evil, and live up to its purported mission. Force an end to the "perpetual state of war" that these monsters need to fill their coffers. Put an end date on every conflict covered over by an Armistice or partial treaty process.

I apologize to my British friends who have suffered as much as the rest of us have, and who have been just as confused. This information may not be terribly comforting, but at least we finally know who and what is at the bottom of it, and hopefully, having identified the problem, we will be able to solve it.


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