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Monday, July 25, 2022

How Bad Will Election Fraud Be in 2022?

By Lex Greene

July 21, 2022

The short answer is, worse than in 2020.


  1. lolol!!! awww look, "anna" musta gathered up "her" courage and is gonna let people comment?? :):):)!!!

  2. Lol, paul might be realizing people come more for the comments than for anna's articles xD

    And while I'm here, whats up with all the contradictions from her lately?
    She literally crosses herself in almost every article

  3. Anna is in her own little world.. seriously anything she is doing and has done isn't going to change one thing in this country or internationally. Schwab and his highly sophisticated bandits have been around for decades making plans to bring in their his own words he has said they have infiltrated every aspect of the economics and religion arenas..Anna who with laughter while they continue our destruction.. seriously folks if you're really paying attention nothing you're all doing is even throwing a wrench in their plans..Don't you find it a bit disturbing that Anna doesn't even bring up these monsters and what her changing of your political status is doing to stop them in this country and internationally..truly go listen to what's taking place and see if you get the impression that your making a difference in the good of humanity..they still moving forward with every bit of their destruction..not caring about Anna who and her Assembly and political status changing of the they could's very nice of you to think what you're doing is going to stop or change anything to do with their NWO plans ..Anna even has her own Bible views that hasn't helped one iotta ..please pay attention to what is taking place in this country and internationally..they don't care about your Assembly or status yourselves a favor and look up for once

    1. Says the scarecrow on the fence post.

    2. anony 7.25 4.12p.m.
      yes, they certainly are continuing their plans and are even, i read, revving up their Agenda 2050 to be completed by 2030 now!!
      am very interested in what people guess the reason for that is.
      im guessing its because they didnt have ANY idea that people still have enough control over their own minds to say "NO!!" and keep saying "NO!!!!"
      theyre admitting "there will be more cheating in the 2022 "election" than the 2020", at the same time theyre trying to pump up the DJT 2024, Trump\DeSanta 2024.... different Articles say if there was a vote today, DJT would get around 80% of the vote. i dont think so. there are way too many *former* "TrumpSupporters" now...... no wall, no Hilleriejail, but we did have covie, vaquakks, and he did pardon Jare reds father for stealing over $2 BILLION from Medicare(?). where did that go? as ive mentioned before, 10% [for A BigGuy?] would be $200 MILLION.


  4. it seems like they had alot of different ideas about how to deal with The Problem theyve created, that is: making false claims on what belongs to someone else, ... but none of the ideas have worked.... now it seems like theyre scraping the bottom of the barrel: on darkoutpost datte cam today they had a woman who comes from out of nowhere and she claims she was sekks-trafficked to GlobalElite types (MKUltra-style) and that now she has been to around 100 Miitary Tribunals dealing with that subject... she says one of the tribunals was for JoeBiden, but she would not point to him in the courtroom to identify him because he didnt look the same and it might not have been him... she said it might have just been a look-alike! she talked about that for several minutes!

    she said that Donald Trump is the President of the Bankrupt Corporation and HE WROTE A "SECOND DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE."!!!! aaaahhahahaha hahahahaaa!! oh, doesnt THAT just sound like a huge MentalHairball??!?!!


    1. The mental hairball would be you. In fact, that's a perfect description of you.

    2. anony 7.26 3:00AM that is so weak-minded,... its just sad.

    3. Your comebacks are so lame. Lack of imagination, intelligence and originality. Yawn.

    4. anony 7.27 3:08AM
      you just COPIED my comment. hahaha!! haha!!! heeheehee :):):)

    5. hahahaha!!!! still laughing!!!!
      heres a dollar for ya??-- two comments!! haha!!
      that helps you keep the job you need to stay on paah- role?? :):):)


  5. You mean the hollywood reality tv magic shew that creates the illusion that there are elections?


    Watch me pull a rabbit out of a hat

    Metro Goldwhyn and Mayer (MGM)
    My BOLOGNA has a first name
    Its Oscar (like the golden oscars they receive for their performances)
    My BOLOGNA has a second name
    Its Mayer
    Oh I love to eat it everyday
    And if you ask me why I'l say


    And they're doing the same thing with the internet

    1. yes, that election. :):):)
      they act like they are competely corrupted in their spirits....
      so many people know something is untrue about all this and yet they continue the "show".

    2. And you get shit like this and the claim of the first gated communites and HOA's hidden in a desert oasis in Texas?
      And make note all well before the claim of the 1871 issues?

      Things just DO NOT ADD UP FOLKS

      The fort is for sale
      Hmm I wonder who they will sell it to China
      Maybe the King Ranch folks of Texas might buy it

  6. You'll notice in the latest article that your CONstitutional 'rights' are God-given
    So would that be GODvernment who wrote the CONstitution that 'gives' you those rights

    Word trickery every day all day

    They will rule over us like Gods

    The anti bible illuminated ones - hollywood

    The end of an age CON

    There's a 'bill'board in my area that reads
    Stop the sex trafficking of your boys
    And get this the 'charity' is named

    Bobs house of Hope as in Bob Hope the fake that he is/was

    Bob Hope one of the hidden kids of Fred Astaire
    2) Bob Hope aka Jack Benny aka Eddie Jones aka Orson Wells
    How bout that he also played the role of Orson Wells

    They're all in it together and the cons never ever
    Their kids carry the con forward

    Putin and Trump same as the old actors on the world stage gotta keep the AUDIENCE hypnotized to believe the shit so they can move their agenda of steal it all under the guise of saving the earth

  7. All linked to Orion the Hunter

    Displace the water privatize its use and sale of and you can create massive massive carnage

    They will blind side us

    Lake Mead being drained on purpose and routing the water to Navidad aka Nevada

    You need the water to break to birth a new baby

    Aquarius like being baptized in water from the water BEARer

    Their 5th dimension bullshit song from back in the day to plant the subliminal of the 'coming age'
    Dawning of the Age of Aquarius
    And you can bet the museic talent behind that song were or are all in the family

  8. Interesting comment I ran across

    paola amaldi
    ​And we (in principle Josephine, Judy & Loretta) ) have a meeting in 20 min with the Law and activism group of the World Council for Health. Please give us another chance!

    World Council for Health - wtf is that like they give a shit about anyones health?

    Same from this video

    Kind of sounds like the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources headed up by Medici Ventures and Patrick Byrne
    World Parliament

  9. dont forget everybodie!!!!? IMPORTANT???? Remember?!!!!! you choose!:
    • 2. RELIGIONS: MINISTERS, Ministries, Chairs, Orders, Thrones, Theo-logies, "DATES" (IN TIME), Theories: Scientific and Mathematical and Other; Theo-logists, Churches, "Judges", "Judicial", "Justices", "Courts of Commerce", "Courts of "Admiralty"", and on and on and on
    • 3. MONEY: BONDS, Law(Merchant), EQUITY, KINGS BENCH, Exchequer, BANKS, "FINANCIAL *INSTRUMENTS*", Charges, Debt, Owe-ing, Due, Debit, Credit, Ac-counts, Certificates, Certified, Valid, Validated, Currencies, Loans, Floating, and on and on and on...
    AND AMERICAN COMMON LAW IS BASED UPON THE laws of nature, and natures"God".!! ( paragraph 1, the unanimous Declaration... united States of America, july 2 [two], 1776.)
    a man chooses.
    we do not have to live in any man-made "Matrix" if we dont choose to.
    we have right to choose the law we live under authority of, if any, as long as we do not break peace (cause harm and so forth).

    *THEY* ALL KNOW all this!!!
    they KNOW 'American common law under authority of the laws of nature and nature's creator' is our law!!!!!... [the basics are also: ancient common law; example: biblestory: the man they call jesus being brought before Pontius Pilate: and Pilate would not judge him, but turned jesus back to the people jesus lived among to judge jesus; in doing so Pilate put jesus' death/blood on the peoples' hands for condemning a man who had done nothing wrong.
    even Pilate, a man Acting As a Foreign Head of State Fiction Occupying Israel, could see jesus was innocent, and wanted no part of the merrderr of an innocent man.].

    perhaps these things will become more and more important to know, soon?
    please consider their possible importance to you, and memorize them???
    we all have right to live out our lives under authority of the laws of nature and natures God, who created us!!!
    and our anestors said that and claimed that for themselves and for us too, using the unanimous Declaration and American common law!! it belongs to us now!!

    1. One of the best videos put out and on point

      janmarie thought you would appreciate this

    2. yes, shelby, her overarching point is, i believe, what is happening!
      i dont believe we have lost our freedom/s (maybe they actually have where she lives), i think that here (uSA) they are using all kinds of deceptions to try to get us to "acquiese"/ "volunteer"/give in or give up; or be intimidated/ scared/ lazy/ greedy/stupid.
      she said something like "theyve taken our freedoms," or "we've lost our freedoms" but it seems like every American knows (thank God): HOW THE HELL IS THE GOVERN-MENT MAN CREATED GOING TO TAKE OUR GOD-GIVEN FREEDOM?
      Its an absurdity!
      but anyway, yeh, there is definitely a natural "forming up" happening of people who are up for the adventure of living free: self- governing, peaceful, responsible, safe, abundant lives, at peace with other men and under the protection of the one who created them -- NOT THE EL-ITES' COUNTERFEIT NEW WORLD ORDER.
      We are watching them run two plays at the same time... one group of their minions is taking away things that belong to us to see how far they can go; and another group is pretending to "give" us those very same GodGiven rights.... trying to see which way they can get the most for themselves while restoring/ "paying back" the least, i guess.

    3. My nephew has a friend that was planning to get married, young couple early 20's, they both got the vaccines
      She was required to get it to work in the nursing home facility she worked in
      He woke up about a week ago and found her dead on the bathroom floor
      First hand account folks
      Talk about trauma - imagine the trauma to this young man and the family of this young girl and they will pass it off as non vaccine related

      Hmm I wonder why they passed off the administering of the vaccine to CVS employees in their Hellth Hubs - HH - Heil Hitler aka BING
      Their 88 miles an hour bullshit in Back to the Future

      Spineless bastards
      This is why they working hard to stage every kind of mass s h o o t i n g they can to put their ACTS in to motion to strip the beLIEvers of their truly GOD GIVEN rights to shoot their asses

    4. Disney tested and roll out of your wrist tracking device and this idiot promotes it

    5. Reroute the water and privatize it and you control the water

      You also change the atmosphere and the weather patterns to go with your water heist

    6. And the mockery you tube channels are everywhere folks trying to debunk us willfully ignorant non conforming don't believe shit they say anymore crap

      Hmm Democracy and World Godvernment

      Democracy is self government while you wait patiently for a prepaid blue dot love bank vendor card to arrive from the very crooks working to enslave you

      We will guide them gently making them think they are guiding themselves
      One of those there comments on that anonomous note they created who knows how long ago to fit the narrative

      And the same families and military and police all related to each other and the stories are endless as to the shit shew they bring daily to the masses

    7. Here's your democracy is self government guide book

      See how it lines up with their world parliament documents and all this horse shit CONsciencenous shit

      Meanwhile they changing the landscape with their climate change drought, water is their blue gold as they reroute the water to force migration out of specific areas and move those left living in to the mega cities

      They chemtrailed the hell out of north texas over the few days before they flooded out those small Kentucky towns

    8. Oh the tangled web that these golden globe actors and the screenwriters weave

      Talk about some history repeating itself

      Best script and screen writers in all the world
      They give them golden globes and presidential highways and libraries and all kinds of shit named in their very own scripted fake reality role that they've painted for the masses

    9. janmarie have a listen to this one

      These two here as well

      Tort 'law' was written all throughout that Armen Condo letter

      Make note

      They are given a "Bench Book" to take with them, giving the new Judge guidance on handling problems as they arise on the bench. Finally, the interesting part comes: They are taught how to manage "Tax Protester" trials -- violations of Title 26. Federal Judges have been instructed that the Supreme Court ruled in 1896 in a case called Davis vs. Elmira Savings, 161 U.S. 275 that banks are instrumentalities of the Congress.

      In other words, the interstate system of banks is the private property of the King. This means that any profit or gain anyone experienced by a bank/thrift and loan/employee credit union -- any regulated financial institution carries with it -- as an operation of law -- the identical same full force and effect as if the King himself created the gain. So as an operation of law, anyone who has a depository relationship, or a credit relationship, with a bank, such as checking, savings, CD's, charge cards, car loans, real estate mortgages, etc., are experiencing profit and gain created by the King -- so says the Supreme Court.

      At the present time, Mr. Condo, you have bank accounts (because you accept checks as payment for books and subscriptions), and you are very much in an Equity Relationship with the King.

      A little further down in the letter is the following

      When you trace back the genealogy of your signature on your bank card, you will find that you agreed to be bound by Title 26, and under Section 7202 you agreed not to disseminate any fraudulent tax advice. And the concept that Federal Reserve Notes are not taxable instruments of commerce -- for any reason -- when the person has a written agreement with the King saying that FRN's are taxable -- this concept is in fact fraudulent.
      That bank account evidence should be the very first slice of evidence to go when an Individual has concluded within himself that a change in Status is now desired.[3]

      Here, on this blog, you are being prompted and proded to claim the name and sign up for that prepaid blue dot love bank card and a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow by lawyers who claim to be from a LIVING LAW FIRM ??

      Maybe they should read this letter ot better yet maybe they are just tricksters working the next level to the original con?

    11. Trespass and conversion

      A contrasting way to define a Tort is by enumerating on the things that it is not: It is not a breach of contract. Included under the heading of Torts are such miscellaneous civil wrongs, ranging from simple and direct interferences against a person like assault, battery, and false imprisonment; or with some property rights, like trespass or conversion; and various forms of negligence are Torts ("judge, the defendant was negligent in maintaining his parking lot by not fixing a dangerous and obscure crevice that was in it") -- but the final definition is a simple one: Any wrong that has been worked by someone, where there is no contract in effect, falls under Tort Law when the damaged person brings the grievance into Court and tries to seek a judicial remedy.[22]


    13. And remember if you are reading the Armen Condo letter that the so called Rothies created and funded the creation of the JW's and the Mormons (aka morons)

      The Rothschild Jewish wealth also funded the Jehovah’s Witness Watchtower Society (or JW’s, an acronym for JEW), and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, (Mormans), based in Utah.

    14. shelby your 7/30 3:48,
      do plan to watch it tonight.

  10. Everything is moving to these friggin machines

    You tube employs how many people?
    And how many you tube channels that people make money/a living off of?
    They can cut off your channel for wrong think or speak?
    There goes someones living!

    These machines are not our friends they have weaponized them and very much are using them against us

    Go watch the movie Mitchells versus Machines

    1. And if they turn it all off then where does his income come from

      People quitting to produce videos and gather AUDIENCES
      get views, likes, subscribes, shares
      All of which is linked to your log in user name and GOOGLE GAIA ID digital ID

      Trusting these big tech companies as they do the friggin bozos on tell lie vision


    2. Clueless

      You are not off grid at all if you are producing you tube videos with a wifi signal

      And isn't it funny that sustainable living is all part of the UN agenda and there is a bounty of off griders making videos and teaching ya the ropes

      Evidently they know nothing about how these machines and digital EVERYTHING works

      Just my two cents but seems that they steering the herd

      We will guide them gently making them think they are guiding themselves???

      I wonder if Doug and Stacey and the many many others know the monopoly money, you don't own shit game really works?

      Sitting there with a phone and a wifi signal and they believe they are off griders?

    3. They have 800K subscribers and send out news letters, use email, etc etc etc and get paid by google for doing you tube videos
      the video linked above has almost 100,000 views, hmm I wonder how they get paid for those views
      By Google/You Tube

      What they think that no one knows where they are?
      That they are not tracked through their phones, cars, etc etc etc

      Yes I'm on here commenting but I know damned straight how these machines work and the phones (both have IP addresses linked to the end user) and you bet your ass you are not off grid when you are putting yourself and your face out on the internet and soliciting views, subscribers etc etc etc

  11. Here's how to get 'free' the right way??

    More and more outfits selling memberships and assistance and none claim that the information they provide is legal advice nor lawful
    Do your own homework and dive in to that rabbit hole and never ever come out
    That's what they want

  12. Go watch an old movie called Devils Rain and see how all their shit shews have carried all this satanic shit narrative forward to today while they work their wizardry on the masses with the whole democracy legislative bullshit of today

    Red capes, satanic star of david pentagrams sacrifice burning at the stake all the shit they could muster was in this movie

    1. the SIX Pointed "Star of David" is a Symbol of idolatry used by the "Jews" [ref: revelation 2:9 and 3:9]. it is actually THE STAR OF REMPHAN!!! refs: ACTS of the Apostles 7:43, Amos 5:26... refers to the gods they MADE TO THEMSELVES!!!
      Gs... same as today...they abandon the creator and Construct their own "gods"! REFS TO: Moloch, Remphan, Chiun, KingSiccuth!!!

    2. that anonymous Comment july 31,2022 at 1:49 PM
      is me, woman:janmarie.
      the "Star of David" is the "Star of Remphan", a god "the Jews" made to themselves -- refs: Acts 7:43 and Amos 5:26. kjv.

  13. And to allow their predecessors to retire their character to their golden age they stage shit to get them off the scenes
    Of course they are free to walk around without their cgi mask on and you know no different what role they played for 50 years while their clan continued to bilk the masses

    Nancy Pelosi aka Jane Fonda

    Same kind of ploy they used to kill off the fake ass JFK Jr who is now supposed to be the invisable man

    RoseAnne helped fill in the gaps for that fraud and check this out

    Is it me or does this one look like RoseAnne in costume

    They'll do anything their hollywood mob bosses tell them too
    Chaching chaching chaching still raking in the cash after all these years

    Keep the shew moving while they continue they're worldwide heist

  14. Hmm Uganda and a fake gold mining discovery
    Don't worry the
    Ministry of Energy and Mineral Develoment is there to ensure it's all on the up and up

    Hmm sounds like the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources headed up by Medici Ventures and Patrick Byrne
    Zambia and handing out DIGITAL CERTIFICATES for every land owner who steps forward and signs on the dotted line
    The REPUBLIC of Zambia

    Sounds something like an Land Recording System BLOCKCHAIN user interface provided by the rag tag state assembly bunch here?

    1. Bermuda and Medici

      There is Medici Ventures yet again?
      What are the odds?

      Medici Ventures everything BLOCKCHAIN

      The Memorandum was signed by Dr. Patrick Byrne the Founder and CEO of
      The MOU is with Medici Ventures which was formed to incubate, launch, and invest in blockchain investments in the most fundamental processes of that new aged, such as
      blockchain-meets-land-titling (LRS folks that you entered your land records in)
      blockchain-meets-central-banking (must be where your prepaid vendor cards are coming from)

      Hmm voting and healthcare, geez I wonder why there is a voting debacle and healthcare crisis going on for the last 3 years now?
      How bought that, the NEW AGED, hmm you mean like Aquarius the new age bullshit they made up?

      And how bout that a stable of blockchain firms
      Make Bermuda its laboratory for the most leading edge blockchain innovations coming out of its stable of a dozen blockchain firms
      Can anyone say insider trading and shell companies

      Did I mention that ole Patrick here after being publickly disgraced for your viewing pleasure stepped down as CEO of OVERSTOCK and became the new CEO of MEDICI VENTURES?
      The CEO of Medici Ventures went to OVERSTOCK
      (that would be like trading places and the gullible publick knows no different)

      Remember now grandma here praised Patrick for his bravery and advised everyone to stock up on christmas gifts at overstock and to support it's founder in his time of great need and shame

    2. 21 year mining lease - land grab
      20 minutes in

      Hmm reminds ya of the land trust they put the west land in to prior to their 1913 stage shew

      In reading this information somewhere within the contents is a statement about the 13 beneficiaries to all this land and the profit they receive from it

      Did you know that Fred Astaire (aka FDR) had 13 HIDDEN kids

      How many kids did Fred Astaire, "the unofficial pioneer of surrogate cloning" have?
      1) Bing Hitler Crosby aka "GROUCHO" Marx aka Burt Lancaster aka Carroll O'Connor aka Andy Williams aka George Reeves aka Allan Young aka William Hayden Rourke aka Lewis Gilbert " Bond Director" aka Jack Webb aka Chuck Connors aka William F Buckley Jr. just to name a few of his plurality fraud cons.
      2) Bob Hope aka Jack Benny aka Eddie Jones aka Orson Wells
      3) Gene Kelly aka Dean Martin aka Randolph Scott aka Mike Connors aka Gene Rayburn game show host aka Robert Stigwood aka David Hartman aka Tony Bennett
      4) Frank Sinatra aka Telly Savalas aka John Cassavetes aka Robert Loggia aka Cesar Romero aka John Epstein aka Peter Lawford aka Robert Kennedy aka Ronald Reagan.
      His hidden sons are Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise, Lenardo DeCrapio and Ed Harris just to name a few, off his clone banking escapades.
      5) Danny Kaye aka Robert Mitchum aka Kirk Douglas aka Paul Newman aka Richard Burton aka Roman Polanski aka Jerry Lee Lewis and Ozzie Nelson touching on his modified, "low-lives" of his career.
      6) Hugh Hefner aka Al Lewis, "Grampa Munster" aka Tom Brokaw aka Tom Kennedy aka Wink Martindale aka Pat Boone aka Jerry Buss.
      7) Robert Conrad aka Terrance Hill aka Cliff Roberts
      8) Don Adams "Get Smart"
      aka Rich Little aka Tom Snyder aka Ted Bessell aka Ronnie Schell aka Paul Moyer
      9) Shirley Temple DOB April 23,1928 - February 2014
      aka Marilyn Monroe aka Judy Garland aka Ingrid Bergman aka Doris Day aka Debbie Reynolds aka Dinah Shore aka Rosemary Clooney aka Helen Thomas DOB August 4, 1920 July 20 2013 aka Helen O'Connell aka Jacqueline "Jackie" Kennedy Onassis
      who goes by the name of Debra Powell who turns out to be a real estate con artist.
      10) Ester Williams aka Lucille Ball
      11) Elizabeth Taylor aka Carol Baer Sager aka Joan Collins
      12) Jane Fonda aka Dolly Parton aka Nancy Pelosi
      13) Natalie Wood DOB July 20, 1938 -1981 faked her death in 1981
      aka Marlo Thomas aka Susan Sarandon aka Marcia Clark aka Barbara Feldon aka Liza Minnelli

      For over 100+ years since they took over all media and especially television they have been fucking with all the world and their intent is to steal it all
      The golden globe(ers)
      Their golden age - not yours and their hidden kids will carry the plan forward playing all your favorite roles and entertaining you while they send us all to the welfare lines that they created just like they created the federal reserve and all these fake ass banks

  15. shelby, ok, listened to this one:
    have said before i dont like him... but this was informative...
    the problem is, he, like "anna", keeps man stuck in Commerce or other FOREIGN OR FICTIONAL "STATES"
    (he does it in this video by using Private and Public... which as ive pointed out before are both COMMERCE... to me, "Private" is their "CREDIT-OR" side of the [AC]-COUNT [P]LEDGE-R and "Public" is their "DEBT-OR" side)...and (a) man being naturalborn has right to be neither Private nor Public.
    he may simply live under authority of the laws of nature and natures god...:and/or the common law of his own nation and people.
    also, this man talks "Christian-y" but does not point out that in VaticanInc. Christianity both DEBTS AND TRESPASSES ARE FICTIONS. And so is the Vatican INC that created both of those words and concepts. the VaticanInc says both are to be forgiven too.
    the man called jesus says different,... he said men are condemned already (damned) because they love the darkness rather than light so they can hide their evil deeds. ref: john 3:19 kjv.

    im going to listen to the other two.

    yes!! he is absolutely right, they absolutely are inducing people to commit crimes/ fraud, and are all using imprisonments, fines, fees, abuses, tortures, and other to fo it... "My God", its sickening what these horrible horrible people have done and know exactly what they are doing.
    heres where i believe he is way off on this one:
    he is teaching that the word unalienable is un-ah-lien-able (4 syllables).... it isnt.... its un-ālien-able (3 syllables): that is:
    un means NOT; a means not; and (as you know) two negatives make a positive, so:
    un +a+ lienable is
    not, NOT lienable.... that would be saying that someone /rights ARE lienable: can be bought, sold, traded, taken, given away, when for Americans, they canNOT be.

  17. hi shelby, on this one
    he demonstrates clearly that he is keeping things in Commerce.
    i believe we need to get moving over into our own American common law.
    all of these other "authorities" are FOREIGN to man, and are man made so man has no obligation to participate.
    for one example: he refers to Equity. ....and for all practical purposes, i believe thats KingsBench... which has attachment to KingsTreasury/ Exchequer/ MoneyFICTION.
    And for a facktchek that what he is talking about is"LEGAL", Contract Law, deals with FICTIONS not man, see: their unilateral Commercial Contract, the U.S. Constitution, Article 3, Sec. 2, Clause 1.. that does refer to " all Cases, in Law and Equity..."

    he does talk about the Christianity part i mentioned earlier... essentially that you cannot be *paid* back for a "trespass" (my words: because a "trespass" is a FICTION that they made up just like a DEBT is a FICTION they made up.)
    so "...and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us..." is jibberjabbery talk(?):since trespasses are LEGAL FICTIONS just like LEGAL PERSONS and LEGAL NAMES are LEGAL FICTIONS.
    Its all a big scam... i believe they may be using it against us to get away with merrderr???

    *they* say jesus said you have to forgive or you wont be forgiven... well, in addition to what jesus said in ref:John 3:19 about certain men already being damned, he also
    1. told Judas Iscariot to go ahead and do what he was going to do: betray jesus, collect money for it, and then Judas hanged himself.refs : john 12:27, matt 27:3-5.. jesus didnt try to stop him. he told him to do what he was going to do "quickly".
    2. he told people who hurt little sons and daughters it would be better for them to have a millstone tied around their neck and be thrown into the sea and drown.
    refs: luke 17:2, matt. 18:6, mark 9:42
    3. he said he doesnt pray for everyone, just for the ones his father gave him. ref: john 17:9.
    4a. he said blasphemy against the holy ghost "hath never forgiveness"... ref: mark 3:29.
    4b. he said blasphemy against the holy ghost wont be forgiven in this world OR IN THE WORLD TO COME.
    ref: matthew12:31-32.
    the entire tiny Book of refs: "Jude" tells all about these unforgiven people and about the angels "which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness..." refs:vs. 6+.

    his comment section is turned off, i generally dont watch peoples videos if they turn off the comments.... but since its your recom, i will try to get time to watch any you consider are especially worthwhile.

    1. "".
      finger slipped :):)

    2. Thanks for the feedback janmarie I really appreciate anything and everything you contribute ALL OF IT

      I noticed that this link was deleted from the comments but others are remaining up
      I talk with this guy quite a bit
      Invisable Man

      This is a response I received from him yesterday
      I no longer have a name.
      Without a name, there is no strawman. Without a strawman, you are not SUBJECT to color of law. Without a name, you cannot make a contract, be put on a list or participate in their corporate system unless you have an agent.
      Prostitution is what the Babylonian commercial trade system is.
      Whether you mop a floor or suck a dick and get paid for it, you're still a whore.

      The action isn't what matters. You're selling yourself to another person for a graven and molten images.

      James 5
      12 But above all things, my brethren, swear not, neither by heaven, neither by the earth, neither by any other oath: but let your yea be yea; and your nay, nay; lest ye fall into condemnation.

    3. From the invisable man to go with the comment above
      The one tie in is the name.
      NOMEN to call
      CLATURE to grasp.
      What use is a name if you know someone?
      I've always thought the name to be the actual mark of the beast.
      Sign with the hand. Your fore-head is the identification.
      That's why I'm always reminded of James 5:12.
      Above ALL things. It's the only place in the Bible it says that.
      Without a name, you (your name) cannot swear an oath, sign a contract or pledge your allegiance.
      James 5
      12 BUT ABOVE ALL THINGS, my brethren, swear not, neither by heaven, neither by the earth, neither by any other oath: but let your yea be yea; and your nay, nay; lest ye fall into condemnation.

    4. And my favorite

      Invisable man says
      When you get right down to it, the whole thing is a paper tiger.
      I've read and already know most of all this back story horseshit about law and ownership.
      Now, getting down to the balls and bones of it all.
      I don't give two fucks what these people SAY they own. They don't own shit but their own bodies.
      1 Timothy 6
      7 For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.

      Their papers are just papers. They mean shit. They don't make things true. They are not some magical declaration. That is nothing but word magic bullshit and we need to break this spell. We have been hypnotized far too long with this concept of some pretended authority writing some shit down and proclaiming it to be true because they said it.
      That's just balls out stupid and we're stupid for believing that shit.

      Claims are just claims. No matter what these assholes did or "claim" to own, they do not.
      And you can't own shit if you're dead. The whole system is a foolish system of deception that people easily fall for.
      IT IS WRITTEN! so it must be true?
      Well, let me write this down.
      I, crackerwv, own everything. It is so.

      So now, I must own everything, right?
      After all, I wrote it and claimed it to be true.
      lmao...those people are fucking retards if they think a piece of paper signifies some type of "ownership" over something.
      Absolute nonsense.

    5. The hidden ones

      Ammon Bundy making sense about right now

      Everyone that comes from the actual illuminati families are no public figures. They hide. They are the hidden hand.
      They are the ammonites and moabites. Two bloodlines, 13 families each.
      The worshipers of Chemosh/Ashtaroth and Ba'al. The male and female aspects.

      Deuteronomy 23
      3 An Ammonite or Moabite shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord; even to their tenth generation shall they not enter into the congregation of the Lord for ever:
      4 Because they met you not with bread and with water in the way, when ye came forth out of Egypt; and because they hired against thee Balaam the son of Beor of Pethor of Mesopotamia, to curse thee.
      Read Genesis 19 31-38 how they were created by incestuous acts.
      They are the illuminati/Masons (Ammon) and Moabites (Saturn).
      They are witches and the craftsmen. Frankean Jews and Masons
      Witches represent the black squares.female energy on a Masonic checkerboard. The Tefillin Cube. They are the scribes. The matriarchal society and scribes who bring forth the story. They write the scripts. The Sabbatean Jews (Franks). The WITCH in WITCH-Craft.
      The white squares are the sun worshipers. The heliocentrists. The BUILDERS.
      The other bloodline being the AMMONITES and in AMMON or Amon Ra, the sun god. They are the CRAFT in witchCRAFT. They are the Masons.
      The tower of Boaz is the male energy and the sun. The obelisk. The manhood. MASONS. The Patriarch.
      The tower of Jachin is Saturn. Female energy. The fountain. The JEW. The Matriarch.
      These are the rulers. Not the public fronts like the Duponts, Astors, Rockefellers and Ra's-Childs.
      These are the real deal. The "hidden hand."

      Borgia/Borja (Crown of Aragon), Breakespear, Somaglia, Orsini, Conti, Chigi, Colonna, Farnese, Medici, Gaetani, Pamphili, Este and Aldobrandini

      Matteiano, Flaminio, Vaticano, Dogali, Solare, Lateranense, Minervio, Macuteo, Sallustiano, Quirinale, Agonalis, Pinciano and Esquiline.
      There was another family I could not place that seems to rule these two groups. Pallavacini or in the past, they were known as the "Obertenghi" family.

      Making the world a cage for human slaves since "time immemorial."

      Make note of the name MEDICI
      Medici Ventures and the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resourses
      That LRS electronic recording system provided to you by your fearless leader I believe to be a product of Medici Ventures and Patrick Byrne
      Did I mention it is a BLOCKCHAIN solution
      blockchain-meets-land-titling (LRS folks that you entered your land records in)
      blockchain-meets-central-banking (must be where your prepaid vendor cards are coming from)

    6. shelby,
      i think we are getting to the important parts now. theres so much to say! this is a long one, but will try to condense... its just that we are at the point in putting all the pieces together in order, where it is a little "messy" :).
      My Major Point #1:
      ive listened to about 12 more of ChReminLaws earliest vids. even tho i believe he is doing basically the same type of thing "anna" is doing; that is:
      explaining in the minutest details: the "sources and methods" used by groups of man/s, to harm other man/s.
      One example: as "anna" recently sortof put it as if, BritVatKhaz(?) "buttfukct" Americans and are leaving us with blud coming out our azs,... or something similar ...about how Americans have been "azzrayped"(my word) and that, basically, there is nothing Americans can do about it...?!!!... if i rightly comprehended the words "she" published,... perhaps i did not, ...but i left a comment about it and "she" has not commented back to answer to tell me thats not what "she" meant, that im aware of. so, that leads me to believe that what "anna" said is actually that Americans were "azsrayped" on purpose by the British Inc, Vatican Inc, and their Affiliates, including some of the man/s born on one of our landstates who have taken Oaths (that are forbidden in the Scriptures they purport to use) to serve FICTIONS: Queen, Pope, rather than to serve our creator and their Countryman/s,...and that we Americans are still blea ding from the azz, ...or something *like* that... and it sounds like their Plan is to walk away with what they think they gained by "azzsrayping" us that are: our gifts to us from our creator.
      My Major Point #2:
      there is no "Jurisdiction" on earth or in heaven where that is right!
      My Major Point #3:
      there is no man or other who can concoct a "Jurisdiction"/ authority to make it right!
      My Major Point #4:
      *They* harm man, and, just like a hand-in-a-glove:
      actual law requires that when (a) man harms (another) man, (the) man who harms (the other) man restore (that) man.
      ... its truly as simple as that... universal law... no changes, no redos, no rulings, decrees, opinions, mandates, and so forth... it stands true in heaven and on earth and it simply cannot be changed. anyone who says it can be is a liar.
      plus, i believe they have blasphemed the holy ghost on purpose and because of that cannot be forgiven and DONT CARE or they wouldnt have done it in the first place.
      My Major Point #5:
      The man/s who cause harm to (other) man/s are trying various ways to get out from under the universal punishments that are from intentional design "attached" (:important concept) to the evil they do by:
      a. another round of deceits, spin, hoaxing
      b. saying someone else did it, false flag events
      c. more violence and attacks
      d. making offers of a Position in their Power Structure; bribes
      e. causing despair, hunger, sickness
      f. more "attaching", "laching/latching", "taking"
      g. lying about our righteous man/s (historical ex: the man they call jesus)
      h. pretending to "arrest" their own members/ -ships
      and on and on, and then rinse and repeat for years, decades, centuries, millenia(sp?)
      i. plus it seems to me that they are/may be trying to use the old "LAW" of Ordinances and Statutes ((FICTIONS?)) in the HolyBible to "cleanse" themselves since they are not and can never be "fore"-given a second time (fore- = before = *be*/exist + fore, coming before)...they cannot turn time backwards and be fore-given again.
      ex: perhaps they are misusing a Script-U-R/ "you are our Script:money? (their "money").

    7. so, what is true for me at this time is that:
      • there is no forgiveness for them on earth or in heaven, now or in the ages to come;
      • and they do not belong to creator...
      [they separated themselves from him because they wanted to harm "their brother/ neighbor" by taking "their brother/neighbors" gifts creator had given to "th br/n" ... knowing, and intentionally, and with planning, and in doing so intentionally, willingly, knowingly broke creators universal law, that is: "harm no man".]
      • their punishments are coming.
      [??? they are trying to hide on islands where they are protected by being surrounded by water like a moat perhaps??? dk...
      wondering about it though... The U.S. FICTIONS supposed "Territories": guam, puerto rico, mariana islands,...even cuba??-- that is, gitmo?.. rebuilt by "trump" for 2 +billion $??,.... that would be an amount oddly similar to amount jaredk's dad stole from medicare wouldnt it be?... and then "trump" pardoned jaredks dad but ... who has that monee??? as "trump" a.k.a. drumpf walked out the door of the WhiteHouse after, they say, "bankrupting" the Corporation as they say he had done with his own "businesses?"), and jaredks dad walked out of "prison" at the same time period....? wow. thats alot of monee, where is it? what about the billions connected to TwenTawers? wheres that? did people take billions, pocket it and say "bankruptcy"??]

      are they using man and woman their Script though?
      presently, believe so.
      to live off of. like parasites.
      are man and woman, sons and daughters: land, labor: their monee?
      why does "anna" say "she" has (possession of?):
      LAND "BONDS"?
      LABOR "BONDS"?
      if they ARE using Gods land and mans labor *as* their SCRIPT,
      • Perhaps their only hope is to drag out the lies and fiction and deceit to try to buy more time before the punishments that are an integral part of evil they chose to participate in are unleashed by creator upon them.
      ref: "vengeance is mine, i will repay..." romans 12:19.
      • i believe its getting close to happening.
      and be it so.

    8. although this is a horrible situation, it is very exciting :)
      we are his people and we know it for sure. and we have the battle scars to prove it :).


    9. that was:
      "are they using man and woman *AS* their script though?"
      is this what they are doing?:
      script u r. u r script. you are OUR script? you are our money? we pay for our easy lives with your share of Gods gifts: of earths riches, and your labor, and sons and daughters, and your ideas?
      script is paper money. paper money is bonds. bonds are birth certificates.
      "anna" has said "she" has "Labor Bonds" and "Land Bonds", and put them into "Land Trusts"... Trusts are created by the Vatican....
      i think perhaps the Vatican has a circle of bullshit going on....
      maybe we can get "anna" to explain some more about how it all works ??? :)

    10. keep it coming shelby!! yeehaw :)

      look at the genesis 19:1-5 scrip-t... how Lot brought the two angels home with him and the men from Sodom came to his home and told Lot to send the angels out so they could have se. kx with them.
      look at the scrip-t next: vs. 8!!!!: Lot bargains with the home oh sk u ls and tells them that they can have his own two virgin daughters!!! and do with them as they pleased!!... the whole town of home oh sk u l men.!!!.. the whole town...he said he would give his two young daughters of his own flesh and blood to a TOWN of home oh sk u l men to do with whatever they wanted. this is sickening. it is gorey, vile, and only a nasty reject pervert would offer his own flesh and blood daughters to a whole town of home oh sk men and tell them he, their father, will stand by and not interfere while the town raeyps them to deth.
      good God.
      are men using this crap to justify things THEY are perhaps doing NOW??????????????
      good God.
      but they wanted to have sks with men, not women.
      these were the same two daughters who bore their own fathers sons/grandsons: Moab first and Benammi, who is the father of the children of Ammon unto this day. vs. 37 and 38, ch 19, genesis.

      since. james ch 1 vs 17 says ".... every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of Lights, WITH WHOM IS NO VARIABLENESS, neither shadow of turning..." ....meaning our God never changes... then i say:
      SOMETHING IS VERY VERY OUT-OF- PLACE HERE... what?...did our God change personalities?... because it sure as hell sounds like Lot is serving a different God than mine.
      we have certainly been duped.

    11. janmarie just some thoughts

      I find this uncanny

      ANARCHIST - kind of reminds you of ANTICHRIST

      Properly, one who advocates anarchy or the absence of government as a political ideal; a believer in an anarchic theory of society; especially, an adherent of the social theory of Proudhon. See anarchy, 2.
      In popular use, one who seeks to overturn by violence all constituted forms and institutions of society and government, all law and order, and all rights of property, with no purpose of establishing any other system of order in the place of that destroyed; especially, such a person when actuated by mere lust of plunder.
      Any person who promotes disorder or excites revolt against an established rule, law, or custom. See anarch and nihilist.

      Hidden in plain sight

      Christ Consciousness is it?

      And what about building these new 'states' and how does that fit in with the new CON?
      I have said before they have to get us to build the new fake foundation based on all their old bullshit

      Listen to this one

      To go with your comment immediately above good information

      As in the Greenland Theory book - names
      The collective histories depicted in the Bible and in the cultures commonly referred to as Ancient Egypt, Ancient Samaria, Ancient Greece, Ancient Babylon, Ancient Rome and the Vikings are the comprehensive historical evolution of the same line or lineage of “man” which originated from Minos of Crete in Greece. Collectively, these respective histories have been purposely altered, fabricated and twisted in order to hide a millennium of fascist Roman rule over the Mediterranean, Europe, and now the entire world.

    12. Look at the map that gets generated with all the RED DOTS on Annas site when you first go there
      See the very few red dots on Greenland (the green new deal)
      One at the very top is Thule Air Force Base

      Names and the LAST NAME

    13. And as Daniel says they have 350 million chinese soldiers who have been brainwashed just as all of us have to come in and clean up the OVERSTOCK

  18. Dr Jane Ruby,

    My next 2 postings are going to be forwarded information from Dr Zelenko.

    It’s frightening but I expected it to happen - Point of testing with mandatory oral treatments which means Merck’s molnupiravir and Pfizer’s paxlovid

    That means when you go into a place to be tested and if you’re “positive” they will make the oral treatment mandatory right then and there.

    Both of these antivirals act by interfering with viral replication, but they are indiscriminate which means they will interfere with ALL cellular multiplication — setting people on a course of uncontrollable cancer.

    This appears to be the next phase in the genocide plan."

    "Dr. Deborah Birx should be indicted for premeditated mass genocide, brought before a citizen tribunal and tried, and if convicted, hung"

    1. The above posting is mine....forgot to enter as my Google Account

  19. Ann Vandersteel interview with Radio Rosie on how to restore the republic.

  20. And I'd say that this so called 'pox' is being adminstered in those 'shingles' vaccines too
    At this point I would say avoiding all of their so called 'medical' anything should be off the friggin table


    Hypnosis/brain washing

  22. you guys, please be very careful about taking ZINC!!
    every PreCovie recommendation ive ever seen says to take no more than 50 mg. per day.
    According to such sources, two reasons for that is that:
    1. it can/does become toxic at higher amounts
    2. it cancels out copper and other minerals, particularly iron.
    also, a man i know, in his 30s (then), had used zinc denture paste for over a decade for a plate he had and began being stricken with zZOMBIE-LIKE walking and movements. after about three years, someone figured out the zinc in the denture paste was cancelling out his copper. he recovered by about 75% fairly quickly
    (I always check things out for myself, multiple sources... getting a "consensus" from the sources i have come to trust the most.)

    1. just one of the sources i have used for decades is the "Prescription for Nutritional Healing".
      just looked on amazon...
      fifth edition has 4.8-STAR rating with 5,401 ratings.
      i have the older version from the 1990's: james and phyllis.

  23. Last

    And signing the damned thing?

    It's like buying their life insurance policy that gets paid out upon your death but you're legally dead already.
    Do they pay out life benefits once you paper up?

    So much shit not enough hours in the day

    1. "so much shit not enough hours in the day"

      hahahaha!! omgosh, so true, lol!!
      my BullShit Meter blew a spring.
      theyre REALLY ramping it up arent they?!! lol!

    2. i have always found it somewhat disturbing that Ammon Bundy was named Ammon since ive never heard it before except used for the Ammon-ites, and Molech was their God.
      so why would a bible believing morman family name him that? maybe because Bundy is (said to be) one of the thirteen bloodline family names? :):):) idk!!
      theyre dumping all this crap now after gazillions of years of hiding it!!
      but now, suddenly they earp it all up at once... i guess its supposed to scare or confuse us?? idk.
      if so, its not working.
      i think their time is up...

    3. What if they need us to get on board the ark (boat, ship) to continue on in their game of life?
      NOAA versus NOAH
      As in the days of Noah

      Math science history unravelling the mystery it all started with a big bang
      You think they put that shew out for shits and giggles
      Somewhere just the other day I viewed something where Jim Parsons from the big bang is related to you guessed it the Parsons of the free masonic kind from back in the day
      They're all related to one another
      Sodom and Gomorrah
      Check out the 4th link down


      They'll make heaven a place on earth as their progressive commericals exclaimed
      Their magic kingdom all we have to do is beLIEve

    4. Duality
      As above So below
      Flip the script
      Heaven versus Hell

      We're in HELL

      We'll make heaven a place on earth

      There are SIGNS everywhere
      Climb aboard we're expecting
      The LOVE Boat
      It will take you to FANTASY Island

      They're All In It Together and they need the masses to beLIEve the script for their dream to MANiFEST
      Michelle Obama aka Haley Berry

      Movie POINT BREAK about a big wave coming from OZSTRALIA
      They'll be riding the storm out as their nepotism band REO Speedwagon sang, on their yachts and private islands

      Bank robbers wearing presidential mask
      Reagan aka Sinatra
      LBJ aka Robert DeNiro
      Nixon aka Warren Beatty

      In the movie Patrick Swayze aka Kurt Russell - his ALIAS
      The American Dream because you'ld have to be asleep to beLIEve it
      As fake ass Georgy Boy Carlin aka James Caan would say

      Producers, screen writers, actors, guilds, agents, crews etc etc etc
      Lights, camera, action and ACTS
      Act 1
      Act 2
      Act 3
      Welcome to Hollywood and SILLYcon valley
      Entertaining us to the grave for the past century and laughing all the way to their swissy land banks

      Their DEMOCRATIC World Parliament is even based on ACTS
      The Book of ACTS
      Lights, camera, ACTion
      It's a motion picture

  24. Can't say it enough these schmucks are psychopaths

    1. looked at this one -- he says they say there is no God... yeh, there isnt for them.
      as i said, i believe he has left them. they apparently have blasphemed tbe holy ghost, so yeh, he would seperate himself from them. so all they have left are their number patterns and cubes and symbols and incantations... and their *INTELL*!!
      its no surprise that they would have these bodies of knowledge since Lucifer was there at the dawn of creation
      (refs: isaiah 14:12, How thou art fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, **SON OF THE MORNING**!! and
      ezekiel 28:12, ...thou sealest up the sum, FULL OF WISDOM, and perfect in beauty;
      vs 17 Thine heart was lifted up because of thy beauty, THOU HAST CORRUPTED THY WISDOM by reason of thy brightness: i will cast thee to the ground...)
      its interesting though to see what methods and jibberings and baubles they are using to try to replace the presence of God.

    2. The two Telegram Accounts listing Ezra Cohen-Watnick and General McInerney are FAKES. Impersonation, Fraud and Theft - This bad individual falsely impersonates the above individuals and others. He also steals content from other sites and claims it as his own.

      Daniel - Exposer of lies and corruption.  Fighter for truth and justice.  Enemy of evil.
      "I'm working on getting a video directly from General McInerney addressing the fake Telegram account @GeneralMcInerney and getting it shut down.  I should have this by early next week.  The General has already tried 5 times to get Telegram to take it down and they have never responded to him.  We will need to share his video everywhere next week and continue to share it until Telegram HAS to take action." 
      McInerney Video:

  25. Hunter Biden Laptop Emails:


    Dschlopes, [7/31/2022 1:29 AM]
    [Forwarded from Dr. Vladimir Zelenko (Zelenko Protocol) (Zev Zelenko)]

    "Where is Dr. Ralph Baric from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill? His government sponsored research bio-engineered the Covid-19 weapon of mass murder. He also developed the antidote to this weapon of mass destruction.
    Why has he not been seen for two years. Not one word or statement from this mad scientist.

    Is he still alive? Is he hiding? Is DARPA protecting him?
    Why haven’t any media platforms in the world tried to interview him? Why has not one platform interviewed his colleagues at UC Chapel Hill? Why has no one tried to get a statement from him outside his house?

    The guy made the weapon that has killed millions and terrorized billions of people."


  27. And just like they sprung the Medici clan out in the open (ie Medici Ventures and the 'Ministry' of Land and Natural Resources) here they are bringin the so called history of the Borgia clan to the surface

    We know wiki lies their asses off and so does hollywood and all the minions working with them so who says this is true?

  28. You think they call them the Fraternal Order of the Police (FOP) for nothing

    The pope and the human fraternity MY ASS

    Condoning murder of innocence all over the world and exclaiming a human fraternity what an absolute crock

    The shew must go on as the people are duped to believe these insane psychopaths

  29. Pyramid Ponzi Scheme

  30. Check out this lodge and the shirt the suy is wearing

    Found this of some interest
    The Stuart family are allied with the Wittelsbach family and through the Stuart's Hudson's Bay Company and its tax contracts with the United States through the 1871 District of Columbia Organic act they claim a portion of ownership over the United States. The House of Stuart established the Hudson's Bay Company with its subsidiary Saks Fifth Avenue founded by Andrew Saks and Adam Gimbel who was a Bavarian Jew and really a court factor of the House of Wittelsbach. The Wittelsbach family have covert shares in Saks Fifth Avenue and also in Macy's. The Straus family were from Bavaria and purchased R. H. Macy & Co. or Macy's along with Abraham Abraham who was also from Bavaria. The Bloomingdale family migrated from Bavaria and founded Bloomingdale's which is owned by Macy's. The House of Wittelsbach built Mannheim Palace which cost them 300,000 gulden.

    Hudson Bay Company aka now known as ebay was founded in the early 1600's by Henry Hudson

    1. A while back someone named izrealzeus published extensive information such as this

      Founders of Berne Swissy land
      The German-Swiss Baden-Zahringen family were the founders of Berne, Switzerland and the Erlachs work for them. The German Hohenzollern family ruled Neuchatel, Switzerland and they established Deutsche Bank which was in a Nazi contract with the BIS during WWII. The House of Hohenzollern have a portion of covert ownership of the BIS.

      All of his blogs were taken down - he would no more get them up and running and publish things and they would wipe them all out

      I copied a lot of what he wrote and the information shared is part of what he wrote

      One of the things he wrote was the following
      Habsburg's Order of the Golden Fleece.
      The Schwarzenberg family works under the Roman Catholic House of Habsburg as Knights of the Order of the Golden Fleece.

      Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg is a ruthless and evil high level authority in Europe and a financier of secret societies with command over the World Bank. Grand Duke Henri finances human trafficking. The Luxembourg family have vast wealth and deep connections to banking.
      The word Lux means Illumination or a unit of light.
      Grand Duke Henri holds an Italian title of Prince of Bourbon-Parma through his grandfather Prince Felix.
      The Italian word for Illumination is Illuminazione. That is Illumin, Nazi, and Zion in one word.

      The EIB was created by the Treaty of Rome and later established the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development which has almost 60 billion in assets and is in contract with the United States.

      Grand Duke Henri's mother was from the Belgian royal family. The royals running Luxembourg and Belgium are working closely together and operate as international criminal bankers.
      Intelsat are Luxembourg based intercept satellite systems currently in contract with Israeli intelligence and Unit 8200.

      Today Monaco is a sovereign city state with an economy involved in casinos and operates as a haven for those trying to evade taxation.
      Several Scottish and British billionaires reside in Monaco like Jim McColl and Baron Irvine Laidlaw. There is no income tax in Monaco so many foreign businessmen including members of royal and noble lines operate from there to evade taxes and then conceal wealth in private bank accounts.

      These are just excerpt from what he wrote that I clipped out of the whole of his writings to bring to light some interesting names and connections

      1407 and the black sea (the Bank of St George)
      Like most Genovese nobility the House of Grimaldi is involved with banking.
      They were one of the families that established the Bank of Saint George in 1407.
      The Republic of Genoa expanded its territories into the Black Sea region and used its bank to manage these regions. The royal owned bank was known for using Jewish bankers to manage their assets and finances especially in the Black Sea region.

      What people refer to as the "Khazarian Mafia" are the continuation of Genoese-Gazarian bankers today.
      There is a large amount of organized crime and criminal banking in Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Crimea and these same groups are doing business in Israel and Europe.
      *****with former Lucchese boss Anthony Casso ordering the assassination of Russian mobster Vladimir Reznikov who was threatening the Russian mafia boss and Lucchese associate Marat Balagula.

    2. More of what izrealzeus wrote
      *****Make Note of Donald Trump and Jr and Kushner************
      Sergey Aksyonov is Prime Minister of Crimea and has numerous ties with organized crime and the mafia known as Salem.
      Aksyonov is politically backed by Vladimir Putin and part of the United Russia Party.
      The Russian gangster Felix Sater who has ties with Donald Trump is part of this Black Sea Mafia.
      Helly Nahmad is an art dealer that ran a criminal gambling operation out of his apartment at Trump Tower.
      The Nahmad family is from Monaco.
      The Russian billionaire Aras Agalarov's son Emin Agalarov set up a meeting with the Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya and Trump Jr, Kushner, and Paul Manafort.

      He wrote so much it boggles the mind but I find the dates of importance and the creation of nation states and hiding place like banks and so forth of interest

  31. He talks about these churches being on a CURCUIT/CHARGE

  32. Preparing the sheep

    His bow tie wearin free mosinic shill

  33. janmarie

    Have a listen because he will blow your mind

    1. These mofo's know exactly what they are doing

    2. At 22 minutes in - it's where is name invisable man comes from

      Juan the fake osavin in making fun of people is what he is doing
      prancing around as the invisable man making people beLIEve his bullshit

      Your being asked for two witnesses and you step forward and claim your name
      The Shetar and your debt and the need for two witnesses

      Two witnesses

      Because of the severe obligations imposed by the shetar, the contents of the instrument followed a standard form designed to ensure authenticity and precision.
      Each shetar recited standard clauses of obligation, the creditor's right to customary modes of execution, and a final phrase stating that the document was not merely a form but a statement of an express contract.
      Inserted into the form language were the names of the parties, the sum and the currency of the debt, and the date of the obligation, thereby indicating the creation of the lien.
      To prevent fraud, the document was signed by two witnesses who knew the parties.

      NOTES: In the first one referred to as an instrument
      A standard form to INSURE not ensure authenticity and precision

      Clauses of obligation
      Creditors right to customary modes of EXECUTION
      Final phase stating the document (not an instrument now) and not merely a form but an EXPRESS CONTRACT

  34. Have a watch

    Their biological weapons and psychological operations plan including the launch of their cancer institute

  35. BETA testing the EBT food cards given to 'welfare' recipients

    This is a slow tranceformation to global slavery it's only a matter of who is on board with their plan of their heaven on earth

    You're either in or out pick one

    Sign up for their EBT prepaid vendor card and they will renegotiate your debt for you behind the scenes and offer you a prepaid vendor card they control

    He who controls the money controls the world
    The God of this world is MAMMON whether it is in the form of electronic money or paper

  36. SWISSY Land

  37. Interesting seal of new york

    1. The heist in 1933

  38. Listen up folks that there Z tag bullshit is in here

  39. Heat banks you say?

    Hmm could it be why they created the food banks too?
    Dependency, conditioning

    Social programs from the 'new deal' back in the day
    DELIBERATE it was never about helping anyone
    BETA testing the EBT food cards given to 'welfare' recipients

  40. I like when he talks about pay again (pagan)

  41. Setting the stage

    And their stupid ass safeway stage play the other day is part and parcel a part of their plans - slowly wear them down and take them all away for your peace of mind and safety you know

    They've successfully suckered (snowglobed) the world in to believing their narratives, broadcasting their spells around their golden globe

  42. Listen to this about how these criminals operate

    You're talking outright criminals here and they are all working together in the fraud

  43. More state shit
    This was just created

    Again they think they are free but is this the actual direction the controllers wanted to led the sheep down?

    If anyone knows anything about how all these computers work THERE IS NOTHING THAT IS PRIVATE NOTHING
    It's called a network for a reason

    And this gather all the homesteaders on line is like the game that FaCIAbook had out about a decade ago where the community of facebook users interacted with one another in building their farms
    It was a big hit

    Do you folks not see this stuff

  44. Changing HIStory one washed up fake tablet and ARTiFICTION at a time

  45. And in case you're not paying attention
    Public Health as a military operation

    I suggest you scour her site and read read read as she is publishing current shit they are working in to their 'legislative ACTS'

    1. To go with the above you can see they have been incrementally been enACTing these 'policies' for decades

      And on another note - here is that word Presidium again that ties in with the World Parliment documents


      A copy of the text of the toasts of President Nixon and Nikolai V. Podgorny, Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the U.S.S.R is published on the UC Santa Barbara Presidency Project website presumably in celebration of their agreement.

  46. People need to wake the fuck up

    Health and human services is part of the military industrial complex

    Their road to deMOCKracy 2050

    Galactic Federation anyone
    Interrupted tv broadcast by the Galactic Council decades ago

  47. Best wake up folks

  48. They're all in it together

    1. Wildlife management used as excuse for their land grabs back in the daze

      Same shit they doing today

    2. Is there a connection to the Tyler Perry of today owning a 440 acre repurposed military base in Georgia

      Notice that an INCORPORATED entity 'erected' the 'historical' marker on the thrid or fourth one he shows

      This same crew of inbreds have been stealing shit from all people for centuries

  49. The script - read up - some coming hollywood hocus pocus

  50. I wonder who is really behind or on the boards of these top 10

    All logistics, oil, gas, coal and medical with pending FDA approvals
    Nah no insider trading in any of this


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