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Saturday, April 23, 2022

Nanotech in the blood after the jab

You can make up your own mind, but this looks pretty damming to me.


  1. EPIC FAIL on their part. thankyou creator! :)

    1. i dont know why no one is telling people how to get rid of the crap thats in the injections.

      would chelation therapy work?
      seems like it would.

      what about that mms?
      or traditional blood cleansing herbs?
      essential oils?

    2. some old-time traditional supports:
      garlic, chlorella, cilantro have traditionally been the leaders as far as i know.
      turmeric, too; and milk thistle was used to support the liver.
      barley grass juice, dulse, spirulina, probiotics, fibers, gingko biloba, homeopathic dilutions. sweating. lemon water, alliums, brassicas. much more.
      i believe we can clear our bodies of poisons and foreign objects.

  2. my guess: the ones who recruited them are throwing them under the bus!!!!!

  3. the Higherups know "The Rules", the SKANK NASTY WOMEN AND CUCK LOSERAZZE MEN they recruit by telling them they can get a part of whats been stolen from others if they cooperate/ contract *dont*!!!!....

  4. that does NOT include any actual well-meaning man or woman they hire by lying to them.... we should all know by now their propensity for recruiting the REALLY GOOD men and women, by lying to them, to use them for Cover!!!
    just like they say the people who would NEVER commit atrocities are the ones doing the atrocities the LIARS AND THIEVES THEMSELVES ARE DOING!!

    Its the same thing:
    have good people cover for their evil by lying TO them and
    say good people are doing/ "suspected" of doing the evil they are doing by lying ABOUT them.

    Keeps the good people busy...
    watching other good people...
    while the LIARS, THIEVES, and MER DERRERS had been getting away... TEMPORARILY.

  5. that includes this "NanoTechyish" crap, which is kind of imo the end of the line for them unless theyre going to go dubdubtrio.

    they are NOT going to "rescue" all their Accomplices!
    Its every man for himself!
    theyre going to leave them.
    in their world, promises are made to be broken.
    and that is EXACTLY what they are doing.
    trying to save only themselves. imo.

  6. maybe thats what they mean when they say "the snake eats its own tail".

  7. Alien technology, considers us containers.that’s a micro chip !
    Turn ppl on and off like a robot
    Steal your very soul.

  8. I came across this website last year that seems relevant to this article.

  9. On way to rid the body of this crap was suggested by Dr Sam Muggzi which is Ionic Foot bath detox. Should help. If you buy your own machine buy from a medical supplier such as People who bought from Amazon got a machine that doesn't do the job at all. My machine I purchased is heavy and has 2 dials so you can regulate the amps and voltage. I am having great results! I bought my machine over 2 months ago and still the foot bath is filled with gunk from my body as it purges. But my brain fog has gone along with 14 pounds. I have more energy and sleep well at night. They say we have over 5 pounds of toxins in our bodies! Comes from our food, air, clothing everywhere our environment is filled with toxins because of the globalist! Find someone who does Ionic Foot detox near you.