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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

CPS Kidnapping in Idaho: Grandfather of Baby Cyrus Speaks Out Live


  1. I assume the back story is:
    State {falsely} accused parents of not feeding
    they take the baby by force and he is worse.

    They must have been lying about malnourishment, it was apparently only a pretext to grab the child.

    So - WHY TAKE THE BABY? What do they WANT with him???

    1. Whatever the buyer wants to do with that baby they do. One guy bought a toddler, sold $40,000 tickets...each ticket $40, watch him rape the toddler to death. Virtually all of these children are raped, from fetus on up in age. The satanists get most of them. They imitate a predator chasing down prey. First horrify, then physically torture to oxygenate the adrenalin in the bl00d to create adren0chr0me. It makes them high...heightens senses...makes them feel young. It gets worse...MUCH worse. Look up, rightonradio at youtube, RevealReport on youtube.

  2. Research how the sicko Satanists do their child trafficking...otherwise, there is the control factor...sometimes kidnapping is just that, and they want something-- a type of blackmail and extortion perhaps.

  3. Under the doctrine of parens patriae of 1830, The STATE OF IDAHO is presumed to be the Parents of the Child. Get the Child Cyrus indexed with the Universal World Court as a child of God, and they cannot touch him and his family again. Get indexed at

  4. Trump and the CYRUS coin?

    Think there is a connection?
    And wow no contradictions in that web page
    Using the globalist fiat currency to somehow save the world
    Indexing send them a photo id, birth certificate, last four digits of social, background check and on and on it goes

    And the call of NOAH as in maybe the 7 NOAHIDE Laws??

    Funny Anna mentions nothing of this outfit? They've spent 30 years working this?

    Just when you think it can't get any more sinister it does

    1. Shelby, aka shelley bolling of the index the world people? No wonder you keep trolling here. Trying to get your claims in before you all are sent away?

    2. Wrong again William D

      I know who the fuck I am and I will be damned if I let any of these friggin liars pull the wool over my eyes

      I won't be indexed, claim that birth certificate, NONE OF IT
      Because it is not me - that piece of paper is not me it is not mine and it never was - it's theirs
      The SURNAME is their creation it has absolutely nothing to do with you or who you are

      IT'S ALL A CON

  5. The CPS, the POLICE (Policy Enforcer), the STATE, the COURTS are exercising the Sea Jurisdiction (Admiralty/Maritime/Pirates Law). Funny Anna exercises the Land and Soil Jurisdiction (a little bit better). The exercises the Ecclesiastical/Canon Law (the highest form of Law-Air Jurisdiction). Indexing extracts us from FICTION in the sea and land jurisdiction to the Air Jurisdiction. CPS trafficked CYRUS (as shown in his Birth Certificate). Indexing him to Cyrus (as one of the Tribes of Israel) will make the STATE, CPS, POLICE, HOSPITAL, ETC. screaming because Cyrus has now a Diplomatic Immunity i.e. "Do not prosecute, jail, collect, foreclose, evict, etc., intended to raid the beneficiaries account". The FICTIONS are milking Cyrus' and his parents' treasury credit accounts. Indexing will block the FICTION's access to his treasures as originally born 9 lbs. of gold.

    1. like any good monopoly you have greater numbers .
      However organized disciplined force can be a greater force .
      Know our history as Anna so articulated who was who and what was thair boundaries.
      How the ruffians miss identified and after order out of Chaos filled the void . Replacing all southern state representatives with enemy puppet s and at gun point passed and deleted articles of bill of rights our law our line in the sand kicked in our face .

    2. Never restoring the continental congress over their constitutional congress
      Their Supreme Court over our higher court common law court .

    3. UN all over that website

      As the memo says gideon, Children over 5 will go to UN schools and parents can visit
      See number 10 on the list

      Sounds like those special schools that the Indian children were forecefully taken from their parents up in Canada that Arnette writes about with over half if not more killed within those very schools

      Interesting word indexing
      What Is Indexing?
      Indexing, broadly, refers to the use of some benchmark indicator or measure as a reference or yardstick. In finance and economics, indexing is used as a statistical measure for tracking economic data such as inflation, unemployment, gross domestic product (GDP) growth, productivity, and market returns.

      Tell me what is the GDP of a baby? 9 lbs of gold

      One way or another their gonna gitcha a gitcha a gitcha gitcha gitcha

    4. See number 3 on the list

      If the child has been medically kidnapped by CPS (who by the way they already work for the UN, all orgainzations do and are on the banking cartels payroll already) as reported, as per the UN memo
      Number 3 on the list
      Similarly, those with diseases or deformities (to include children and
      infants) that preclude future possibilities for work and enhancement to their locales, will have approved euthanasia used, depending on the individual, circumstances, and abilities.

      Still think indexing the child under the UN will protect it

      I'm tellin you all this shit is a set up

      And do not donate to any of this shit
      We know that the fake Sandy Hook resulted in the Sandy Hook Promise of millions being donated and a 501c3 being created to put surveillance in the damned schools by where kids are coached on what to look for at home and go back to school and report the shit to them

      It's a reeducate the world unto the new Gods of the earths rules

      This one here
      8. All illegal drugs and alcohol sales are hereby prohibited and a minimum 20 year jail sentence will be imposed on a first offense. Second offenses will not be tolerated, and abusers of these prohibited items will be eliminated as mentally ill patients will (SHOULD BE WITH but hey grammer is not on their list) no redeemable value. Smokers will be given 90 days to end that habit, and will be sentenced to 5 years in jail if sufficient progress is not noted during allowable that period. This problem may take care of itself in the future, as
      all tobacco sales will be prohibited in the near future.
      FEMA camps anyone? The new jails are repurposed military bases as per this article here
      Alien Troops to Police U.S.A

      World Troop Map19, Adopted in 1952 by the World Association of World Parliamentarians for World Government
      IN THE MAKING FOR DECADES the UN map dated 1941

      World Parliament

      It's rule by force and if you think anything to do with the UN is going to save your ass you're the nut job

    5. Shelby this almost is fantasy ,like to see more official headers and signatures.
      What was it Obama or before the turn over to UN .
      We know our military is any conflict takes a back seat to UN . .
      The safe cities under Sarry satoro and AG Lynch set that up.

  6. EMERGENCY ACTION NEEDED 10-Month-Old Baby Cyrus KIDNAPPED by Medical Mafia, Corrupt Cops, Social Workers, CPS!

    Child Trafficking EXPOSED! Please Help Before Baby Cyrus Disappears, PERMANENTLY!

    Meridian Police Department: 208-888-6678
    Meridian Police Detective Hanson #3534
    Meridian Police Detective Fuller #3138

    Dr. Aaron Dykstra
    Functional Medicine of Idaho

    St Luke’s Hospital, Boise, Idaho: 208-706-5437
    Social Worker Nice Loufoua - Perpetrator

    Support Baby Cyrus through this GiveSendGo:

    10 Month Old Medically Kidnapped By CPS Child Trafficking Syndicate


  7. Can mom and dad lien these Public Fiduciary Trustees individually, as The beneficiaries? idk for $50mil each? Attach these Public Fiduciary Trustees bonds?
    This crap has to end!

    Stop applying for licensure to be married? Stop gifting over mother's Hospital Statement/title deed to probate court/local Registrar?

    Everything is commercial and the only thing 'THEY' comprehend...

    Numbers 6:24-26

    1. Good Robert , (my people will parish for lack of knowledge) . Schools won’t do nothing but feed our children fake news.

    2. Putting an end to filing the UCC and using it as a weapon against them

      This document used to be free but now they have a price on it, go figure
      Check out the name of the site to SCRIBED as in the scribes who give us all this theatre and fake laws to live by

      But as you can see they set this all in motion to get the people involved and then they jailed them for filing the documents

      Santos did his claim the name shit them high tailed it out of Australia on down to Mexico and started his Syncretist Society BULLSHIT just in time for all hell to break loose over in Australia
      Not a coincidence as I believe he is from the band Santana - he was the music attraction at the Microsoft Windows XP launch in Las Vegas Nevada in November of 2001
      It was the first ever recording of MUSEic on a CD too
      And people think he's bucking the system
      What a crock

      And remember right here on this site Anna introduced us to BB and Sasha Stone and the UCC and learning everything you could about it and file away, file away

      And Santos has paired up with Sasha
      Sasha is also involved with RDS and the international court of natural justus too
      RDS is an OBUDSMAN folks which links directly to World Parliament and you can bet that he isn't dead either

      They're all in on it I tell ya

    3. The 1000 points of so called light is written within World Parliament documents go read them

      It's like 1000 grass roots movement to enslave all of us
      The exact opposite of anything resembling freedom

    4. This map recently came up with 16 POINTS OF LIGHTS on it
      By UN PAYROLL I mean hollywoods fake UN payroll and their banking hub of operations out of Swissy land that they made up and created
      It is where the den of thieves from the fucking fake story of the knights templars comes from

      Last time I checked I believe there were 670 of these suckers set up in the United States alone that leaves 230 non profit private membership associations that would make up their
      1000 POINTS OF LIGHT
      While these stupid ass idiots at all levels are working to enslave us and themselves they just to fucking stupid to figure the shit out

      I know Anna why not send that their word document sent by the fucking UN as you claim to all 670 of these Councils of Godvernments and lets see what the staff and workers think about their kill plan thats put in place for them and their families
      Will they bite the hand that writes out their paychecks?

      Anna post shit like that UN letter here but the 'assemblies' or no one makes effort to mass mail this sucker to their local police departments or to these 670 hidden fucking Councils of Governments that are all over the place

      Nope the plan is for you to get on board her ship to hell along with them under the threat of death or imprisonment as stated within the letter

      I wonder if marijuanna smokers of the medicinal kind licensed by the masters will be shot if they don't stop smoking that?
      And only legal sales and licensed alcohol is permitted the MOONSHINERS will be shot which of course moonshine is a form of fuel for cars if there is no gas - it always was a fuel for cars it's why they outlawed the shit

      Do you remember the band The Outlaws

  8. Go sign up for that UN redemtion and get indexed

    1. Shelby, that Brighteon video is the NWO (New World Order), the www.sovcpr is the NOW (New Order of the World). Once indexed, we are in the Air Jurisdiction, that captures the Pope, the Queen and all Corporations. We need to be above the Sea Jurisdiction to beat the COURTS, CPS, POLICE, CORPORATIONS, ETC.

    2. Absolutely rediculous, jurisdiction of the air

      Funny didn't they just take jurisdiction of the air away from billions of people - put a mask on shut up and do as we say

      Jurisdiction of the air means the fucking internet - airwaves that we BROADCAST all this shit on so they can monitor their progress to see who is buying in to all this fucking garbage
      CLOUD COMPUTING sound familiar clouds like the ones in the AIR above your head or clouds that they house on mainframe computers and call them clouds

      Mike Adams is a shill and most likely a family member

      All these alt media platforms are built on the same internet infrastructure they do not stand alone by themselves they interconnect with the main brain and that is CERN


      And what do ya know the fake space forces around the world join forces to mine space and make it a safe place for all
      Wifi is airwaves and 5G smothering all of with radio waves a military application now being applied to all of is for complete and total control

      Connecting the world

    3. Put your childs picture on the internet and they have control of that space and wala you have granted them jurisdiction through the airwaves to do whatever the hell they want

    4. Hell they even show the picture of this child CYRUS with the one eyed symbolism
      What they couldn't find a better picture of CYRUS to shew the world other than the one with half his face shewing

      These crooks have absolutely no morals or cooth what so ever they will do whatever it takes to subdue their SUBJECTS

      They've got big plans


      GAIA ID Google mail
      Even uses the white envelop of the free masons in their logos

      Gmail, jurisdiction of the air - AIRMAIL
      You think the movie YOU'VE GOT MAIL was a coincidence

  9. Burning down walmart distribution center just outside of ZIONSVILLE


    Of course no one but the finders can examine the find and the books and 'his'tory will be written by the hand picked 'experts'

    1. It's a tradition for the fakers to not be buried at all and to live on and be resurrected as a new persona

      And remember now there is a Prince William County in VIRGINIA folks right outside of Langley

      The cathedral to reopen at Easter??

    2. Remember this song

      And who playefd the role of Hitler? Why a hollywood STAR, ICON of old, THATS WHO

      Why do you think the UN is represented by none except their inbred bunch like Jolie and Leonardo Decrapio

    3. Now I just did a search for pictures of kaye astaire playing the role of green jeans

      Paul Stramers blog folks

      And the Dr Jane Ruby article that I commented on about who these actors are


      You bet your ass they working to cover up the crime and they took their shit shew from radio and television to the internet to get the fucking stupid to go along with their World Domination Plans of the Illuminati One World Agenda

      The billionaire donors to that plan like Barry Diller aka old Ike and Billy Goates, by the way he and his beard Kevin Kline started the Bill and Melinda Gates FOUNDATION and the Illuminated Billion Dollar Donor program

      Are these two related or the same guy?
      Buffet as in they are reaping many many rewards and sitting at the most exqusite buffet tables in the world at everyone else's expense

      Now don't forget about OVERSTOCK and Patrick Byrne who is now at MEDICI VENTURES registering the lands around the globe into their safe and secure BLOCKCHAIN land management system under what they call

      Linked to, you guessed it
      WORLD PARLIAMENT that they created and set up themselves just like they INVENTED THE FICTION UN and the FICTION FEDERAL RESERVE

      100 + years and counting as to their world wide golden globe theft of everything on this plan(it) at the expense of everyone else

  11. Is it just me or does this guy at 43 seconds in

    Look like this guy

    And remember that ole Tim Allen here is Danny from the Partridge Family one of the many careers he's had including that as the talk shew host Maury Povich

    Google will match your donations to the massacre of the Ukraine be sure and get out there and give these thieves all your donations to save not one person on the ground - it will all go in to their pockets
    It's the suck all the people dry campaign in exchange for their new world order of digitl prepaid vendor cards by which they will control your every fucking move or lack thereof

  12. They're lunatics and waiting on a prepaid credit card from an unknown source or registering your land in an LRS in BLOCKCHAIN that you have no clue where the hell it came from is not the answer


    1. Thanks Shelby for all the above, and also not letting anyone, or anything (outliers) to cause any internal mental conflicts within. Don't stop. Thanks again.

    2. Foscolos00, you're welcome

      I don't have any internal or external mental conflicts
      I know who the hell I am and who I serve and it isn't these rat bastards

      I spent my entire career moving electronic data and I know exactly what the fuck they doing

      The Human Face of Big Data

      InfoSys Biometrically marks 1.2 billion in India to enroll them in their programs

      And where oh where did the so called ROTchilds start out well if you guessed East India Trading Company than you get a medal
      They impoverished those people to the POINT OF NO RETURN
      Then they offered them the solution
      India is leading the way of World Parliament

      And once they biometrically marked them they started shipping them over here and in to Europe and those 'benefits' follow them everywhere because they are managed at the 'global world banking level' SWISSY LAND

      You'll need a license to get on line - control of the air space

    3. Remember the song
      By KANSAS

      Seriously folks its in their museic and all over the place this is not rocket science

      Kansas and follow the yellow brick road and claim the TIN man
      TIN Tax Identification Number that would be your artificial person your shadow

      Remember Romper Room and the looking glass
      And what do ya know SINDICATED AND FRANCHISED for decades in all parts of their golden globe to indoctrinate the children in mass

      And to boot a jack in the box as a mascot

      Cause OSCAR MAYER has a way of selling us BOLOGNA

      My BOLOGNA has a first name it's OSCAR (as in the OSCARS)
      My BOLOGNA has a second name it's MAYER
      Oh I love to eat BOLOGNA every day and if you ask me why I'll say
      Cause OSCAR MEYER has a way of selling us BOLOGNA

    Question is why in the hell is all of these so called Foundations still in operation with no intervention what so ever

    The bioterror bible

    Legislation put in place way before their release of their 'scenarios'

  14. Now if you think this is stack and pack you need to look at North Texas

    It is a stack and pack like you have never seen before and they are wiring this place with 5G smart city bullshit faster than they can get the immigrants shipped in here to take on those new home and car debts and put em to work in lieu of the American workers

    Millions upon millions of acres of land and no one can have it unless they pay these crooks through the nose for it
    All of which was given to us for free by God

    For frigs sake they even sell you grass sod for your front lawns

    And remember in the movie Fun with Dick and Jane where the banking criminals foreclosed on their front lawn and came in and took up the fucking sod

    This is how fucking corrupt and warped these sick minds are

    Step right up sign up for anything they send their agents out to get you signed up for
    That prepaid welfare state credit card will be issued any minute now
    Oh and did I forget to mention that it works via electronic airwaves and that my friend is control of the air and your digital ability to buy and sell

  15. Here comes their 2030 lockstep shit just as planned

    Just as their rocky foundation planned

    Reports of a car shew incident too
    Right on cue folks

    1. And remember now tyler perry owns that their 440 acre retired military base in Georgia folks

      Just like they planned
      Alien Troops to Police U.S.A
      World Troop Map19, Adopted in 1952 by the World Association of World Parliamentarians for World Government

      Notes on the World Troop Map20
      Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC)21
      Base Closure and Realignment Act of 1990 (BRAC)22
      Economic Development Administration - Defense Conversion23
      Mikhail Gorbachev - 1993

      Remember now ole Mikhail aka Rod Steiger has been housed at the Presidio off the coast of California ever since he and ole Ronald Reagan aka Frank Sinatra did their stint of knock down that wall

      Presido and Presidium all over the World Parliament documents folks

      Those behind the new world order land grab and to take it all for themselves as they make up all the shit stories while they pillage and kill all others on this earth so they can have it all to themselves

      Cut the crap he's in on it, they all are

  16. Do you all not remember about a year or so ago that Paul reported on a Montana Childrens Ranch that was being taken over along with all the children in it?
    Now that was important but yet it like all these other stories that get posted here seem to just disappear and there is never ever any follow up

    Just more stories and more post and like the recent racial shit article
    Excuse me but I will feel about others they way I want I don't need grandma to tell me right from wrong
    There are good black and white people and there are bad black and white people same goes for all other 'colors'
    This fucking race baiting shit is rediculous but as you can clearly see it works wonders for the crooks

    It seems that this blog follows a pattern of some sort
    Article about children kidnapping
    Then on comes some crap from Mike Adams
    Then back to Prather
    Now it's circled back around to sheriff mac again and this guy has been on the scene for over a decade and it appears he makes no progress on anything just another talking head?

    Now if you have not watched this I suggest you do

    You see all those actors on that stage there
    Sheriff Joe supposedly a hidden Rockefeller?
    Judy Merkowitz the mouthpiece for the vaccine shit
    Crowdsourse the truth with Jason Goodman producing the shew which by the way Jason Goodman is Joey Greco from the shew cheaters

    And if they are holding a 3rd Continental Congress where in the hell is your fiduciary in all this?

    Might I also add that Colorado is the place that the Constitution of the Earth Federation INVENTORS moved their operations too after they left Chicago
    If you recall once I uncovered that piece of information about Dr Martin and his creation of this earth constitution they removed the article from the internet and the college website
    And this very same Martin gets a Gusi Peace Prize from world parliament

    And then we get Dr Martin the bow tie wearing free mason, maybe his son?

    And where oh where is the German lawyer with the vaccine and genocide followup
    Maybe they haven't produced that shew yet

    I smell hollywood rats everywhere folks

  17. Abraham Accords

    AA = 11 = American Airlines flight 11 folks
    Not an accident
    Everything is in place to declare TOTAL CONTROL. Total control will not be announced with just those words. No! We’ll be sold a package of deceit called UNITY under the CLOAK OF DECENCY and GOODNESS.

    The IT Project that Ate (Eight) America

  18. Be sure and donate to the cause using the QR code

    Thats not bucking the system folks

  19. Massive massive operations folks

    1. And the logistics industry are accomplices


      Can you tell me what your paperwork is doing to combat this?
      Just curious?

    3. Interesting name CreamLifter

      And coincidence that this logistics carrier would lease one of their old facilites
      Maybe to reoutfit this logistics carriers 600+ aircraft for military climate change operations?

    4. DreamLifter sorry about that


    Today, leftists and progressives are at the leading edge of the globalist agenda. They sit poised like a loaded spring ready to explode at every crisis to create global change and increase control. To the globalists, this ultimately means establishing supranational governing authorities. This will eventually include a true governing World Parliament with authority over all nations, a World Court to rule on global legal disputes, a World Revenue Service for global taxation, and ultimately a world leader to move all countries into their global socialist vision of utopia.

    And like magic the World Parliament, which by the way is already in complete control of the shit shew, will rear it's ugly fucking head

    My guess is the coordinators and those who have signed up get special rewards or brownie points for recruiting the sheep
    Christ CONsciousness = CC = 33
    An INCORPORATED INSTITUTE working towards your enslavement

    This was a set up from the word go and it has always been a set up

    India and China already marked their sheep but they knew they had to craftfully come up with a plan to get the 'free' people to climb on board the New World Order train to hell on earth

    And you bet your as they're all in it together
    And they have big plans to launch the G5 and the fake ass savior once they fake false flag out the traitors on the stage today as they are shuttled away to their private islands and yachts never to be seen or heard from again living out their golden age while the rape and pillage of everyone else on the plan(it) continues forward

    And you may not like that I leave the links to what this man wrote a while ago but you best read it because it reveals exactly what the fuck they doing and how they will usher in their fake ass Aquarian Age bullshit
    SCIENCE is SEANCE, which more literally means to communicate with the dead luciferian mind.

  21. FRAUD

    Fraud vitiates all!

    The Birth Certificate is FRAUD= no full disclosure


  22. 2 Sides Of The Same Coin