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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Freedom Convoy Organizers Press Conference


  1. ok, this was where i was trying to post those comments about wondering who these people are... sorry! but i just dont think they come across as actual Truckers.

    1. shelby,
      youve already said all that many many times and never provided any suggestions for correcting any of it that i can recall.

      you know i respect what youve done to ferret out the evil these SOBS have perped on the people, but it seems to me like with all you know and with your experience as a data analyst, that youd have analyzed the data by now and would have point one two three and so forth that you
      have identified from their "metadata" that you feel would be important for us, as a people together, to start looking at in order to pull ourselves out of this mess.

      instead you repost the same articles over and over that somebody else wrote; call people names who have been lied to and abused, had their homes stolen and are homeless and devastated; have lost family members thru "services" provided by criminals and crooks who are using the fruit of the harmed peoples' labor TO HARM THEM WITH! at this point you need to realize that most of the people on this website have found their way here because they have SUFFERED extreme and undeserved losses and havent given up and are looking for a peaceful solution to restore themselves?


    2. i do not want people to think i agree with your or anyone elses attitude toward those of us who have been devasted... that were somehow stupid or at fault.
      we are neither.
      weve been hurt. and lied to. on purpose. to set us up for "the kill".

      im here to work with people who have ideas for restoring us to the condition our creator intended for us.
      thats all.

      calling the victims of these horrible SLOBS names, insulting them, calling them stupid... is WRONG.
      They are people who have been unconscionably used by dishonorable men and women. and then when ANY of them showed ANY little inkling of "waking up" or questioning anything they were beat back down "into their place" and triple gaslighted after that.

      so im saying just knock it off with the superiority attitude over the already devastated people!
      go sling the superiority over the CRIMINALS because WE ARE superior to those lazy, greedy, nasty, worthless, life-sucking lying parasites. thats where such an attitude belongs. on the CRIMINALS. Youre squandering your "anger energy" when you beat on their victims.
      we have a chance to peacefully make some restorative corrections right now.
      im all in on that and consider it an honor to communicate with like-minded men and women.

      on bluebird acre:kansasland.

    3. and just for the record: i worked the graveyard shift at the old Kansas City Kansas TruckStop at I-70 and 18th Street Expressway 3-4 days a week for a few years during the recession in the 1980's when i was trying to get my construction sub-contracting (self-employment) business up and running; and that dude talking is unlike ANY Trucker I ever waited on or got acquainted with!!!! and i will eat my hat if that dude in the video could even drive a rig forward, let alone park one or back it up!!!
      and also: spent a big part of every summer growing up staying on a farm; and come from a family of generations of farmers and am guessing that that guy doesnt know anything about being an actual trucker OR a farmer, either one, or probably ANY of the tradesmen's professional skills for that matter. :):):)

      seriously! :):):)
      these *people*! (double eyeroll).

      i will apologize if im wrong.:)

    4. i dont use luck. keep it for yourself.
      you are telling another man or woman they put their faith in the wrong place?
      and how are you making that judgment? whats the standard you are using? you?
      you believe you are superior and you make judgment on my faith?
      no. your flawed judgment about me is not accepted.
      if the only solution you have is God; then why are you coming on here everyday and cursing the victims out telling them to wake the fuck up? wake up to what? and do what after they wake up? you never say.
      tell us what you think we should do after we wake the fuck up.
      seriously. you never say.

      GAME OVER."
      speak for yourself.
      that sounds like a veiled curse.
      and im returning it to the sender, unaccepted.

      as for my game;
      its still going strong, stronger than ever before and will keep going until my last breath....i dont have much faith in evil.

    5. shelby's game over link is great...minus the fact personified nature spirits/animals is all the bible is.

      horus/jesus/solomon/moses/mary/isis/cybele, maybe even freya, of the two horizons/lions. great year, solstices, equinoxes, day and night, same thing over and over and over, new characters each time.

      there is no christianity or jews, there never was. there is only egyptian astrology.

      without personified animals, there is no bible, no christ, no salvation. no old testament either. that is all it ever was, was impersonating nature spirits/entitities/astrology.

      index of bible characters and egyptian gods.

      Note Virgil quote, see also novus ordo seclorum.

      above also talks about the snake skins adam and eve wore.

      a huge mistake people make is mixing up different "gods"

      that said, for sake of humouring people, thomas jefferson was goddess of reason, and at other times nature's god. that would be same old isis.

      holy of holies isis, or solomon's zodiacal throne, or mary, or ...

      it gets better, jewish encyclopedia "garden of eden". two hemispheres. same old yezidi peacock 7-in-1 osiris elohim enoch elijah/elias "lord god" "lord of the earth"

      it was always astrology -- pole star, great year precession, equinox and solstices shifting signs.

      now, compare to red symphony "synthesis". perestroika deception. proud boys "western civilization". its the same old game over and over and over, with new characters each time.

      there is no hope if people keep falling for hegelian traps.

      step 1) the bible is all egyptian astrology. only question is who is pharoah. ptah eats all other gods ("the lord" replacing elohim nature spirits, is just a repeat of what happened in egypt with "ptah" swallowing all the other gods, who were REALLY him.)

      somehow isis got the "real name of god" out of ptah by tricking him/holding him hostage in some manner. again, just a repeat later, with the "ineffable" god, and noone knows the secret shemhamophorah-something-or-other secret name. except isis/nature. whoever knows, can "create worlds".

      only nature can overcome nature. compare red symphony "transcendental magic". isis the prophetess alchemy text.

      shelby is correct -- you are up against 20000 years or so of egyptian magic. millions of bible spellbooks. "jewish" and "christian" and 100s of variants.

      it is, in the end, "just" astrology. how long until people wake up that johns apocalypse, "lamb of god", draco being polestar and its tail sweeping down parts of heaven -- lets see, draco was polestar circa 4500 BC, johns lamb of god ~4400 years ago ?

      evil, like in egypt, is simply untruth. that is what "the bible" and "maat" and "thoth" and "isis" and everything else was supposed to be about -- truth.

    6. "nature's god" is special, because thomas jefferson wrote it? right back to egyptian isis. stuck in the same old egyptian magic as all the bible folks. right next to aleister crowley "the whole of the law shall be do what thou wilt"

      step 1) anytime someone says "god" find out which "god" they mean.
      step 2) the bible is egyptian astrology/magic. unless that is what you want to live under, better stick with "ineffable" god and "keep silent". or, pick a pole star god or goddess, any pole star. 3 dragons. see "mysteries of the great cross of hendaye" book.

      it is the endless mixing of different "gods" that causes many problems. different gods, different laws. conway's law.

      the only thing that made pharoah special: he spoke the truth.

      proud boys, western civilization? right back into the 2 hemisphere nature god isis, throne of solomon, and mary, and ..., yezidi peacock angel personified earth, and red symphony "synthesis", and hegelian brainwashing once again.

      just another repeat. knights templars tried to have their "new king of jerusalem" as well with the crusades.

      ironically, while proud boys claim "western civilization" they say america was "reborn" like a phoenix. which is eastern.

      no religion has anything going for it except astrology/nature. maybe there was some science there, maybe they found a philosopher stone "light from darkness" and new testament is "light only"

      it is more astrology ran amok than anything else.

      "western civilization" lol. it was always just the 2 hemispheres, and "the lord" started out as a local storm god on mount sinai. so sayeth the jewish encyclopedia. previously married to the goddess. isis, holy of holies. gnostic mary, made curtains for the new temple.

      isis, all there ever was, is, or ever shall be. all religions are astrology and personified nature gods/animals.

      "ineffable" god is keep silent. noone knows ptah's real name -- except isis.

      "nature's god" well looks like america is stuck with isis and personified animals/nature spirits/zodiac no matter what.

      "people impersonating animals" is all around. this is my body, this is my blood, whoever eats shall never see death -- leviathan and behemoth. still eaten symbolically at passover. previous polestar-areas. draco the good dragon, and egypt had a hippo great goddess "mother". just another version of isis.

      supposedly leo kicked off things -- the nile flooding, and also possibly the great year. the hippo great mother was also older, not sure if the first.

      yes, all this does go back 20000 years or so. 26000 or so is one cycle.

      "nature's god" ? looks like we get the double lion cybele/isis/solomon/horus/jesus once again.

      shelby is quite right to say goode2boots keeps falling into the same old trap. egyptian magic? well, that's "nature's god" -- isis, hathor(s), odin and freya had "saythor" magic something or other.

    7. my bad, the "cherubs" (see jewish encyclopedia) are the "two hemispheres" -- see ark, and ezekiels chariot. and nowadays, the 4 evangelists.

      as you will see the assyrian depiction, aliens come to bring you good weather each year. carrying a pine cone (phallic symbol) and spring in their handbaskets.

      it is all the same -- the garden in "heaven" is pole star area, "the mount". it is the holy of holies. the cherubs on the ark.

      so "cherub" "garden of eden" once again, just the peacock angel aka elijah/elias (who went up in a chariot) et. al.

      two hemispheres. just like "red symphony" says. just like the un plan of "synthesis" of "capitalism" and "communism". just like the proud boys. same old egyptian magic.

      lower and upper egypt. amenta. even the "cornerstone" -- blocked off the "flood" (precession) -- until it became the headstone.

      "gods" are all astrology/nature entities when you dig into them, every single time. same old isis/egyptian magic.

    8. brilliant rundown of ancient myths, fables, and legends, as usual xerces! no one knows it all better than you or can articulate it so that others can understand the overall historical continuum of these longrunning fantasies and fabrications and deceits.
      i dont want you telling people on here what i goodE2boots believes though xerces, because you just simply dont know.

      so stop it. :):)

      ive told you before and i will tell you kindly again, dont mix my faith in my creator in with the fables and fairie stories you bring forward to tell people the history of because you are mixing YOUR INTERPRETATION of what things mean in YOUR OWN HEAD together with what i *say* and the two dont belong together.

      and then youre coming on here and tearing down my faith and screwing with it and linking *MY* FAITH IN *MY* CREATOR with the animal spirits and stars and hobgoblins and mythical creatures that exist in YOUR head, NOT MINE!

      what YOU are saying that i goodE2boots believes is FALSE.
      i dont mind at all if you give your OPINION about what you THINK i am saying. i love learning about what youve studied, but you arent inside my head or heart or spirit and you just dont know whats in them. i do. so youre going to have to just allow my words stand the way i release them and then give your SUBJECTIVE, PERSONAL OPINION about them.

      i find you very interesting.
      i am going to speak for myself though.

    9. yes, thank you for reply and civility goode2boots.

      all i am suggesting is: if people don't like isis, never use the words "the creator" or "creator" or "nature's god". that is their title. game over. anytime people say that, they crawl right back into pharoah ptah's claws.

      there isn't a good answer -- because noone has declared independence under some other "god". but those titles are taken.

      my intent is not to tell anyone what to believe or do. rather, when you see some vague "the creator" "nature's god" put the burden on whoever is challenging you or trying to claim you, force them to define that entity.

      if it is not definable, then is it ineffable? then debate over, noone knows anything, anyone who claims they do is lying, "keep silent" is the only rule, as the mystery religions say.

      anything that doesn't appear, does not exist. ineffable. it is fine people have private beliefs -- but that doesn't solve anything. "where the law is uncertain there is no law" maxim.

      if people are claiming "title" from any "god" then that "god" needs identified. even if it is just gnostic monad, unknown, "the hidden" ptah or amen or amun. "the ineffable" . the hindu "the all". brahma.

      it is not a question of what people believe. the fact is "creator" "the creator" "nature's god" those titles are already taken, and it is just isis (under whatever name).

      game over, if the intention was to avoid pharoah. if people are fine with egyptian magic and bible stuff -- perfectly fine.

    10. "anything that doesn't appear, does not exist" -- i am speaking in terms of law. law requires things to show up, or they automatically lose. an ineffable undefined "creator" is not a good thing to claim "rights" from.
      should be noted -- "god most high" is baal. just another pole star-ish entity. 4 corners. and as beelzebub, lord of the flies.

      shone on the waters. sometimes this is the moon, but that is just reflected sunlight. light from darkness -- alchemy. did they find a philosopher stone? who knows. new testament switched to "light only" instead of "i create the light and the dark" and "light from darkness"

      was believed flies/bees/etc. (think of a rotting corpse) was how people's spirit left the body after death.

      so "most high god" "god most high" same thing. just another sun/nature entity/pole star. lord of the flies.

      i don't have a solution, but the vague titles allows things to be redefined later. anything not nailed down will be stolen. any vague sketchy title is going to be hijacked.

      speaking of which: 3 nails, 3 dragons. see great cross of hendaye book. draco/leviathan just a prior pole star. "the serpent". moses carried a serpent (egyptian rods) on a stick, "jesus" nailed to a stick, greek and roman things too. the golden fleece and argonauts is another example. it is all astrology.

      coming up aquarius, now pisces will be "cast down" into the "waters" (anything not in the current pole star area, which changes due to precession "great year"). it was always just astrology and precession great year. same with hercules/perseus/persea sneaking into the garden to steal some apples, and tricking atlas (who held up the sky -- pole star area). guess who aries is? the golden fleece of the argonauts.

      i mean, there is a "lamb of god". chrysomallus. aries.

      i am not suggesting this is logical, or even self-consistent. rather, if "titles" are not nailed down, it will just be more "luciferianism" as people alternate back and forth "ineffable for me, but you have to do x" "i am illuminated/perfected, everyone else needs jesus/the church/baptism" god revealed himself to me, but not to you, "ineffable" for anyone else.

      the devil switches back and forth between "ineffable" and "revealed" and is an ever-shifting serpent.

      ouroborus -- the sum of all philosophy. it is all astrology, and just mirror images as each precession chugs along.

      i don't have a solution -- but you can spot the dragons with all these ever-shifting "titles". one minute god is "ineffable" . next it is the hindu braham "the all". next it is "the lord" really just elohim nature spirits. next it is double lion jesus/horus/solomon/mary/cybele/etc.

      one minute it is new testament "light only" next minute it is "i create the light and dark" old testament.

      i realize how ridiculous this likely seems to people who do not care for any of this, but any god not nailed down and defined (even if it is "undefinable") can and will be used against people

      i dont know the solution, but i know how dragons work :) nail down any "titles" or they will be stolen.

    11. thanks for your thoughtful answer back xerces.

      i suspect we have a major difference in how we view man.
      i still think you have good points and would like to know how YOU view man rather than how you view god, for now...
      there are alot of questions below! just pick whatever you feel like answering, if any.
      ex: your
      "i realize how ridiculous this likely seems to people who do not care for any of this, but any god not nailed down and defined (even if it is "undefinable") can and will be used against people."

      okay, ... do you mean that will that be used against people spiritually?
      by whom?

      who is over my:man's will besides me?
      who am i/man beholden to that i owe an explanation of my present comprehension of god to?
      how did they get authority over my will?
      are they spirits or man?

      what is a dragon? it a demon?

      what man owns sounds?
      words are sounds.
      can i build what i want with sounds i make?
      or am i held captive to learn what some old man 8000 years ago said that sound meant to him?

      who said i have to use his definition for my sound?
      does he own it?

  2. Ezra A. Cohen, [2/2/2022 9:24 PM]

    "Every single one is a pedophile." (Lists CNN contributors)

    "Castle Rock [REMOVAL] Phase" (Castle Rock studio is Bidens oval office)
    "Vaxxed population + Removed lockdowns + 5G Towers"

  3. General McInerney, [2/2/2022 3:57 PM]
    "UPDATE: Truckers on Canada/Montana border may have struck a deal. In an act of good faith, the truckers have agreed to open traffic in exchange for ending the mandates. If the legislators don't keep their word, the truckers will shut it down again."


  4. Alberta towing companies reject requests to supply trucks to RCMP - The Western Standard;

    Here's a novel idea;
    All these businesses that are requested to do anything (such as Towing Companies) for "Government Entities" can politely inform them; "that due to the "Covid Pandemic" our company has been inundated with, we are not able to provide any services at this time. We do apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause, however we will let ewe know when we will be able to accommodate, and fulfill future requests."

    We all know how those recording go that politely inform the public that these civil employees aren't able to do "their" jobs.The above is just an example, Im sure that a better statement can be tendered(tinder).

    1. I know that all military war pigs around the whirled are taking note of what these Canadian Truckers just showed everyone. These War Pigs also know the immense logistic battle that they would be confronted with to simply clear a path for "Their" own vehicles. All Good people should take note on how too these so called "Powers to be" are actually the definition of impotence.
      All our military boys should not need to be reminded who their loyalty should be for, and whom is deserving of having “Our” forces applied too. Don’t be scared, just do it already… Everyone will back you if you all do the right thing. Otherwise, your illustrious “Name” will become so tarnished that no amount cleansing will ever bring any lustre back.

    2. foscolos00,
      this comment made me cry. you said it all imo.
      thanks for sharing.

    3. now the Canadians are showing up in ottawa on HORSES!!

    4. its one fabulous surprise after another. whos next? some commenter said itll be people on DogSleds.


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