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Saturday, November 13, 2021

No "Other" California --- Again, For the Clueless Among Us

 By Anna Von Reitz

All States of the Union are members of the Federation of States and owe good faith to it by definition.
Just as the soil is part of the land, if you are a State of the Union, you are also a member of the Federation of States. This has been set in stone since 1776, and for very good reason.
What if California opened its borders to the Communist Chinese Party and welcomed that as its government?
What effect do you think that would have on the rest of us?
What if Japanese pirates took over Oregon, such that it was no longer safe for Americans to live there?
Imagine a world in which you couldn't travel from California to New Mexico without going through Customs and presenting passports?
Imagine Minnesota declaring war against Wisconsin? A tariff on cheese?
There had to be a Federation back in 1776 and there still has to be a Federation now, despite what some folks in California might believe, and the definition of California as a "sovereign and independent State of the Union" is forever tied to and predicated upon California's loyalty to the Federation of States.
The instant you preach against the Federation and say that you remove yourself from it, you cease to be a State of the Union. And you cease to represent a State of the Union. You become a Secessionist, a possible Insurrectionist, and a target for the Federal Subcontractors, whose job it is to ensure the peace and stability of the Union.
The Federation won't target these malcontent Californians--- we simply disavow them. They have nothing more to do with us, nor we with them. Our State of the Union called California is a member in good standing of the Federation of States. By definition.
Unfortunately, I must prepare everyone and point out that the Federal District officials --the Municipal and Territorial officers--- will go after these former members of The California Assembly, because the Federal Districts make big money off of quashing all signs of insurrection. Look at the January 6 Protestors and the hideous way they are being prosecuted? Look at the Colorado Nine?
The Federales are collecting $9,000 - $20,000 a day as fees for incarcerating these "dangerous" individuals.
I am once again in the unhappy position of watching wrong thinking lead to wrong action in California, with predictable results.
Nancy Kremer, Wayne Whomsley, Barbara Greer and others who are, by their own choice, former members and former officers and former elected officials of The California Assembly, are off in the ether sphere imagining that they represent California while advocating secession from the Federation and carving up new states out of California, annexing Mexico (!!!) and similar hare-brained schemes.
That may be their idea of California, but their "California" isn't a State of the Union.
And they are not now acting as officers or elected officials of the California that is a State of the Union, either.
By definition, they have entered La-La-Land and a "California" that does not exist and which has no history or provenance, no rights, treaties, or guarantees as a State of the Union, and no protection to offer anyone.
Whether they know it or not, their egos and misunderstandings have led them to believe things that simply aren't true. In the process, they have lost their Assembly membership and offices, their Constitutional guarantees, their inheritance as Californians, their right to own land---- and have subjected themselves once again to the Queen and the Pope and all 80 million codes, rules and statutes ----- all because they thought that the Federation of States was overstepping its authority by maintaining oversight over their activities.
Obviously, oversight is necessary, or California will never have a properly organized, educated, and fully functioning State of the Union ----and Californians will continue to fumble around in the dark, imagining first one thing and then another.
California, the actual State of the Union, is "free, sovereign, and independent" --- it also has responsibilities tied to those rights, one of which is the obligation to support the Federation of States, contribute its delegated powers, honor its own boundaries, and in this case, submit to Federation oversight during the Assembly Process.
Under the former leadership, The California Assembly never contributed a dime to the Federation that summoned them to assemble; instead, they have cost the Federation both large amounts of time and money correcting various kinds of misadministration. We are, frankly, glad to see them go.
Despite enrolling large numbers of people, they were not educating those new members, and were instead manipulating them politically --- a tactic we have seen before, and a great evil that we are trying to get away from.
We need people who will read and think and follow simple instructions to build the structures and deliver the services that a fully restored State Assembly must provide.
The role of the Federation as "construction supervisor" is simply to ensure that every State gets stood up and is functioning properly on all four cylinders at the end of the Assembly Process. Our duty in this matter sometimes conflicts with dishonest and egotistical people who want to avoid oversight and do things to suit themselves instead of meeting common standards of public accountability.
We need people who are community-minded and at the same time, keep apprised of the issues that impact their State as part of a much broader world.
The Federation's business is focused on international issues, not the politics of the States and the operations of State Assemblies. The Federation has Bigger Fish to Fry, and so long as the Assembly Process is making progress in each State and people are not acting as crooks or advocating insurrection or traipsing off into La-La Land, we don't interfere. That is part of why trying to blame "the Federation" is so unfair.
Without the Federation, the only State Assembly that would now exist, would be in the State of Texas, and it wouldn't be functioning with any proper understanding of its powers or roles. Think about that long and hard before bashing the Federation.
We need people who understand the whole structure of the American Government and who accept the rights, roles, and responsibilities of the Federation as part of that Government.
Local State Assemblies bent on garnering power for themselves may not like getting their wings clipped or in extremis, being shut down, but clear lines of authority and responsibility and accountability at each level of government are necessary to establish checks and balances and assure that the American Government as a whole works.
We need people who will work together cooperatively and not practice the political gamesmanship, cronyism, and graft that we are trying to get away from.
By its nature, the American Government is community-based and cooperative. It doesn't have political parties and does not tolerate divide and conquer strategies, compartmentalization, elitism, cronyism, and graft against the public interest.
Unfortunately, in California, we attracted a substantial number of people who had other axes to grind and other ways of doing things. They have stolen property that belongs to The California Assembly and they continue to present themselves "as" The California Assembly, but this is notice to everyone that they are no longer associated with California, the State of the Union.
As such, there are only four (4) California Recorders authorized by the actual State. They are: Deanna "Dee" Yates, David Harra, Laurie Campolito, and Michelle Ford.
Barbara Greer abdicated her office and left the State of the Union for whatever mirage is in her mind. The same is true of Nancy Kremer and everyone following after.
The State of the Union continues to grow and to welcome home all those Americans who are prepared to learn about and operate their own traditional government --- and the Federation of States continues to support California and Californians in those efforts.


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