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Friday, November 12, 2021

Explanation for The Texas Assembly

 By Anna Von Reitz

Last month a group of dissident Co-Coordinators led by Kyle L. Worley decided to leave The Texas Assembly, however, they hadn't done their homework and didn't quite realize what they were doing.  So, then, they recanted, and asked to come back as Assembly Members. 

That is an entirely different matter than being reinstated as Coordinators. 

Then, they asked to present a Go Forward Plan, which any member or group of members can do. 

They were told to attend the regularly scheduled meeting of The Texas Assembly to do so, and Katherine Soulis who is the only Coordinator left in Texas, agreed to host their presentation. 

Simple, right? 

Instead of following instructions, they held their own meeting instead.

Enough said. 

Katherine Soulis is the only Coordinator out of that entire team who studied hard enough to know what needed to be done, and she was the only one who showed the loyalty, courage, and competence to get it done.  

So that's why she is the Texas Coordinator and the reason that she deserves everyone's support.  

She also needs new Co-Coordinators ---- people who are ready to study and learn and take up responsibility for leading their part of Texas through the Assembly Process. 

Please contact Katherine directly if you are interested.  Because Coordinators sometimes deal with financial matters, candidates are vetted and go through simple background checks. 

It's time for Texas to get "stood up" and ready for the great advances that are coming.  Put aside all the bickering, and move on.   


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