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Saturday, October 2, 2021

They better not try this in Montana first.


  1. infowars:
    national school board assn want biden to classify angry parents as domestic terrorists. (kelen mcbreen). article up now.

    gateway pundit sept. 30, 2021, (cristina laila)
    budens radical education secretary miguel cardona says
    parents should not be the "primary stakeholder" in their kids education.

    whats next? ... in their kids LIVES....
    boil that frog slow.
    it wont jump out... itll never even realize you turned up the heat...

    1. update:
      gateway pundit, julian conradson 10.2.2021

      julian suggests about these school board members :
      "its sick. these people are unhinged and should have their citizenship revoked if they would be willing to put that evil misnomer [domestic terrorist, hate crime] on another American citizen for being concerned about their child. Absolutely disgraceful."
      national school boards assn begs biden to label outraged parents
      "Domestic Terrorists"

      parents are saying they dont want masks or critical race theory for their sons and daughters.

      natlschbdsassn, the article says, wants to use federal law/corporate policy enforcers to investigate the parents for:
      domestic terrorism
      and for hate crime threats.

      wants biden to use patriot act and other "ENFORCEABLE ACTIONS".....

      school bd. assn says they are UNDER IMMEDIATE THREAT! that there are threats of violence and acts of intimidation all over the nation...

      ...there are already corp enforcers locally in many places but the boards' extra security and new policies have not kept people out of the meetings!

      even if this is just another BETA TEST:
      For one thing:
      it shows where they are in their thinking.
      what they are trying to maneuver around.
      what to look for next that has perhaps or likely been engineered/manipulated. "false flagged?"

      its almost like them telling what theyre going to try to do next, in some instances. imo.

    2. update:
      was recently featured on infowars:
      school board approves pornography and sexualization of sons and daughters.

      put that along side:
      house resol/bill to strip EX MILITARY of their PROPERTY WITHOUT DUE PROCESS (a TRUMP suggestion)

      and now, infowars:
      "most absolute of evils: investig. estimates up to 3200 pedophile priests in French Catholic Church since 1950."

      and again, the school boards want parents who speak out and say no to what the school board says: to be marked as terrorists??

      all this is being hurryied along extremely quickly now for some reason...

  2. also:
    pushpushpush... they keep pushing: "Its WAR!" "were at WAR" "Its Civil War TWOOOOOO!!!"



    I will bring you, "my fellow Americans", this friendly reminder: :)

    "Acts of WAR" are NOT covered in most, if any, Insurance Policies; so if the men and women committing or trying to commit these atrocities can get YOU, ME, OTHERS to hivemindchant:
    "Its WAAAAAAR!": without War ever being actually Declared then:
    LLOYDS OF LONDON, the UNDER-writer on all insurance policies, will, by contract, not have to payout on claims for the damage being wrought upon us.

    they can just say "We dont cover War". and
    "We dont cover War Crimes."
    Havent they done EXACTLY that on other nations and peoples? for YEARS. Without Conscience???
    why yes,... thats exactly what theyve done. IMO.


    1. people who suppress free exchange of peaceful/ lawful ideas are:

      FREELOADERS clawing out a free ride on other mans labor.


    2. if whats true gets out, then all the upstanding people will congregate together.... then whos gonna pay for all those talentless FREELOADERS free lunch?

      jmo again :):):).

    3. 1. Being man [not any kind of fiction]:
      All man/wo: having an inherent right to an equal-share portion of the beneficial use of natural source materials:
      2. are also expected to carry their own weight through life, unless too sick or old or young to do so.

      SO THAT:
      all men/wo who have fed themselves without agreement from other mans labor HAVE TAKEN WHAT BELONGS TO (AN)OTHER MAN AND owe full and timely restoration to (the) man they have so trespassed upon.

      thats how our "American" common law: under the Declaration of Independence, July 2(two), 1776 works.

    4. when you are under authority of the Declaration of Independence, july2two, 1776, you are MAN.
      you are under authority of the laws of nature and natures creator....being MAN... you answer to your creator, not to another man unless you harmed him or his property, and then youd want to restore him as quickly as possible.
      youre not under laws that some other man whose "status" before creator is no higher or lower than yours....
      who made up a fictional character they can suck off of and then told you you were either going to ACT AS that character or theyd beat you to death/ cause other harm if you said "no".

      thats a bunch of CRAP.

      if you didnt say "yes", being fully informed and from your own genuine freewill and accord, THEN YOU DIDNT SAY "YES" in a way that obligates you under the laws of nature and natures creator unless you harmed him.
      if other people see things differently than that, FINE. But as for me and my house, THIS is the way it is, and that is nobody elses decision.
      or their business either.

      and i require peaceful, complete, and timely restoration.

      and so it is.


    5. one can tell that the Bill of Rights was NOT written for the American man, but for StayBehindUnit Bruitish/ Vatic-an SUBJECTS because of Article ("amendment") 1 (one):

    6. 1. petition:
      a formal written *request*...
      *appeal*ing to *AUTHORITY*...
      (same with "protest").
      man, who IS the governmental authority does not have to *petition* or make an appeal to someone that he, himself, authorized to carry out ONLY specific, limited duties and obligations in a specified way!

      2. redress: remedy (a CommerceFiction /Law of the Sea term used in CommercialFiction referring to setting an unfair or undesirable situation right):

      an American common law Deputy/ Delegate is (a) man who his neighbors placed, through oneman/ oneballot election, their trust in, and he has NO INDEPENDENT VOICE... he can only say what the people who elected him tell him he can say...
      so there can never even be a cause for a grievance to redress with him because he can only say what hes told he can say, with NO INDEPENDENT DECISION MAKING.

      3. grievances: a real or imagined wrong.... especially unfair treatment. (see: 2. redress).

      all definitions from Oxford Languages Dictionary.

    7. iow:
      who are you going to petition when YOU are the one with the authority to "bring home" a ROGUE DEPUTY OR DELEGATE..

      And consent to do or not do something comes only from YOU.

      and your Deputy is authorized to use YOUR authority in certain and agreed upon ways only?

      YOU put them there, YOU can bring them home.

      you always have replacements ready to replace them.
      you only allow them the place of trust for one or two years.
      and so forth.

  3. Alert everyone


    2. The Sea of Peace, the Pacific Ocean

      As with all the other lies the flood is future not the past

      Destroy by fire is not the plan it is exactly the opposite of God said he would not destroy the earth with water again

      Hence all the mud flood narratives
      Aquarian Age - Aqua as in WATER FOLKS

      I often joked when working for FedEx about them creating a FedEx Aqua as they had FedEx Express, Ground, Home Delivery, Freight, Custom Critical, Intermodel (take a trailer or container direct from the ship and put it on back of truck or on train)

      Again I find here information very informative

      God is money folks their God is money

    3. The Fish God Of Babylon – SALMON!

      Lincoln the Lying King
      Just like L Lincoln Wood lying to his audience

      This same subliminal suggestion further extended into the mysticism associated with the magic of Solomon’s Temple, the Sun and Moon King of IS-is-RA-EL, the Royal mythological god family of Egypt.

      Solomon, in turn took on different symbolic manifestations throughout the ages, and became entrenched in the world monetary systems, the MONEY/MOON systems, which are, in reality, the B-ANK systems of the world.

      Keep reading at the article linked above

    4. "...Sun and Moon King of

      [• Sun/[Son]
      [• (silent "y")> 'IS= yis= yode= 10th letter "hebrew" alephbeta;
      • RA = Egyptian SunGod;
      • EL= Mighty/Almighty: used referring to all: pagan god, true god, man, or angel]

      "...the Royal mythological god family of Egypt."

      Jesus:i-eee-s-oos/ice ss ooos
      King of [Y]IS-RA-EL;

      with family:
      Mary= bitter
      Joseph = "he will add", repeater, doubler.
      he will add?...
      ....that all could be taken a couple of different ways!

      "left Egypt."

      isnt Egypt where the original isis myth originates from? and osiris' 14-pieces,... fish eats the p€π!$ piece?..
      so, what now??
      the fish was a SALMON?
      soloman? sallowman? swallow man?

    5. next theyll be "disclosing" that
      *their* "jesus" was a girl??...

      nothing would surprise me at this point the way things are going.

    6. Nope now they making everything black like Black Jesus CONya

      Everything is to move the black folk especially this Ancient Moor civilization stuff

      Ever wonder what our pals are teaching all those in black history month'

      More garbage like they taught us

  4. Solution to " blow darts"...real bullet to his head...there, problem solved.
    This will come to be regardless of what you feel or think. We are up against real evil, real sociopaths...there is only one way , one solution. Kill the rabid animals and burn thier corpses..
    Sorry to uave to be the adult in the room...stop crying about Old Yeller...

    1. they seem to know the people, generally-speaking, arent backing up too much farther perhaps...

      i dont think they'd be making House Resolutions about DISARMING OUR AMERICAN MEN WHO ARE EX-"MILITARY" *WITHOUT* DUE PROCESS if they didnt suspect that there are quite a few "adults in the room :)" as you put ut, who are, too, very well aware of the seriousness of the situation being, it seems, PURPOSELY CREATED BY THOSE WHO HAVE HARMED US AND OWE US HUGE DEBTS. That we, from lawful right(eousness) are going to peacefully and lawfully collect from them. in law. and so it is.
      the Corporation Policy Enforcers on ALL levels have seemed to me, for years, to be sitting ducks for all kinds of potential mayhem.
      now, with this DISARM THE EXMILITARY BRAINFART: with so many Corp PolicyLaw Enforcers being ex-military AND also being privy to alot of the Corpses shenanigans,.... geez.
      Ive been praying for the upstanding, honorable ones all day today... especially since the Corpses are bankrupt???... well, wouldnt the Oolices' Pensions be gone?... eaten up in the bankruptcy?... yeg, i think they would be GONE in the contrived "bankruptcy"/ skimming operation/ fraud.
      and it doesnt help that uneasy feeling about it when some of the Municipalities doing their Defund the Police campaigns....

      yeh, i think people realize the seriousness of the undeserved ATTACK being contrived on us.

      hopefully the COWARDS arent completely stupid.


    2. They're gonna take all of it - pensions, 401 k's, whats hidden in the CAFR reports, ALL OF IT

    3. Exactly, and that will be what he or anyone else gets if they try pulling that crap. A real bullet. No drone necessary.

  5. In the light of recent deletions, along with the many questions being ignored Is 1984 Becoming a Reality?

  6. the fake state you now reside in

    Perhaps you’ve never noticed that there is no line item on a birth certificate that establishes paternity rights or ownership of the child itself? This is not a form filled out by a parent to declare property of the child, but is a certified abandonment of the illegitimate child and paternal rights to the nation state by an “informant” as its ward, usually the mother, while witnessed and signed by “doctors” like former congressman Ron Paul. The birth certificate has nothing to do with the actual child, and is not attached to the child in any way until the parents invoke that legal entity that is created thereof, the person (status) of a United States citizenship. Once this use of the name, number, signature, and other benefits is utilized by the parents until the age of consent, the child is then brainwashed into believing he or she actually is that person, that status, that legal name, and that he or she is in fact identified by a pension number called Social Security like a marked beast of burden, like cattle.

    Grandma Anna here made sure to get yu signed up for their agenda

    All of this has nothing to do with peace or getting you out of anything it was and is about enrolling you in to the new world order PERIOD

    1. that first paragraph and lead-in are a really really good summary of what has been done imo, but (not directed at you shelby, but at them):

      ***** SO WHAT?... *****
      SO.... WHAT?...
      all that jibberjabber that gets them *exactly* NOTHING.
      not one thing:






    Though you may live in what is referred to as an unincorporated area, you are still within a county or state corporation, and part of THE UNITED STATES INCORPORATED, the corporate veil of artificial person-hood that is laying on top of and killing slowly the united states of America.

    In an unincorporated area (a city or town that is not a municipal corporation) your law enforcement agency is the County Sheriff. This is why the County Sheriff is of such vital importance to any of the freedoms we still do enjoy, the only truly lawful representative (elected and approved by the people) of common law. Many elected sheriffs across the country though have sold out their people by assigning away that lawful right in lieu of Federal grants and United Nations treaties. Salt Lake County’s Sheriff Jim Winder is no exception. After being elected to a second term in office, he and the poisonous County Council dissolved the Sheriff’s department and created a private corporation called the “Unified Police District”, of which the elected Sheriff became the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of that now private incorporated police force. Counties across America are falling prey to this act of treason, loosing the last vestige of protection of their common law rights, and Salt Lake County is now literally a “police state”.

    Can't tell you enough about this mans writings and why it is so very important that you know what you are going when you sign anything

    I personally believe there is no fixing any of this their intent is death to us all and they own this earth lock stock and barrell

    As this writer says the shew must go on and their end game us 'they own it all'

    Hence your public pension ponzi scheme

    Thats how they introduce their world army under World Parliament

    1. shelby,
      the County Sheriff is part of the Bruitish White Slavery Feudal System. they are/were "Shire Reeves" over there.
      They are part of the system the Bruitish Barons set up under Magna Charta.
      Were not under that.
      Were under the Declaration of Independence and American common law.
      theyre under Magna Charta and Bruitish common law.
      theyre not the same, in fact, they are very different.

      the "City Police" are the Vatican-run Municipality's Standing Army on our land.

      the County Shire Reeves/Sheriffs
      are the Bruitish Count-ees Standing Army on our land, owned by the Bruutish "Crown".

      the State *TROOPS*/Troopers are the Standing Army on our land belonging to the Vat/Brit/Bank Corporations pretending like they are our actual States'.

      none of them serve the American people, nor is their Corporate purpose to protect us: they serve their Corporations, Masters, and have taken Oaths.. they REALIZE all this? i believe they very often do NOT. no doubt some are good, well-meaning people who actually want to *protect and serve* their neighbors.
      it doesnt matter if the Bruitish COUNT-ee Shire Reeves were "elected",.... so was "biden".

      its all a big lie.
      all of it.
      we cannot be forced to violate our conscience by participating.

    2. Also, in...
      "...loosing the last vestige of protection of their common law rights, and Salt Lake County is now literally a “police state”."
      there again, any common law rights the Sheriffs/ Shire Reeves protect are Bruitish Common Law
      under Magna Charta
      for the protection of the Barons, NOT THE SERFS.
      we do not HAVE shire reeves/ sheriffs system... it belongs, (as BannnannnaBoatGrannanna might say), to the: British Territorial the Unitblahblahblah's Incorporated Count-ee.
      they are contractors for the Bruitish Corporation political subdivision called "COUNT-ee".

      its all political. fiction.
      not about protecting the people, except *AS* property of the Corp'ses.

      they are not employees of the uSofA or our Confederated Union.
      they have no contractual duty to us, the people... they have no contract with us, the people. but it looks like it because we are forced to pay them *AS IF* they actually were hired by us. but theyre not.

      they all owe us though because they have been paid with what belongs to us... without our agreement.


  8. They can make up any story they want and sell it to the public

    As in their nuclear bullshit that will get passed off as such

    The dates he uses are in the future and make note of the role Lockheed Martin plays here

    Those 80 billion dollars of stolen revenue that Lockeheed Martin gets ole Doc Martin completely overlooked as he guided the sheep to go target two little companies compared to this beast is rediculous

    1. Interesting film folks

    2. And I find it quite revealing that the FDR fraud seen in this video

      Just might be associated with this JR Oppenheimer JR as in Jacob Rothchild and John Rockefeller both have the intitials JR

      I'm telling you this entire scheme is a CON folks and behind the fake bankers is HOLLYWOOD

    3. Meet Barry Diller a billionaire donor to the illuminati one world agenda
      Did I mention he also played the role of Ike Eisenhower

      He also plays the roles of Oliver Stone and Robert Shapiro
      Ben Shapiro the loud mouth little billionaire brat on the scene today is from this bunch folks

      Theie one world agenda of global slavery for all and they own it all folks

      They can take their UBI and the digital identity and shove it up their ass

      Hiding in plain sight for decades

      Hey grandma how bout we go get these guys and confiscate all their shit and cut the world wide shit show

      Nope thats not the plan the plan is for them to live out their golden age while their rat pack of kids carry the world slavery plan forward under the guise of Democracy is self government planned in their hideouts on the lands they stole in Virginia City in Lake Tahoe Nevada and the deserts of salt lake city utah

      Meanwhile they have all kinds of stories to tell the sheep as their golden globe heist continues

  9. Parallel society, parallel economy, parallel everything. Confuse them more.

    Too many words
    Too much discussion
    Not enough action

    Anna is either the smartest woman in the room or completely crazy ( or a group of psychopaths)

    Most of us have been here for a great many years.
    What has been accomplished ?
    How have our lives changed ?

    The shitshow just gets more insane.
    I am sitting here with my popcorn just watching and securing my little world while the entire planet implodes.

    People do not change.
    "They" know this.
    Thats thier weapon.

  10. The TRANSFORMATION of the world to a slave plantation as long as you participate in the lie

    Anna knows the score

    1. And within this writing is the reverse pshychology being used on you to Make Their Dream World become a reality

      See under the following tag

      The Real Illuminati Agenda

      Welcome to the Grand Illusion by Styx
      They even made a song about it

      Hollywood is the hidden hand making their illuminated dream a reality and you are helping them just do it


      The plan has been put before many times and you still beLIEve this wolf

    2. Shameful display they are and every last bit of it is HOLLYWOOD

      And nuclear disarmament is about eliminating nuclear power plants it has nothing to do with nuclear weapons
      It's a part of their green new deal of bilking the public with their wind and solar bullshit

      They made it all up

      Their plan to move oil and gas and any other resource to their coffers and under the complete control so the serfs can live on wind and solar

      It's amazing the harm these folks have made others do to their fellow man and all through the use of their fake made up bullshit
      Lawyers gut their clients
      Judges and the courts have destroyed the families
      Cops have shot and killed
      Soldiers have died in vain for nothing but a bunch of no good Hollywood elite that think their shit don't stick and they are the chosen brainwashed idiots who brought this shit shew to the entire world

      And their one world agenda is your slavery and this so called self govenment BULLSHIT where you live in a commune on a fixed income and their whim

      They are your counterfeiters and thieves no one else

      The bible they wrote is their play book

      Satan is their invention they most likely have a patent on the damned made up bullshit

      Psychopaths have no empathy for you or anyone else they will do as they please they have no concern for you what so ever

      They created these governments and their end game is what Anna was sent out amongst the herd to bring you in to the end game

  11. You should see if you can put a character limit in your comment section Paul. You have people using the comment section of your posts as their own personal blog.


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