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Friday, October 29, 2021

Public Schools by Fr. Martin Skierka

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  1. "Comparison Between Mapping the Global Future:
    Report of the Intelligence Council’s 2020 Project
    and Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World
    The most dramatic difference between Mapping the Global Future: Report of the Intelligence
    Council’s 2020 Project and Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World is the latter’s
    assumptions of a multipolar future, and therefore dramatic changes in the international system.
    The 2025 report describes a world in which the US plays a prominent role in global events, but
    the US is one among many global actors who manage problems. In contrast, the 2020 report
    projects continued US dominance, positing that most major powers have forsaken the idea of
    balancing the US.
    The two documents also differ in their treatment of energy supply, demand, and new alternative
    sources. In 2020, energy supplies “in the ground” are considered “sufficient to meet global
    demand.” What is uncertain, according to the earlier report, is whether political instability in
    producer countries, supply disruptions, or competition for resources might deleteriously affect
    international oil markets. Though 2020 mentions the global increase in energy consumption, it
    emphasizes the domination of fossil fuels. In contrast, 2025 sees the world in the midst of a
    transition to cleaner fuels. New technologies are projected to provide the capability for fossil
    fuel substitutes and solutions to water and food scarcity. The 2020 report acknowledges that
    energy demands will influence superpower relations, but the 2025 report considers energy
    scarcity as a driving factor in geopolitics. "

    Quoted from:


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