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Friday, October 1, 2021

Maricopa County Audit Workers Released from NDA...Here Is Their Truth Video

Arizona - From Our Fellow Citizens from a1000cuts on Vimeo.


  1. so now it looks like is back to harvesting comments from ONLY other peoples videos? :):).... which will/are NOT (be) archived on the website that, im presently aware of.

    thats a little too obvious/ suspicious/ other, that:
    is someone connected with the website collecting/ harvesting comments... but doesnt want, perhaps?, comments that dont 'pat "anna" on the back for a job well done' to show up after the initial harvesting?
    like in: get rid of the proof of people having asked logical questions that didnt feel were necessary to answer/other?

    oh!, or worse yet... it suggests that avr.commers are purposely suppressing facts about the articles that the people bring up in good faith!!!!
    ummmmmmm, if thats going on, you guys..... that would be SUUUUUPER Deceitful of "anna".

    but hopefully its just all a big misunderstanding.... like the Birth Certificates thats obligations were intentionally hidden?; andor the so-called "Constitution" that has no signers!!?

    we shall see!

    1. who is so scared of what im posting??? :):):) loool!

      boo! :):):)

    2. this is the 3rd or 4th time already today that "anonymous other" has tried to "overtake" my comments!!!

      dang! whew! my comments must be really good! :):):)

      better read 'em quick everybody..
      before they get deleted!! :) lool!

    3. hey :):) !

      here are a couple facts:

      fake∆fake||fake∆fake||fake∆ fake||

      1. being *present* being *man*:
      is a main part of the answer were looking for!...
      2. thats what our ancestors did using our July 2(two), 1776 Declaration of Independence!

      it will take down the fake ∆ fiction and the fake || fiction and others due to it being known to be spiritual law on the earth.
      it has to be "en-forced" tho.

      fake∆fake||fake∆fake||fake∆ fake||

    4. the first two paragraphs of our, the peoples', July 2(two), 1776 Declaration of Independence tells how our common law system works.... if someone else doesnt like it, thats absolutely no problem at all... they are equally as free to go do whatever it is THEY like..
      on THEMSELVES, but not on us!

      and so it is for all who elect/ choose it for themselves and their "house".

    5. Tell me more about the Constitution with no signers...

    6. ben,
      FIRST, make sure you get a reliable copy of the [Foreign Corporations] "Constitution" and look at Article VII (7: last); the last paragraph:

      there are no SIGNATORIES.
      only WITNESSES.
      for an example, think of a Public Notary:
      • they are WITNESSES
      • and they SIGN being a *WITNESS*, not being a PARTICPANT / "PARTY".
      • a WITNESS isnt bound to the Agreement.
      • a SIGNATORY is bound by whats written on the paper... A WITNESS is NOT.

      there are no SIGNATORIES on their "Constitution", only WITNESSES.... who are NOT BOUND.

  2. all of that might be interesting if I knew the first thing about it

  3. Not only was the slate washed clean of “dissenting” questions— a whole article along with 22 comments was removed as well;
    Saturday, September 25, 2021
    Request for help for Louisiana for storm damage
    Posted by Paul Stramer at 10:25 AM
    Or is this just another “Mandela Effect”(it was never there, and it never happened, you were dreaming, stop hallucinating, get a grip and come back to reality before you get diagnosed with a mental illness…)
    First thought that came to my mind—“Nobody told me there’d be days like these… most peculiar momma…
    I was too young at the time to interpret the message, however now, as I revisited this “musical slide show” 50 + years later how everything is just jumping off the screen.
    It appears as if we were told.
    Slick Operation, or is it “Operation Slick MJ12 MKULTRA”, and we, along with “their whirled” have all been given a role to play in “their” sit com with canned laughter.
    Well there is a photo with a large crowd of people listening to Adolph Hitler that are all “Heil Hitlering” with their arms raised high, while at this moment in the photo there is one man with his arms crossed, this is my attitude as well. It appears as if juvenile head games still abound into adulthood. I guess little boys, and girls never grew up. The hickory switch is being taken off the main limb, and being stripped of it’s leaves.
    Somebody is gonna be gettin a whoopin. For sure.