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Monday, July 19, 2021

Biden’s Vaccine “Strike Force” Plan Stinks Of Desperation

By Brandon Smith

If there is one rule liberty minded people need to remember, it is that the establishment does not like losing control of the narrative. And when they do, noticeably weird things start to happen. For example, it is becoming painfully obvious that the narrative on the experimental mRNA “vaccines” has slipped right through the fingers of the Biden Administration, and as a consequence they are now in a scramble to get millions of vaccines injected into as many skeptical arms as possible before the public organizes for a full push-back against the agenda. It seems to me that they are in a bit of a panic.

The issue became more evident since January when various government entities and the media began to openly complain about the number of vaccine doses that were being thrown in the garbage because of expiration. Why were the vaccines expiring before use? The media spin suggests that it was due to “government mismanagement”, while officials at the state level have admitted that it has been due to a significant drop in demand.

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    Patriot Attorney Tom Renz (who is working with Reiner Fullmich's team and representing America's Frontline Doctors) has released proof that he's gotten through government agencies and has filed in a federal lawsuit that 45000 people have been murdered by the Covid-Jab. The government is desperately trying to stop the public from knowing what's happening. Is this not proof that the Jab is the actual bio-weapon?

    Attorney Thomas Renz has filed in a lawsuit that at least 45 000 Americans have died within 3-days after getting the Covid Shot. Tom Renz has filed this in court as part of a federal lawsuit on behalf of America's Frontline Doctors. The number of people who have died as a result of the Jab is staggering, and Renz says he looks forward to suing Google or anyone else who censors this information for being complicit in causing DEATH

  2. They want to monitor the brain of your children to make sure they are ‘THINKING CORRECTLY’, and if not, they have WAYS to get inside their brain to ‘fix’ that problem! ‘Thinking correctly’ is defined as following government directives.

  3. The words Holy Grail used in her last article is a signal folks it has nothing to do with them living for a thousand years

    I've been telling you for months
    Alaska and Montana are central to their planning

    Oregon on fire (tower 1) and they referring to arizona as ground zero (tower 2)

    The Colorado Connection in number 58 above

    And the connection to the World CONstitution and Parliament out of Colorado

  4. And I find it pretty interesting in this article

    ShrewsBURY, hmm interesting word is it not

    Well take a looky here

    It says the following
    This chart shows the real inspiration behind the 10 TABLES within the Holy Place of Solomon’s Temple, that held the SHEWBREAD and CANDLABRUM. This chart also illustrates the symbolic 12 BULLS acting as a TABLE that held the BRAZEN SEA of WATER for cleansing the priests hands and feet of blood, just outside the Temple Porch, after they had killed the sacrifice.

    It's SPELLING MAGIC folks and she knows exactly what she is writing and saying to compell her captive audience


    The FDR fraud and the actor behind the mask

  5. Check this shit out, this guy reports on the weather warfare and chemtrails and the poisoning of the entire plan(it) and they are harassing him in the AIR SPACE

  6. Thanks Shelby for waking up the sleepers,

    Yup these Actors aren't asshamed : Same Group Thieves in various Suits, coordinated crimes together: BAR Judges, Banksters, Deputy, Clerks, IRS 1099-OID Amplified their Trust Extractions, via Fake contracts, Altered UCC.. At multi-folds... Never had a single proof of lending any money..

    Shame enough to see their misdated Wall-Street Note. But the Devils aren't ashamed..

  7. It was the AstraZeneca vax this time.- So sad,so young, poor soul.

    "VAXXED cooking instructor has massive stroke and dies on live stream
    This is a tough watch. She clearly has a major stroke and as she lays on the floor is unable to speak and has the voice changes associated with a near instantly lethal stroke as she dies. If you want a nice clear look at how people who are vaxxed are dying suddenly from blood clots, it could not be any more clear than this. Haunting tough watch."

    "What it looks like inside a blood-clotted brain: WARNING GRAPHIC
    If this is what the Jab's doing to people, no wonder they're dropping like flies"

    Like the Matrix - feeding the dead to the living....
    20 States legalizing the liquefying of dead humans and flushing them down the municipal sewer system. Many of them died from the "vaccine" and are being turned into bio sludge that is spread on food crops as a form of fertilizer.


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