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Monday, June 28, 2021

A Country Run By Stupid People

 By Anna Von Reitz

This is what I heard about America, repeatedly, this week---- overtly, explicitly, and sometimes with diplomatic tact, too --- but all the same message from friends and foes all over the planet. We are, according to them, a country run by stupid people.
Reading the newspaper this morning, I was struck by it again. The lead story was about the return of the remains of a young Aleut girl who died at an Indian Residential School from Tuberculosis in 1905. The article decried the "cultural genocide" (they finally found a name for it) that occurred especially in the Western United States and Canada for a hundred years following the end of the Civil War.
Oh, wait, the Civil War never "officially" ended.....
Between 1865 and 1965 hundreds of thousands of Native children were stolen and transported anywhere from ten miles to thousands of miles from home and family, to "residential schools" where strangers forced them into the mold of white Christian society and gave them the very distinct message that their native culture was something to be ashamed of and eradicated, their religion was savage superstition, and that they, themselves, were racially inferior and subordinate in every way.
Meantime, their parents were segregated and herded onto reservations, isolated, with no work, no way forward, and only the most meager sort of "government support" to eke out a truncated and miserable existence on welfare, or as factory slave labor, or as piecemeal workers for "charity" organizations.
I saw the tail end of this in Wisconsin. It wasn't pretty.
You would think that we, as a country, would have learned from this experience.
But, look what we are doing now, allowing Child Protective Services Agents --- Foreign Agents of Foreign Governments --- to steal children from parents and grandparents based on "Anonymous Tips" and to indoctrinate the kidnapped children according to "Government Specs" in the same exact way.
Isn't it about time we put our flat little feet down, and told our Public Servants to pound sand? Why wait a hundred years to wake up and say, oh, oops, wrong again? It's not right to take children from their families and indoctrinate them....
In America, tips about suspected crimes have to be substantiated and verified. In America, people have the right to face their accusers. In America, the government pays the costs of an investigation, not the party being accused.
But, now, thanks to a phony, undisclosed, illegal, immoral, and unlawful registration processes, most people aren't living in America anymore.
Instead, most Americans are presumed to be living in "the US" ---- a neighboring slave empire owned and operated by the Pope and the British Crown and a bunch of complicit American Toadies.
Our kids are being kidnapped; their for-hire Mercenaries are charging us between $6,000 per day and $9,000 per day for the service of kidnapping and trafficking our children--- and we are paying for it. Through the nose.
It's hard to argue with the snooty French diplomats, who ask--- who in their right mind would put up with this? Only stupid people would set up such a system, and worse, only stupid people would put up with it.
Here's another very important example.
In the B Section of the same daily news rag, there was an article about the nationwide blood shortage. The blood banks are on the ropes. Surgeons are having to rely on transfusions of saline solution, because there isn't enough blood to go round to the accident victims and those needing routine surgery.
Yet, in that entire article, they didn't tell us why there is a blood shortage.
There's a blood shortage because people who have been vaccinated can't give blood ever again, so the total responsibility for filling the nation's blood banks, including the military blood banks, is on us --- the unvaccinated.
If we don't hike up our sleeves, you'll have to suck wind.
Some time ago, our State Assemblies passed the first Public Law in over a century. It prevents corporations from creating GMO humans via patented mRNA injections and outlaws claims to own vaccinated people as property.
Why were we doing something like that?
Because in 2013, in a US Supreme Court case, Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, Inc., it was decided that corporations could create GMO humans by injection of foreign patented mRNA or DNA and could then claim them, living people, as GMO "products" owned by the corporation under patent.
According to the US Supreme Court, a foreign for-profit corporation could claim to own U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States---- as in slave ownership--- based on their voluntary acceptance of a patented mRNA product being injected into their natural genome.
And, boy, howdy, guess what just happened?
Now, it doesn't matter to us, Americans, what the US Supreme Court decides about "US" citizenry, because it's a foreign government, and they are all acting as foreign citizens. They are allowed to abuse their citizenry under their foreign standards and foreign laws all they wish.
If you are stupid enough to nod your heads and claim to be any species of "US" citizenry, or line up like cattle for slaughter and enslave yourselves as GMO Products owned under patent by foreign commercial corporations, what can we do about it?
I can tell you what we did....
Our States of the Union passed a Public Law against such patent claims, prohibiting such claims and allowing for the capital punishment of any person or entity exercising such claims against living people.
What this means for the Executives responsible is death by hanging or firing squad. What it means for corporations operating in this country and doing such things on our shores is liquidation down to the file cabinets.
You see, it's not just a matter of being run by stupid, crooked, immoral, insane persons. It's a matter of people so dull and complacent that they put up with it.
If you have been jabbed --- that is, injected with patented mRNA under the pretense that it was a "vaccination" against disease, and you are now finally getting the drift of it, that you've been "claimed" as a GMO Product, owned by a foreign commercial corporation as property---- let's just drum in the obvious:
According to THEM, you are now a slave, owned lock, stock, and barrel by THEM, and they can do whatever they want to do to you and your property assets, including your body, with no limitations whatsoever.
You are not considered "human" anymore, so you have no human rights, and you are not "natural" anymore, so you have no Natural and Unalienable Rights, and you are not owed any "equal civil rights" either, because there is no standard of rights left to be "equal to". Get it?
If THEY want to send you to concentration camps and euthanize you and seize your estate assets after you are dead, they can legally do so.
We have reasonable proof that that is exactly what they had planned for you.
But at the last minute, your old Tin Hat Countrymen, the Unvaccinated, came to your rescue and said --- eh, not on our land and soil.
So now, it's high time that you woke up and supported your neighbors who have protected your humanity and your rights, both civil and Natural, against this onslaught of corporate criminality.
It's time that we, the Americans, took it all back from the Stupid People who have allowed such a situation in the first place.


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  1. While going through a very contentious divorce 20+ years ago , I was threatened by social services that theymwould take my kids away and put them in foster care. I was smart enough and teaching Martial Arts at the time that I merely dared them. The result was thatnthey went away never to return. They are cowards, bullies and mostly lesbians who hate men. ....too bad they did'nt get real stupid and take me up on my offer.
    All you need is courage and the knowlwdge on how far you can play your hand. If someone threatens to take your kid just let them know it would be a fatal error on their part and be ready to back it up. It worked for me.