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Saturday, May 15, 2021

The Rubicon

 By Anna Von Reitz

Years ago I was privileged to correspond with Mary Croft. Mary is a legend for her ability to cut to the chase and say no to bureaucrats with authority and grace.
Just that. No.
No, you have no right or authority to vaccinate me or say one word to me about my health or lack of it. Private business. No contract. No compliance. No presumptions allowed.
Mary has demonstrated the Power of No on a perennial basis.
No to property taxes. No to registrations of any kind. No to foreclosures. No to the idea of private "persons" being saddled with public debts. No to government intrusion. No to Agencies --- not just Agency overreach, no to Agency pretensions of authority, full stop.
No to alleged Public Trust Interests of any kind.
Just stand there on your flat little feet and give the would-be Judge a baleful stare as Mary did on many occasions and say no.
This is where the buck stops and the pedal hits the metal--- that one little word: no.
I didn't give anyone any Power of Attorney over me or my assets and if any dirty dog claims otherwise, bring him forward to be examined.
Watch the guilty prosecutors turn green.
There is an attitude, something that comes from freeing yourself from the illusions of authority, a result of growing up and being an adult and being self-responsible ---- a sort of personal Rubicon that is involved.
Like Julius Caesar, we crossed that river. We are never going back.
No, I didn't agree to mortgage my house to pay off public debts.
No, I don't owe anyone any property taxes.
No, I don't agree to the Federal Reserve Scheme. I denominate all funds as Lawful Money.
No, I am not under any obligation of servitude to anyone, and that includes the court.
No, I don't drive motor vehicles. I go from one place to another using my own car, which I paid for with my own labor. Any questions?
No, you've got it wrong. I am the Employer and you are the Employee. It's my opinion that counts.
So long as I am not hurting another living being or damaging their property, you have no right or reason to even speak to me. And if you want to allege that I injured you, it's on your head to prove it.
Somehow, Mary Croft woke up one morning, shook her head, took in the view and blew the illusion of authority right out the window. She owned herself and exercised her own authority, and she did it with such incisive logic and purity of intent, that the paper dragons blew away like dust in the wind.
It doesn't require a degree in law. What it requires, in abundance, is common sense, and the guts to open up your mouth and say what's true.
Just say it. No. No. No. No. No.
I did not give my authority away to the Community Council. I did not give the Municipal Assembly power to dictate how I decorate my garage. Or how often I water my lawn. I didn't allow the City Council any ability to shut the doors of my business.
Let's see the contract with my name and signature on it.
No, I didn't give away my proxy to any U.S. Senator.
No, I didn't vote for Mayor Bergdick.. No contract on my part.
No, I am not part of any democracy. That's some other nation and government. Not mine. I live in a republican state, thank you.
No, I don't have any Federal Income. And if anyone gave me any, I denominated it as Lawful Money, so there's an end to that discussion.
Mary's attitude, and mine, is actually easy to adopt, and the Magic Words are easy enough to say. It's a matter of finding that Rubicon within yourself and saying good-bye to whatever External Authority Figure haunts your mind.
That figure, that black-robed Judge, is an Officer of a Probate Court, here to ask who you are. Tell him.
You, Sir, are my Employee. And all that you are supposed to be doing for me, is working on actual Maritime and Admiralty cases, not trying to impose any "Special Admiralty" jurisdiction on me.
My government didn't go anywhere. It's not absent, and neither am I. No, in fact, we are in Session. Right here. Right now. If you have any questions, it's time for an in camera hearing in your Chambers.
I last spoke with Mary about three years ago. She called to chew the fat and commiserate. Teaching people to stand up for themselves and think for themselves is a thankless task, especially as it isn't something that yields to logic alone.
"You have to feel it in your bones," Mary said, and as usual, she was right.
Find your Rubicon, and cross it.


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  1. Thank you Anna!

    Things are accomplished in this world when opportunity meets preparedness. We will never forget your labor of love, ever. Keith Pierson, Minnesota Assembly.

    1. That goes for you too Paul! Your steady hand is gift to us. Thank you Paul!

    2. Mary Croft was my beginning in this Journey; Karl Lentz also; many contribute to growth in Truth that sets one Free, when learned, owned in one's Heart & peacefully lawfully acted upon. So Thankful for so many's efforts- still learning, growing. KNowing who one is (living womb/man on land & soil) and is not (dead corp[se] fictional foreign entity(s)) seems Key to BEing Free for me. Saying "No Contract" gets easier; wearing my yellow badge: Public Notice: I am not your employee or dependent, constantly gives notice also. So glad I crossed my Rubicon years ago; so thankful for Anna's & Team TASA continuing Good Work of by and for the people/People, true self-governance in deed at its best.

      Teamwork makes the dream work, dear Ones. Standing one's ground, even when seemingly standing alone, takes courage but One is never really alone when part of the rescue AMerica team- for highest Good of All.

      Blessings & Love to All-- FreeMom7 :)

  2. Karl Luntz is big on simplicity, I a man require my property.
    And your rights are your property an infringement a common law trespass,a claim that trumps a complaint.

  3. .
    ""No, you have no right or authority to vaccinate me or say one word to me about my health or lack of it. Private business. No contract. No compliance. No presumptions allowed. ""

    Try that in the corporate court system owned by the BAR Guild- Ass. and shh how they treat the "person".


    1. .
      An administrative hearing officer [judge - a attorney in a black dress executing the bankruptcy]

      Cant claim what you dont own - "person - Birth Certificate"

      Cant cure stupid - no known medication


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  4. Watch the battle between judge /administor they bully everyone with thair contemp of court breaking his rules of decorum.90 days and start over.
    So they exploit that power .
    They supposedly can do that three times .
    If you got a good common law councilor he can inform the judge he can’t rule from the bench and ask if he has jurisdiction , inform him it’s a felony if he can’t prove it .do it’s a Mexican Stan off .
    But it’s the prosecutor who will be bringing the charges he’s the one to focus on do you have first hand knowledge of the crime ? Then it’s hear say
    Not admissible.
    Bring the man that I damaged and an representative of the state (attorney ) has not been
    damaged .
    Don’t understand the conflict Anna now has with David Straight something about trust oh I remember David suggests a religious exemption style impenetrable freedom of religion stand so what? If it is a way out of matrix so what.
    We’re talking Christians not synagogue of satin Uber corruption syndicate ZOG .
    Safety in numbers.

  5. Good Morning!

    Anna has mentioned using blue ink oncertain documents.

    This video features blue ink signed freemason sealed Books pertaining to the three constitutions and the "missing" 13th Amendment that was ratified...The Titles of Nobility Act

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    The Rothschild Cecil Rhodes / Churchill/ Eisenhower pulled same dirty tricks Rhodes killed 2/3 of the women an children.
    Ike and mad dog Churchill killed 13 million after 1945.
    The opean society is funding this killing genoside .
    Sorros is (((Swartz ))) .
    The Colorado river headwaters is owned by Rothschild. (((Nestle))) is buying all aquifers.
    They can turn off the supply and have especially in thair corporate crack downs forcing us to drink recycled sewerage water called city water .

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    It’s a ZOG money magic and Falce chart makers Mossad craft .
    The main weapon is flooding in radical foreigners who will be the Army Isteal Cohen speaks of .

  8. Mary croft is very intelligent and a badger when it comes to NO..!! But she is also a woman and is treated completely different than most men..if you dont thing so just look at all the men in jail compared to women...gender bias is alive and thriving in our courts. Abby ( remember her)tells me the same thing..she once recored a man being interogated by two policeman and they told her to stop and go back to your home..this is a private matter. She told them NO i wont. There is no one around and he deserves his rights too...!! If i ever tried that i would be placed under arrests and hauled off..!!
    She is 85 years old and the officers didnt want any controversy ..!!

    1. “The rest of the story “as Paul Harvey would say