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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

About All These Patriot Groups

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have been asked to comment on all the following: 

RuSA -- "The Republik"
National Assembly
Life Force -- Kim Goguen's Schtick
The Reign of the Heavens -- TROH

All these Patriot Groups suffer a Fatal Defect and that is the reason that we had to form the American States Assembly despite all these other groups milling around trying to do, ostensibly, the same thing.  Yes, and despite our own reluctance, too.  

We had hoped that once given the facts, people would simply do the right thing for themselves.  After all, when someone yells, "Fire!" we all look around and figure out what to do, don't we?  

Let me explain it in terms of The Three Little Pigs. 

If you build a house using straw, you get a straw house. 

If you build an assembly using Municipal citizens of the United States, you get a Municipal District Assembly. 

If you build using sticks, you get a stick house, right? 

And if you build an assembly using U.S. Citizens, you get a District Assembly.  

But if you build using bricks, you get a brick house. 

If you build using declared Americans, you get a State Assembly. 

The nature of the inputs determines the nature of the outputs. 

None of these other organizations result in a valid State Assembly, because they are not building with people standing in the correct political status to achieve that result.  They aren't using "bricks" so it is impossible for them to build a brick house.  

Some of these groups, notably 3141, which is attempting to organize at the county level first, the National Assembly, Life Force, and others, have claimed that they have a better, simpler process. 

We must observe that these organizations are not requiring people to declare their political status, so they are building, metaphorically, with straw and sticks--- and cannot build a house of bricks as a result.   

Their simpler process just leads back to the same old trap and results in creating more district assemblies. 

We will also observe that it is impossible to just hop from the High Seas to the soil of Maine. 

We have all been trafficked from our native County and our native State of the Union and have been cast adrift in the international jurisdiction of the sea by the birth registration process.  

The only way back is to reverse that process and go from the sea, to the land, to the soil, or to put this process in terms of political subunits, from the High Seas to the States to the Counties. 

1,2,3 is only reversed by 3,2,1. 

Or, by Maxim of Law, "As a thing is bound, so it is unbound." 

When people join their State Assembly, their Counties are automatically repopulated, too.  So there is no need for two separate efforts and no logic to what 3141 is doing, especially in view of where we are all starting out as a result of the birth registration process. 

I have also been asked, isn't there some way to make a blanket declaration and remove all these bogus registrations?  And the answer is no.  Because these registrations were created one-at-a-time, they have to be rebutted one-at-a-time.  We each have to make our decisions, and if we fail to record our decision about our political status, we will be British Territorial U.S. Citizens by default. 


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