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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Ask Mr. Trump

 By Anna Von Reitz

With world governments collapsing like a game of Nine Pins, and all sorts of talk about "restoring the Federal Republic" it is long past the time to discuss what the Federal Republic is. 

The Federation of States created the Confederation and the Confederation created the Federal Republic. 

The Federal Republic is the American-owned and operated federal Subcontractor providing governmental services under The Constitution for the united States of America.  

The Federal Republic was incorporated by the American Government, staffed by loyal Americans, and it protected and served American interests from 1787 until its untimely death in 1860 --- which resulted not via any fault of its own, but because the Confederation which was responsible for funding it, went bye-bye.

So that is what the Federal Republic was, that's who created it, and that's why it ceased functioning. 

If we want to restore the Federal Republic (and we do) it is simple enough for the Federation of States, which is now in Session, to renew its charter -- The Constitution for the united States of America.  

Then Americans can serve in an American organization to provide governmental services to the American States and People.

The Federation of States can directly oversee the Federal Republic's operations until such time as the Confederation is reconstructed.

Our loyal Territorial State-of-State organizations can be tapped to provide the funding for this venture.  And their Trustees can be obliged to remember who their Priority Creditors are. 

With this simple solution, Americans will be enabled to float their own boat, control their own Armed Forces, take care of their own monetary system, and revive their country after 160 years of mayhem.  

If the Brits want to reform their Territorial operations, that's fine, too.  

If the Pope agrees to abide by his contracts, even better. 

The fact remains that Americans should be in control of the American Government and their Federal Government, too.  It's our country, and they are our employees--- all of them.  

The infamous power-grabs and usurpations of the Corporations Act of 1870 and related Act of 1871 need to be set aside as unconstitutional, null and void, and the corporations, both Territorial and Municipal, need to be returned to American charter or liquidated, except for those actually allowed under the federal constitutions. 

That's the part that really sticks in the throat of the Queen and the Pope --- having to re-charter all those juicy corporations and give up all the coercive control that those corporations can exercise. 
Nonetheless, it has to be done.  In justice to the Americans and the debts that are owed, all those corporate charters and all the land titles need to be re-conveyed to our Federation of States, dba, The United States of America, and the States of the Union.

The liens and assignments to do this are already in place and standing on the international and global records. 

We have already done our Housekeeping and have enrolled all the States formed since 1860 as States of the Union, effective with the date that they entered Territorial Statehood.   

We have liened the assets of the Municipal STATES OF STATES and Territorial States of States, seized and liened the State Trusts, reassigned everything back to the States and The United States, and then, reassigned the international and global delegated powers to The United States of America.  

Everything has been done according to Hoyle and Doyle, nobody was cheated, and justice was done. 

So if Mr. Trump and the Generals want to reoccupy the Federal Republic and function under the auspices of this country again, it's easy enough to do, but they have to realize that the ability to charter American corporations is vested in our Federation of States.  

Without us to hold up our end of The Constitution for the united States of America, there is no Constitution to take refuge in; and equally, there is no need or sense in trying to go to some other sovereign entity to incorporate any foreign Municipal corporation doing business as the UNITED STATES REPUBLIC or the UNITED STATES OF NORTH AMERICA, etc.  

Our Federation of States functioned for five years without any additional instrumentalities and it can do so again if need be.  

The actual resurrection of the Federal Republic can only be done by Americans for Americans.  Anything involving foreign sovereigns and foreign charters and claiming to be "the Federal Republic" is another hoax.  

So, ask Mr. Trump and the Generals why they are dabbling around with all these foreign powers and relying on foreign charters, when the actual Federation of States is here and available and fully empowered to renew The Constitution for the united States of America?  

We don't need the Queen's permission or a charter from the Pope to do it.  That ability is in our hands as an independent and self-governing nation.  Our treaties and contracts with the Queen and the Pope are set in cement and already in place, so there is no question that it is our right and our responsibility to conduct our business and direct our employees.  

The Federal Republic belongs to us.  Nobody else.

So if you are going to restore the Federal Republic, don't you think you need to talk to the actual owners, instead of chasing tails and going off-shore to charter a substitute under foreign law? 

Especially when the actual owners have already liened and reassigned the assets, effectively demonstrating our presence and competence---and liquidating any trusteeship that is merely presumed to exist and which was never authorized by us?


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  3. Please explain who the "American Government" is. Thanks.