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Sunday, December 6, 2020

Parents and Grandparents -- Pop Quiz

 By Anna Von Reitz

Read the background information, then answer the questions:

We are under attack.  Our families are under attack. Our country is under attack. So, let me give you the 25 words or less explanation: 

After the Civil War, traitors in the Rump Congress and the U.S. Military betrayed us and went into business for themselves. 

Everything that we are experiencing now and all the bad things we have experienced prior to this are a direct result of this fact, but, it's a fact, that, of course, nobody ever taught you in Public School. 

That is, School for the Public.   The Public -- that's us, according to them.  

We are a separate population, and our education is being hand-crafted by those who are preying upon us in the same way a cattle rancher preys upon his cattle. There is a certain element of "care" involved, to the extent that he protects you from the wolves until you wind up on his own table. 

These generational criminals who have benefited from the crimes begun in the wake of the Civil War, have a vested interest in educating "the Public" to believe anything that they tell us to believe.  

Telling the truth -- that they got into power by committing treason and stealing everyone blind 150 years ago and ever since--- is not something they will teach you.  

You will have to learn and observe that for yourselves. 

It's not in their best interest to teach you the truth, so, they "educate the Public" to believe anything and everything else.  It's the Russians fault.  It's the Chinese.  It's the Iranians.  No, no, it's the Vietnamese!   It's the Germans.  It's a suspicious pink unicorn with a silver horn.... 

It's never the responsibility of the people actually responsible for it. 

It is no wonder that the British Broadcasting Corporation motto is: "Listen and Obey".  They are offering programming -- as in computer programming and brain-washing and B.F. Skinner's Behavioral Modification.  

They do this by a system of carrots and sticks.  

If you can repeat--- reliably and verbatim--- whatever it is they want you to "learn", you get rewarded.  If you can't or won't, well.... not so good.  And if, Their Goddess Forbid --- you learn to think for yourself, you will be branded "unadaptable" and placed in another "program".  

Get it?  It's all a bad joke.  We're not educated.  We're programmed. 

They have contrived to make this programming as efficient (in the factory model sense) as possible, with the goal of turning out sixty million widgets that walk alike, talk alike, think alike, and will try their best to buy everything in sight. 

The standard programming includes whatever beliefs, fears, and services that the governmental services corporations wish to sell---including belief in things that don't exist and things which you, conveniently, can't see, competitions that don't matter, debts that aren't owed, enemies that are actually friends, and a total failure of math skills and logic. 


At the same time that you are locked up in your homes with your disoriented children---- purportedly to "protect" you from a more infectious version of the Common Cold---- the Post Office is doing a booming business like never before. 

All those billions of packages, letters, catalogs and pieces of junk mail are being processed by however many hundreds of thousands of postal workers, mail carriers, truck drivers, and clerks, and all their germs, plus the germs of the senders, are being delivered to you.  

Oh, dear.  And this is just one (1) example. 

So why aren't your kids in school?  Why are you on "lockdown"?  Why is your business closed?  Why are you wearing a mask?  

It's obviously all for naught. 

And anyway, are you really afraid of the Common Cold, after surviving it repeatedly, probably every year of your life?    Well, if so, by all means, stay home.  Let everyone else cough and sneeze their way through it. At least we will cut down our own risk of bacterial pneumonia by not wearing a mask. 

Do you really think that there will ever be a vaccine that can single-handedly destroy the over 230 strains of the Common Cold virus?  Given the fact that more varieties are mutating all the time, and even being deliberately PRODUCED as PRODUCTS by crazy men and criminals in charge of CORPORATIONS in the business of selling VACCINES?  

Do we all need a more obvious demonstration of the Hegelian Dialectic?

These same criminals CREATED the "super infectious" version of coronavirus, and now, they are being REWARDED for doing so, with vaccine sales. 

My question to you, as parents and grandparents is ---- why are you putting up with this?  Why aren't you forcing the schools to open via political action, and once they open, why aren't you directing the curriculum and monitoring the teacher classroom performance?  

THEY may have a quid pro quo with the Teacher's Union, but we don't.  And as it happens, all those school buildings belong to us, the long-suffering Public.  We can hire and fire any public employee we want to hire or fire.  So let's get busy and do our job, so that our children can do theirs. 

Now--- this is a Test Question:  why aren't the criminals who developed this new, MORE infectious Common Cold virus--- being held accountable instead of being rewarded?  

If someone developed a virus to kill the Common Cold virus or adapt it to make it harmless, that would make sense and they should be rewarded, but someone who hypes up and makes the Common Cold more infectious? 

Should they be rewarded for this or stomped on?  

Logic tells us that they should be stomped on, their corporations liquidated and their assets sold to benefit the victims. The scientists responsible including the Virus Czar should all be in jail, recognized as common criminals, not reliable authorities.  

And the rest of us including our children should be living normal lives and going to competent and honest schools.  Imagine that? 

Achieving these simple common sense goals requires all of us to get off our duffs, dust off our logic sensors, and get organized.  

Go to: and turn on and tune in.  

P.S. Even though reopening the schools with their same-old directives and  curriculum in place is not recommended, I think Tucker did a bang-em-up job of revealing why it's good for kids to be in school and wrong to pen them up and delay their progress:


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  1. Very good again Common Sense and Critical Thinking -will share.

  2. 1666 ((( city of London))) took over treasury and CQV trust created .
    America ((( Alexander Hamilton Cohn))) Rothschild agent started unconstitutional standing ARMY appointed himself head of it and threatened the south .1811 charter of his bank was pending Rothschild threatened war if unapproved.
    War 1812.
    Second expelled in1836 Jackson called them a den of vipers.
    1860the communists homosexual Jewish attorney
    (((Aberham Lincoln Springsteen))) installed by banisters. For 7 million dollars .
    For most authority Dr Delorenzo. Lincoln was Bill Clinton times 100 .
    Government schooling created by ((( Rockefeller))
    Even Trump complains it’s child abound the books.

  3. Biden chooses former general for (offense) defense secretary 13K views.

    Everything i told you since october 2020 became true, to watch out for Obammby behind the thrown.

    Their foreign masters had picked ones for you. So well hidden isn't it ?

    So are you still believing in your own choice?


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