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Monday, December 14, 2020

Editorial: At This Critical Time, President Trump Should Take Action

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  1. There are the reasons NOT TO, DON'T listen to the stubborn bastard people. The Rockefeller Bashers. They don't know the difference between gold value and oil value. There's a big different 3000 time to 1 ratio at least. Banks - CORP.S are devilish PARASITES. They don't like to work. They like to extract anything that's easy for them, easy quick money. That means deception is their main focus.

    Bankers are thiefs they makes money by amplifying fake debts, deaths, stocks to swap with their stolen gold value, from fractional gold-backed , inflated in a newer form of HJR192, V2.

    American Army has been deceived for a long time, to make the UK+++×, U.S.INC Gold Theft possible. They went to secret CIA WARS FOR EXTRA LONG TIME TO blind their gold victims, to cover up their gold excravations.

    If you don't believe it then think about why would they have CIA secret war that last 45 years what make you think they do that for nothing ? to help the victim? That lie was to cover up theit clandestine GoldTheft op. Wikipedia should be charged.

    The thiefs are scared right now, to reconcile with the top Gold owners or not. See the RARE new moon MAJOR conjunction: Jupiter + SATURN. DEC 14 2020. Three (3) MEANINGS.

    Only the idiot think this is a joke. They don't have any evidence in front of the eyes. They only focus on what they like to delete. And manipulate something to make their beliefs appear true.


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