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Sunday, August 30, 2020

The Economics of The Other Great Debate - 2.0


By Anna Von Reitz

Meet John Maynard Keynes, the British architect of modern world economic policy, and try not roll your eyes upward toward the blue, blue sky.
The reason I say this is that Keynes came up with a lovely but patently wrong theoretic framework and concept for economic progress in the wake of the Second World War, which involved leveraging assets belonging to the people of this country to provide credit to rebuild all the other countries (Marshall Plan, my ass.) and, here's where it gets hip-wader deep, a constantly and forever expanding world economy.
This was largely based on the presumption that the world's population would continue to expand, and that "perceived needs" could be manipulated and increased via propaganda, to provide such a perennially expanding economy.
This is attractive and exactly what the battered and worn European countries wanted to hear after the Second World War; the American Generals who were sitting on a pile of American assets (garnered from all of us under conditions of Gross Breach of Trust, fraud, and deceit) were ready to invest, and so the deal was done and throughout the world, the name of John Maynard Keynes was heard to resound.
Not so much anymore.
The reason for the failure of Keynesian Economics is as obvious now as it was then:
(1) National and World Economies are the result of beliefs held by, and activities engaged in, by living people, and will forever contract and expand based on changes in those beliefs and activities as well as changes wrought by natural disasters and technological advancements. Read that: a perpetually expanding economy is a pipe dream akin to The Big Rock Candy Mountain.
(2) The Generals were investing money and assets that weren't theirs in investments that amounted to endless Black Holes; once the European nations got access to our credit to rebuild their war damages and pay for their defense, they became a queer combination of dependent and greedy, and wasted no time in "failing their way to success".
The concept of failing one's way to success is best exemplified by the career of General Robert McNamara, whose affable and high-minded personality enabled him to ingratiate himself despite having no talent at all at managing a business, and whose sense of timing enabled him to always exit his disasters right before the ax fell.
In the same way, the nations of Europe that became dependent on American largess in the wake of WWII, deliberately milked it above and beyond any sense or reason, and when they had succeeded in killing the cash cow, beat a hasty retreat and have attempted to wash their hands of the results.
One pregnant example of this is the fact that most European countries have spent 2-4% of their own money on their own defense for the past 75 years, the actual tab being picked up by "the Americans" and charged to us by U.S. Territorial Generals, who were also ---- of course ---- profiting themselves mightily by peddling their services as part of this Round Robin of self-interested fraud on the part of all Parties concerned--- except for the actual Americans who were The Goats.
It wasn't until Donald Trump got a look at this that it was even addressed as an issue. Apparently, we are expected to pay the defense costs of Western Europe and most of the rest of the world for eternity, and this is all part of Keynes' half-baked perpetually expanding theory of world economics.
Sooner or later, reality sets in, and as Margaret Thatcher observed-- other people's money runs out. Endless outflow requires at least an equal endless inflow, or the system consumes itself, and as the European nations and members of the former Commonwealth taught the U.S. Generals--- its hard to get inflow from turnips.
So the expense heaped upon us without our knowledge or consent has bankrupted "the US Incorporated" and "the USA Incorporated" --- both, and what we hear from the Generals is either silence or threats. To all appearances, all they have been able to come up with is another half-baked plan to steal the mineral resources of Third World countries and manipulate currency markets.
Now, everyone is looking at us, the Americans, who weren't consulted about any of this, and who never authorized any such deals, as if any of it were our fault and as if we benefited from any of this fraud and Breach of Trust by our Employees.
The first apparent result is that Keynesian Economics is an Epic Fail, and the admission of this fact is seen in the worldwide "Sustainability" Movement.
Someone, somewhere, most likely at the Vatican, jerked awake in the middle of the night and realized that endless, thoughtless, unbridled expansion of the world population is not a good thing --- even though it is required to keep the Keynesian Model going.
Other Parties realized that the efficacy of generating "felt needs" in the American population via endless advertising and propaganda --- and generating sales as a result --- was not enough. Our gross consumerism couldn't, by itself, keep the Keynes Model pumping iron.
And no matter how many juicy hamburgers and jock straps they inserted into the TV programming, and no matter how much fear they generated to promote more government services, things were topping out.
The Law of Diminishing Returns arrived with a thump on September 11, 2001 and the de facto default on Brady Bonds.
This is by far the most theatrical bond default in history, but what can you expect when Hollywood West and Hollywood East (DC) combine their efforts?
The answer of the U.S. Generals on that occasion was the same as it has always been--- more war, more take-overs, more pillaging of the people and resources of other countries --- to prop up their own service contracts and avoid the looming specter of what they call the "real economy".
For the uninitiated, the "real economy" is where we live; the "false economy" is where they live.
The false economy is generated by an endless supply of paper chits issued as U.S. military script, enforced by legal tender laws, based on American credit and backed by American assets, and all predicated upon the unjustified and unjustifiable presumption that we knew about this and approved of it.
However, these Employees who are supposed to act under a very famous and very public contract -- The Constitution of the United States of America --- are not legally or lawfully enabled to act under self-declared but otherwise non-existent "Emergency Powers" to do any of this, and the other Principals exercising our Delegated Powers "for" us, the Pope, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor of London, are all fully aware of these facts.
It's a con game, and a shameful one; and, though perhaps somewhat necessitated at the beginning by the destruction in Europe and Japan and elsewhere caused by WWII, its continuance and all attempts to blame the American victims of all this "US" finagling "in our names" cannot be justified.
So here we come to rebuilding a new economic paradigm. The answer of the Roman Catholic Church, acting in its profane secular capacity? In a word, "Sustainability"-- full stop, reduce the population dramatically by any means fair or foul, circle the wagons and try to come up with new excuses to claim an ownership interest in living people by using patented DNA and RNA inserted into their natural DNA to turn them all into legally-defined GMO Products.
The Church has done some really odious things in its long struggle to impose worldwide poverty --- their answer to The Other Great Debate --- but this one takes the birthday cake.
We are supposed to be good little cows, and as the motto of the BBC loudly proclaims, "Listen and obey." and meekly accept being bankrupted and oppressed by people on our payroll?
Need we point out that this proposed Second Round is even crazier than John Maynard Keynes?
Not only are the Americans awake now, they have called their actual and properly declared Government into Session to deal with this nonsense. No, we are not remaining silent and complacent. We have been grossly defrauded in Breach of Trust. These criminal acts against a non-combatant civilian population that has been at peace since 1814 cannot be excused as acts of war or waved away as a "mistake" owing no restitution.
Nor can we be induced to "trust" --in any fashion-- those who have brought the world to the brink of this insanity and allow them to act in our behalf or in our names.
We are owed the bulk of everything on this planet and we are not "missing" and cannot be "presumed dead". We are not war-like people, not bent on vengeance; we are far too practical for that, but we do demand fair-minded and practical answers for ourselves and everyone else going forward.
Violence of any kind including weather warfare, lawfare, psyops, civil war, aggression in the Middle East, or aggression against China ---- none of that is justified and we unilaterally oppose it.
It turns out that Jesus has always had the answer, and we have economic models that actually make sense and work, as well as the technology to deliver the benefits to the world. Above and beyond that, our underlying assets and the credit and the profits thereof, belong to us, so we have every right and reason to speak up and tell our employees what we want done.
What we want done is not thus far what they are doing, so unless the other Principals want to be exposed as Hypocrites, Liars, Thieves, Con Artists, Incompetents--- and worse, it's time to direct our Employees according to our Will, and for all of them to fulfill their very public contracts.
We, the actual Americans, shall be securing our assets around the world and taking charge of this nightmare; anyone who wants to oppose us should reflect upon the fact that they are all bankrupt, both in the air and on the sea, and our jurisdiction is the only jurisdiction left that has the assets and insight and ability to sort this madness out without devolving into totalitarianism.
So, if you want abundance and the freedom that goes with it, support us and our actual Government in international jurisdiction, which is our unincorporated Federation of States, doing business since 1776 as The United States of America.
If you want more results from the same "Planners" that brought us to this impasse, support the UN CORP and let them use the United Nations organization as a storefront for ever-increasing criminal activities.


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  1. Thanks! I was answering a lady about Mexico and slightly touched Catholics. I also saw the upcoming world order. I compare it to the 1400's where Europe is desparately searching for survival. So we are panicking!

  2. Keynes spend your way out of debt ,meeses or Austria economic s sound money gives everyone confidence to build .
    Jefferson said central bank is more dangerous than a standing Army.
    That them the money changers back 1700 BC .the Talmudic godless slave system brought toRome Justinian who marries a Jewish princess.
    And William the conquer brought it into England in 1066 William help build the spiders web city of London crime central.