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Monday, August 3, 2020

Mask wearers operating on pure fear, go completely insane and hurt others.

Jerry DeMarco Jul 31, 2020 SEEN HER? Clearer video shows a woman assaulting a Staples customer in Hackensack, breaking the victim’s leg, after she asked the assailant to wear her coronavirus mask. FULL STORY:
The couple throws hot coffee at a man because he wasn’t wearing a mask, get their asses beat and then play the victim card to the police. Full story here:

A Toronto man destroyed a pizza display because another customer was not wearing a mask - u/RxdditRoamxr #Toronto #COVIDIOT #COVID19Ontario — blogTO (@blogTO) July 31, 2020

Utah woman assaulted by fellow Walmart shopper for not wearing mask, police say

Man killed by police after mask dispute at ... - ABC News

Jul 14, 2020 - DETROIT -- A Michigan sheriff's deputy on Tuesday fatally shot a man suspected of stabbing another man who had challenged him about not ...

Ontario man killed by police after altercation over refusing to ...

Jul 16, 2020 - A 73-year-old Ontario man was shot and killed by police shortly after an ... at a Minden, Ont., grocery store because he refused to wear a mask.

Arlington fines groups of more than three on sidewalks
Independent Sentinel

Arlington County, Virginia has a rule that looks like it was recommended by Communist China. They passed a new rule that if more than three people gather on the street, they will each be fined $100. It’s not America any longer, at least not in Arlington.
How is this acceptable and why are people allowing it under the false guise of safety?


This is why McDonald's is closing 200 locations this year

Well, things aren't going too well for McDonald's this year. This week, the fast-food franchise announced that it plans to close 200 locations by ...


  1. Like it or not, unless one wants a broken leg or worse, one should wear a mask. This is no time to try to make a point. You cannot win an argument with a crazy person. Not worth it.

  2. HCQ is sold over the counter in Mexico and many countries. Why not in the US? Because vaccine makers want to force an expensive, untested, dangerous RNA vaccine on the population. Fight Back and stand your ground! Mask Mandates Lead to Vaccine Mandates – Don’t Let That Happen To You Or Your Children. If they force this dangerous vaccine on your children; they will be mind controlled, chipped and bar coded like an animal. This Satanic (Mark of the Beast) RNA vaccine will modify your DNA (your God given genetic code) in a way that could kill or produce disastrous results. Why spend billions to rush the development of a vaccine when HCQ, zinc and Zithromax are fully capable of treating and curing COVID-19? Make HCQ an over the counter drug now! Imagine the lives that could have been saved if this $20.00 treatment protocol had been revealed sooner.


    Not only will they want to vaccinate you but within the actual vaccine itself will be some form of nanocrystal tracking or scanning quantum dye dot that will enable you to be monitored and tagged like cattle. Are you going to allow that? Your God given DNA will be modified FOREVER (Mark of the Beast). You’ll go from being owned by God to being owned by Lucifer.

    Mask - No, it’s not just a piece of cloth, nor does it protect you or anyone from ANY virus. Nor is it a fashion accessory. Do you see what they’re doing? They’re trying to minimize the fact that the face diaper mask has become a ball and chain, symbolic of your subjugation.

    Leading politicians, government officials, CEOs, and UN administrators all know about the efficacy of HCQ, and yet they have collaborated to deprive the American people of its use. All the while they, themselves, are secretly taking HCQ prophylactically. These collaborators are guilty of crimes against humanity and mass murder. Anonymous D.C. Insider Exposes Ultra-Secret Covid Conspiracy Inside the Beltway

  3. The young authoritarian are Neg. Capricorns, either their way or highway. In most cases, A.BAR Thieves are Narcissist, Neg. Capricorp, associated with neg.Pisces sign.

    I saw them ahead on my Radar on the night of a full-moon Aug-2,2020, heard a dog or wolf hallowed barking at mid-night. Something bad or strange will happen near me (I thought), and sure enough things happened on next day Aug 3, 2020, a group of Neg. Capricorns + Pisces showed up on my front door, drilling changing my front-door deadlock. They couldn't get through, due to top metal I put on my deadlock. This slowed therm down; they had to break my back doors to come in to analyze things, I was invisible to them, by the time I got most important things out of their hands, they made so many mistakes.

    They are Bad thieves, NOT Sheriffs. 4-5 hours Later they came back with 3-4 drill bits, and Powerful Dead-Boldlock, it turns out, they lost, I won, I get to charge them Stiff Penalties, and they couldn't run away with my properties without High-Price Penalties.


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