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Friday, May 15, 2020

The Story of Influenza.

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  1. Excellent to see this all coming forth! I & my mates have researched various topics concerning their electrical grid poisoning. Even in our homes today, dirty electrical lines disaffect us. EMF tech is finishing their job, Smart Meters on electric & gas, 5G installations.
    These are constant agitating sources.

    EYES OPEN as what has been done to our schools during this shut-down? Are our children's schools EMF'ed? Hospitals filled w EMF poisons.

    Praise to the GREAT CATHOLIC Father Leonard E. Finney MICM the Point Magazine 1957 said: “Having a television in your home is like having a jew in your living room”.

    Lets consider the timeline:
    >> 1916 Brooklyn New York Polio epidemic outbreak, said by Rockefeller Labs. Polio was extremely rare until the jews spread it.
    >> 1917 Brooklyn New York 30,000 Brooklyn jews were the Bolsheviks slaughtered by hand over 60 million White Christian Russians
    >> 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic, said origin France, military infected by injection

    JEWS are The Poisoners

    The 1916 New York City polio epidemic was an epidemic of polio ultimately infecting several thousand people, and killing over two thousand, in New York City, primarily in the borough of Brooklyn. The epidemic was officially announced in June 1916... Wikipedia

    Combating the 1916 Polio Epidemic in Roslyn From the Bryant Library Archives Endnote: There is still no cure for polio. It was eventually determined to be a virus with three types, and it was not until the 1950’s and 1960’s that the Salk and Sabin vaccines were effectively developed to prevent the disease. The virulence of the 1916 epidemic has continued to fascinate scientists and historians, and many books and articles have been written about it.
    For a recent perspective, I highly recommend an article by H.V. Wyatt of Leeds University, entitled, “The 1916 New York City Epidemic of Poliomyelitis: Where did the Virus Come From?” ( Dr. Wyatt proposes that the virus escaped from the lab at the Rockefeller Institute in Manhattan, where experiments on polio were being performed. In light of the role George Draper and the Rockefeller Institute played in combating the epidemic in Roslyn, I found this article particularly relevant.

    What do we have yet AGAIN TODAY, but the same damn thing JEWS behind it all & profiteering. WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE for us to wake up?

    Now observe as said weeks ago implementation of Contact Tracers, & will say again, now watch for Palliative Care Teams to force signing for self-murder of those whose health is going to cost the jews too much & once killed, the jews capture your wealth trusts AND collect in COLI Corp Owned Live Insurance. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?


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