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Saturday, May 16, 2020

ContraLand Video, Interdicting Child Trafficking

Found Here:

Spread this far and wide!

Their website is --

Their "ContraLand" movie website is --



  2. I've watched about 50 minutes of this and there is no mention whatsoever of the Roman Catholic Church's involvement with child sex trafficking. Case after case has been brought against this fallen and prideful sectarian cult evidencing how children were passed between clergy for sexual exploitation. Children were selected and groomed by false priests and traded among clergy. The Bishops knew; the cardinals knew and even the fake popes knew what was going on and did nothing! The fact remains that this homosexual cult, formerly known as the catholic church, has embedded itself into the government, U.N. and god know what else while sex-trading children in their empire and even blessed it as well.

    1. I agree 100% with what you are saying, If it was left up me I would take those stupid people in the AFRICAN DESERT and let the animals have lunch and supper on there SORRY ASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. All about the money Craig Sawyer is a fraud, I have watched him do nothing for years except spend his donations on himself and movies to make him look good.

  4. Evidence exists that shows women in the poor district of London long long ago this was going on. The Ripper stories were just that and no basis for the story even made in to big play, Jack Ripper cards and shirts, stuff for sale, merely a theme. Evidence shows that the mothers in areas where prostitution was one of few jobs that paid in the poor district at all were seeking retribution against child theft of their own child. It appears the killings were done as warnings or to shut them up. On the wealthy side of London at that time a man could go to a dance show and pick out one or two to meet upstairs and chattel were simply property like cattle. Growing their business over the years it has now reached a much larger amount of people and same secrecy in place amongst some who hold offices created to serve people. Create problems then fund and charge up more to peoples labor to solve the problem. Yet when does it get solved? Martial law is in effect since Lincoln here on this soil and obviously world wide. Tom Jefferson said if people ever gave up their managing their own food and medicine that most certainly it would be the end of any people governing themselves and wind up yet another feudal lord (s) run slavery disaster.

  5. You can always tell how big a problem is when main stream media never mentions it. This is a perfect example


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