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Friday, May 29, 2020

Constitutional Attorney Eviscerates Dershowitz's Claim of Constitutionality

Found Here:

Alan Dershowitz is just another lefty plant. He appears on Fox often and they try to legitimize him but he is just another cog in the deception machine of their "fair and balanced" controlled opposition so called "news" channel.  
We should all treat their poisoned needle like the deadly weapon that it is and act accordingly to defend ourselves. 
What is that saying again? Oh, Never bring a knife to a gunfight!


  1. A New King of ENGLAND to rule American again, Another forgiveness scam again?

    They claim of their FAKE DEBT forgiven? I don't want the UK new King scams, After so much of damages done to me, my entire family and country. We never had debt in the first place, the crooks owe/d us for an extra long 150+ years. They sounds like Swiss-Indo scam:

    911 was a $24-30 trillion GWB THeft, plus another Conspiracy to steal Iraqis wealth++, now saying it's an excuse for people to accept a NEW fake UK KING for America? Saying that Qn 2 is fake, she's dying any way, Mr. Pope... Don't lie no more.

    Together with FoxNews, they all are not trust-able. Claiming their New UK Kings + Vatican connected to Christ now? with Donald Trump ready to inject needles and paperwork's into our souls ? Sounds very fishy.

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    2. I wonder if she understands what a US CITIZEN is and means???????

    3. If U R A US CITIZEN then Dershowitz is absolutely correct!!!!!!!

  2. I was leaving comments on Fox New's website tonight over these Soros funded domestic terrorist riots across the country and sat there and watched my comments being deleted. It was unbelievable. Fox News is no better than CNN. Same game...just different sides of the coin.
    Wait until the President of Fox News Corp gets my fax on Monday morning letting them know EXACTLY what I think of their org.

  3. Dimowitz just spilled the beans on the object of statutory law. Oh, Alan, is this your moment in the confessional box?

  4. A word to the wise - don't get tested for COVID. The tests are unreliable - many false/positives. Pure insanity.

    They violate your and other's constitutional/privacy rights.
    So much for constitutional protections. The following guy had mild symptoms and participated in a COVID test center. He tested positive even though he had mild symptoms that were gone in 2 days.

    Contact Tracing: Your governors, red or blue, are coming after you

    "These were just two of the foot soldiers in an army of 4,000 “contact tracers” hired by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, according to the Houston Chronicle, who signed a $295 million contract with Albany, New York-based MTX Group Inc., which partners with Google and SalesForce to data-mine the public and store their data forever in the Google Cloud."

    "He was placed on notice that he must turn over all requested personal health records, as well as the names, addresses and phone numbers of each person he’d been in contact with, along with the places he’d visited, for several days leading up to his infection.

    If he refused to comply with the eight directives listed in the letter, he would be subject to criminal charges carrying up to 180 days in jail, a fine of $2,000, or both."

    1. Once you give up your DNA either through testing or contact tracing - they have got you by the balls. They could fashion a vaccine or drug tailor made to kill you.

    2. Hell I've heard they are digging through your trash for your DNA

  5. Message to the Vermin:

    You lied so much every day, to me and to million other people daily. Everything rosy you say, promise /d are Not real, and you are being charged for your CRIMES & TREASON.

    You always want to give yourselves options to offset your Fake Debt, by proposing your shady deal. So that won't work for me; I'm not so stupid to follow your SCAMS. You're stuck now, the best way to get out is to read the given American Law Instruction. Otherwise you will be charged more and more forever, for your fake / fraudulent lien or bogus deed.

  6. Thanks for posting this Paul. We all must be vigilant.
    So while all of this Chaos, confusion and continuing division goes on, did you see:
    We also have a launch back into space from america. A space craft refereed to as,
    'Crew Dragon.'
    Much talk of a program called Artemis, The Artemis program. Well who is Artemis,and is this important or even relevant?
    Artemis seems to be a false god, or goddess to be more precise. She and her cult is mentioned of in the Bible(acts 19) along with several others. She is the goddess of the hunt and the moon.
    Did you know that NASA uses a logo designed around her?
    The Goal of the 'Artemis' program is to send the first woman and the next man to the Moon!
    i found Trumps speech on being the first to mars etc. also interesting and enlightening.
    All of this seems so subtle, but is it? Is it all a coincidence?
    Who do they worship?

    1. Since Gw Bush <<< first to mars etc.
      I haven't seen it happens, never will happen due to great distance foods-shortage,no hotel, now power, no sewer, don't believe the Narcissist - President of the US(Inc) or USA(Inc) of the pope and Fake Queen, admitted..

    2. They worship the Sun and the Moon (SOLOMON)
      The bible is a sun and moon worship book not religious

      Read the comments under the below article

      They are all frauds

      They never went to the damned moon
      Free mason liars is what they are and this latest shit is no different - bilking to populace for billions of dollars for fake shit
      NASA is part of the weather warfare and psychological operations they spewing all over the world
      More stealing tax payer money to send you in to poverty and servitude to the bullshit

    3. Read about NASA and their shit at John C Stennis 'space' station in Alabama in the below article

      Then listen about how Stennis was used to create Katrina and kill hundreds of thousands in the Gulf
      Stennis was a FREE MASON

      This is how they kill and murder then steal the land and everything else then create their fake public private partnerships all in plain sight
      This is how they claim 85% OF THE us LAND MASS AS THEIRS

      Formed all those National Parks and labeled it as protected ;ands so as they can declare them off limits to the HUMAN HERD AS THEY ARE DOING RIGHT NOW (this is all part of 2030, 2050 plans)

      Blame climate change, mother nature and even all of us for the shit


      While 85% of the US land mass is quarantined off from all of us it is free for them to use as they please

  7. The free masons follow their own CONstitution

    (“So that the Israelites, at their leaving Egypt, were a whole Kingdom of Masons, … under the Conduct of their GRAND MASTER MOSES”)


    Comment under the video above
    NORAD CDC Virus [Made in China] for the U.S. Military to {spray in the skies} of your lands for the Pope on Dope!!!
    We have warned you that JADE HELM 15 “never“ went away……..., and we have “shown you” THAT the U.N. Troops wear your local…….., county……., city…..., and even “State Police” Uniforms!!! / * \ WE have told you that U.N. Troop [have put on] your U.S. Back Wards “FLAGS” military Uniforms….., and what have you nonmason done??? You said: My Daddy is a FREE MASON…., My mommy is an Eastern Star..., My Daughter is Rainbow Girl.., and my Sister is a “Shriner” Jobs Daughter., and then all you [Anon] whom are now dead??? You said, My Brothers and Sons are Demolay!!!! I warned you that the “U.S. FLAG” now Works for the UNITED NATIONS as the World Police for these Incubus and Succubus, and you wonder in your “home towns” doing not one damn thing about them FREE MASON “Lodge Members” whom run your Prisons, your Courts, Your Police, and your Small Towns to Mega Cities….., and now that the “Norad Virus” from Corona is being used as a COVER as the CDC just puts Arsenic in {The Medications} +=+ they say to take for the Flu…..., you are surprised they are killing “your nonmason” children first too break your spirits???

    Read the rest under the video linked above


    No I don't like violence nor do I want anything destroyed but you best take heed that these people are psychopaths

  8. I was Unable to Change my Printer's parameters to text_to_characters, only in Graphic-print. F*k The French Crooks.

    Only now in 2020 they told people about their Fraudulent corporations, Why didn't they tell people at the time they colluded with the FED back in 1880 - to 1980? F*ck the Goodle-Microft Devil-Scriptting codes, invading our computers, concealing hiding.

    1. That's how they change the history and destroy the people and their 'culture'

      Have to ask yourself if this is really what they formed back then or is this the new narrative to fit the bill of the day??

      Use those special coding skills you have to whack the hell out of them

    2. Some outfits out on the web charging $2,000 bucks a head to get your paperwork filed!
      And isn't it funny the organization is called
      A W A R E - Are We All Really Educated

      Anyone ever look up the word educated?
      Etymology, the study of the origin of words (, will best help us in our lofty endeavor:

      EDUCATION (n.) – From the 1530s, “childrearing,” also “the training of animals,” from Middle French education (14c.) and directly from Latin educationem (nominative educatio) “a rearing, training,” noun of action from past participle stem of educare (see educate). Originally of instruction in social codes and manners; meaning “systematic schooling and training for work” is from 1610s.


      Ok then… the training of animals it is. But who and what exactly do these elitist syndicate-men consider to be animals?

      ANIMALISM (n.) – “the doctrine that man is a mere animal,” 1857, from animal + ism. Earlier, “exercise of animal faculties; physical exercise” (1831).

      ANIMAL (n.) – From early 14c. (but rare before c.1600, and not in KJV, 1611), “any living creature” (including humans), from Latin animale “living being, being which breathes,” neuter of animalis “animate, living; of the air,” from anima “breath, soul; a current of air” (see animus, and compare deer). Drove out the older beast in common usage. Used of brutish humans from 1580s.

      BEAST (n.) – c.1200, from Old French beste “animal, wild beast,” figuratively “fool, idiot” (11c., Modern French bête), from Vulgar Latin *besta, from Latin bestia “beast, wild animal,” of unknown origin. Used to translate Latin animal. Replaced Old English deor (see deer) as the generic word for “wild creature,” only to be ousted 16c. by animal. Of persons felt to be animal-like in various senses from early 13c. Of the figure in the Christian apocalypse story from late 14c.

      ZOON (n.) – “animal form containing all elements of a typical organism of its group,” 1864, from Greek zoion “animal” (see zoo-).

      POLITICAL (adj.) – From the 1550s, “pertaining to a polity, civil affairs, or government;” from Latin politicus “of citizens or the state” (see politic (adj.)) + -al (1). Meaning “taking sides in party politics” (usually pejorative) is from 1749. Political prisoner first recorded 1860; political science is from 1779 (first attested in Hume). Political animal translates Greek politikon zoon (Aristotle, “Politics,” I.ii.9) “an animal intended to live in a city; a social animal.”

      ZOO – word-forming element meaning “animal, living being,” from comb. form of Greek zoion “an animal,” literally “a living being,” from PIE root *gwei- “to live, life” (source also of Greek bios “life,” Old English cwicu “living;” see bio-).


      HENCE YOU HAVE MR BEZOS AND AMAZON (more like BOZO the clown)

      Laughing in our faces EVERY SINGLE DAY

      Mighty lucrative business wouldn't you say?

    3. The information above came from the following article


  9. I suggest you read the entire article

    A clip from the article
    The primary mainframes to this Zion matrix is the NSA Database in Utah and the British Government Communications Headquarters and their Tempora system. Rabbi Yosef Yitzhak and Rabbi David Lau are top Zionic programmers working with Israeli intelligence. High level members in the Jesuits and Freemasons are also members.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Dr Eli Lilly as in drug manufacturer working for the NIH

    These people are psychopaths to a degree that is beyond
    I would call this INSANITY and this is what the militaries of the world are supporting for this world

  11. Bannon: We Will Be in a Kinetic War with China If We Don't Win the information War
    In summary our Narcissist Gov’t wants to attach their earnings to as much people as they can attach, in the name of America, by their lawless Corporations U.S.(Inc), and U.S.A(Inc., Ltd). Their Top EU Masters pay them, to meddle with the Chinese affairs. Sanction is the name of their Financial Games = Admiralties, Not democracy, get it right Mr. Brannon. You provoke CCP.

    IF 1st Amendment is so important, why your Corp. Courts ignore American defense 97%+ against the Bankers fake loans?

    What signs are Narcissist?
    Aries, Sagittarius, Leo.
    Also Capricorn, Scorpios, Virgo can become Fire-sign in their older ages.

    Who else like to work for Narcissist?
    Air-sign (Libra, Aquarius) then Pisces (= Politicians, Bar attorneys =dreamy, imbalanced, pretenders).

    What’s the reason why 20% of Air-sign loves to work for Narcissist? easy life, fun, simply and quick earnings, legal or not, they don’t care.

    This is psychology and pattern recognition.


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