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Saturday, March 28, 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Top Doctor EXPOSES EVERYTHING The Deep State Is Trying To Hide About CV | Dr. Shiva

Found Here:

Is COVID 19 a manufactured bio weapon?

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If the first video wasn't enough proof to suit you try this article.


  1. Replies
    1. I'm so sick of this Trump need to address all this crap they need to lock this criminal's


  2. Topics - All things [Topics] are tied together, causing the present results that have a similar causality; with the 5G / virus; as the same things have happened in the past 102 years with frequency's!

    Further when you know the real truth and when and where they occurred; when we became entrapped the easier it is for everyone to understand.

    Gratitude - keep moving forward

  3. Dr. Shiva is an amazing man. He is so educated and his life experiences have shaped his morals which are very high. Everything he says I agree with. This is the kind of man we need in the senate!

  4. It is important to listen to the whole interview. Everything Dr Shiva commented on resonates very closely with my own personal opinions regarding the Coronavirus and the Deep State.

  5. I personally believe this is a virus set in place by the deep state to uproot the Trump Presidency . I believe it was created in Harvard and placed in a market in Wuhan China to cast blame upon the Chinese and create world hysteria. The Chinese already have a propaganda campaign against the US and considers this Virus a bio weapon deployed by Americans. I think it is plausible.

  6. I appreciate the message. But to be honest. Seeing the doctor screaming racist to the man and the people is very immature. I seriously don't think behaving that way is going to raise anyone up. Dr how can you feel ok treating people like that. I understand that ya were not in agreement. I personally don't like racist activities. But why do you think you will change anyone's mind by poking the bee hive? What good is it going to do? What happened to taking the high road and treat people with dignity or leave them to their own chaos?

    I would like to see humanity treat each other better than that. I hope we can learn to appreciate that we all have different points of view. That is what makes america great. Let's be kinder to each other.

  7. 1971 before internet, & when Shiva was 8, RAYMOND SAMUEL TOMLINSON (April 23, 1941 – Mar 5, 2016) was a pioneering American computer programmer who implemented the first email program on the ARPANET system, the precursor to the Internet, in 1971; he is internationally known and credited as the inventor of email

    1. Shiva's Billionaire Sugar Daddy is JEW Robert Mercer?? - That "Mercer" pf CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA infamy.
      JEW Bob Mercer funded brazen PEDO-amorous JEW SODOMITE Milo Yiannapolous who “resigned” from Breitbart after offensive comments he made defending pedophilia.

      NEXT UP: Shiva's 'white racist supremacist' assailant is NOT WHITE, Paul Solovay is a JEW, non-White.

      SEE this video of Shiva bull-horned, as JEW Solovay wackadoo approaches Shiva, as Shiva yells w the bull-horn in Solovay's face. CLEARLY SHIVA WAS PROVOKATOUR FIRST- but since he's a Brown Man in a White Mans NATION, Shiva is excused & WHITES ARE BLAMED for the JEWS crime.

      WHO IS FALLING FOR SHIVA? Wait until you see his Tweets. Its all about him teaching us, about OUR WHITE RACIST SUPREMACY, when Shiva's Brown immigrant azz came here to OUR WHITE NATION, on grants aka pretty much free professional student aided by JEWS dispensing OUR WEALTH to their immigrants.
      Tweet: As an Educational service, I'll conduct an "Identifying White Supremacy" workshop for "White Liberals" Some previews...
      Tweet: BLOCKED Free Speech and forcibly kept out all media from "White Supremacist" Rally. Disgusting!" <<<<

      SHIVA IS THE MOST RACISTS FRAUDSTER. He is the racist. How it is folks fall for such cr*p becuz he tells us what we want to hear when we want to hear it.

      If Shiva is soooo concerned about proper behaviors, then why was he bull-horning, screaming at folks waiting in line. THEN after the JEW punches him, Shiva then screams across the street to White looking people, ok cuz they could be JEW, calling them racists, supremacists becuz he's Brown & knows what its like???

      Yeah BROWNIE is the problem & he is FULL OF HIMSELF, arrogant, egotist, weak, scapegoating White people when he came to OUR WHITE NATION?? THEN GO BACK TO INDIA & DO SOMETHING FOR YOUR OWN BROWN PEOPLE.

      I DO NOT FALL FOR CR*P much less a JEW PLANT tearing down the VERY PEOPLE WHO MADE THIS NATION GREAT otherwise why not go back to Brown Man India? Got to Africa. Mideast >>>> HELL NO ain't enough WHITE PEOPLE there to make a nation great.

    2. Shiva in jew’ism is a day of mourning, yeah, DEAD. Shiva in Hindu means The Destroyer.

      RAYMOND TOMLINSON is credited with email BEFORE the internet, & when Shiva was 8. Is self-aggrandizing Shiva stealing the credit?? And folks fall for that baalsh*t??

      And this Brown Man coward, jew-funded RACIST PROVOCATEUR insults White People simply becuz of their Color. Accuses Whites of JEW crimes, JEW incited racism.

      Look, when JEWS give a Holohoax speech & it "rates" that JEW gets a hefty HOLOCAUST CHECK. That is why JEWS PUSH HOLOHAX, its a major shekel-shaker. Only 271k jews died in WWII.

      Same for 'White Racist Supremacy' baalsh*t?? YA DAMN RIGHT especially when a jew is funding your campaign.

  8. This was an awesome interview. I wish he was running for office where I live. He is what this country needs. Great information.

    1. Just what we need Karen! Another brown India jerk in the white house! America is for sale/sold,,,

  9. No one in America will have Freedom as long as this Targeted Individuals Mind Control torture program runs in America. Its Real. MK Ultra Ken Rhoades This will be used to totally control all Americans. 5G will be the final nail. The Hammer program is being exposed !!. This was used on Trump

  10. Nobody knows whose real and whose fakin. Everyone's shoutin out loud. It's only the glitter and shine that gets through. Where's my Robinhood outfit?.... ~Deep Purple~ (Fireball album). "No one came"...........



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