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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Grandma Gives It to You Straight

By Anna Von Reitz

There are DOZENS of strains of Common Cold Virus and always have been.  This is all just a ridiculous smokescreen to hide the Municipal Bankruptcy and Territorial attempts to "buy" back the Municipal Corporations (which belong to us) using our credit and assets to do it.  

Imagine this --- a pickpocket steals all the cash out of your left pocket, and then, he uses this stolen cash to buy the jewel in your right pocket.  

Have you got the schtick now?  It's a shell game.  

The Municipal Government is owned and operated by the Pope directly (theft of the cash in your left pocket).  The Territorial Government is also owned by the Pope, but it's operated "for" him by the British Queen --- who is busy trying to use your own assets and credit to buy your Municipal holdings (offer to buy the jewel in your right pocket).   

You are funding the whole shooting match, and they are trying to foist this off on you by doing what?  

Offering you "relief" payments --- also known as "benefits" ---- which they are free to define and misconstrue however they like, if you accept without doing some re-defining of your own.  

Left to themselves, the rats who are "giving" you a whole $300 billion out of the $6.2 trillion they are attempting to charge against your assets and credit ---- would happily claim that you "voluntarily" agreed to settle your claims against the Municipal UNITED STATES, INC., and that you accepted a token "equitable consideration" and donated the rest to them.  

So, we have acted in our official capacity and issued a Second Decree Over Mandate which you should take time to read --- and officially "accepted" these "relief payments" as "gifts" from the Pope and Queen ----- and back-charged their accounts for it, not ours.  

The "Unknown Country" has nothing to do with Kim or Tank or this country or the price of beans in China.  The "Unknown Country" is also known as the "Divine Province" --- the realm beyond death.  They set that trust up and renamed it to benefit themselves.  They acted as "self-interested donors".   A trust can be set up so that the Donors are also the Beneficiaries, and that is what they did.  

"Store up your riches in Heaven where thieves do not break in and moths do not decay......"  

But Benedict XVI also ordered them to open the Storehouses of the Lord ---- other trusts and accounts that are supposed to provide food and support for people in the End Times.  Part of that included the Romanus Pontifex  --- the City of Rome Trust, also known as the Urban Trust and the UBS Trust that Jamie Dimon stole and railroaded.  

Kim doesn't know jack shit about any of this.  Marduk hated mankind and never intended for her to know or be able to do diddly.  And just look at the situation.  Do you see any actual assets being deployed, or just more BS?   

Let me answer --- more BS. 

More "Money of Account" that is being charged to you and used to benefit the bankers and middlemen.  

Goddamn stupid, crooked military officers can't figure this out to save themselves or don't have the "honor" to do anything about it.  


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  1. I particularly like the part where she says store up your riches in heaven, and then in closing uses the Lord's name in vain.

    1. Who cares what you think you mental midget and get away from here you troll!

    2. I second that Netal Shepherd!! Did you not get the memo's Craig? Did you read them? Clearly, you miss the point of these articles, or have no interest in them to begin with (more telling) and/or just like the sound of pounding your sandbox. Most here, unlike you, numb nuts, who waits in the shadowS (basement/drain pipe) to find just any fault, to feel and look productive, while we are here to expose the plethera of crimes, to educate on what ACTUALLY MATTERS, and to share truthfully what is happening. I've seen you and your kind all over the place. You slither in, like you've been here all along. Want to discredit the messengers...when 'the messengers' have done all the hard work, research, and honest delivery to wake people up, against great odds and cost, tirelessly now going on decade's. Who are you contributing to but your own noise? Who died and made you CRITIC? Certainly noone here gives a damn your opine. We aren't here for 'your input', lest it contributes, (nope, nothing yet) Take your two cent judgement(s) and go elsewhere. If you ARE just a lonely mental midget, clank your pot on a different playground, move along. We've got bigger fish to fry. If you are one of those under-paid zit's, (grow up, and fast) we'd prefer you pop-off elsewhere. As a last word to 'Craig', (we'll lose interest in your pip, soon enough), like the dust ball you blew in on, poof, be gone!! trust me.

    3. Sorry, you are not to take God Yahweh's name in vain. I think what Anne needs to do is to turn her life over to Jesus Christ.

    4. From Anna:

      Yes, well, I was quoting the twisted rationale of the Catholic Church in creating a trust that only benefits dead people. And I did NOT “use the Lord’s Name in vain— “god” is not his name. Think. Use brains the actual Creator gave you.

    5. And to add to that, taking God's name in vain doesn't mean cussing or whatever you're calling it. It means to swear a false oath in the name of God.

  2. Hi everyone. Have you noticed that we are all confused about what is really going on? And each day our perception changes or our doubts creep in or we oscillate from thinking we are "winning" to being completely played by those bankers and bloodlines that have had their way for so long? I see this as a battle for our minds (our consciousness). It is imperative that our thoughts become focused on what we desire and practice bring that which we desire for this time. If you resonate with what I'm saying, please take a look at this video. I feel we won't have internet for long. Love to all beings.

    1. In Oct-2015, if Ann group did not rush, and if they mentioned this remedy code [50 USC Appendix, Section 7 (c) and (e)., to kill that every-day DOG LATIN fraud ] for the whole America, for that $279 trillion I.C.Lien, perfected, filed. Our lives would be much better, and the messy problems would be solved quickly. WHY? There is No need to do any individual paperwork. Because she already had this page 4, mentioned the Most Important Power to throw the vermin on the street, to cease our assets back. Even getting our buildings and offices are still good, so the vermin wouldn’t be able to return to do their dirty business forever. Why? This is the most powerful International law UCC 9/607-610 (Secured Party’s Right to take possession after default), with ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

      The vermin are in default since 1/2016. Anna, I wonder if we could append an extra page to that $279T lien? Filed and served the vermin involved in the past/present. We don’t need the vermin permission, it’s our lien, we can do whatever we wanted.

    2. › dictionary › append

      Append is a somewhat formal word. Lawyers, for example, often speak of appending items to other documents, and lawmakers frequently append small bills to ..

  3. Bankruptcy used as a falce flag. Weapon Lincoln immediately bankrupt territorial US. And appointmentd himself head of the army issued 100 executive order in 30 days FDR used it to steal gold . Dam criminals only ppl can stop them if only the knew as Henry Ford said if Americans only knew how the fed res worked there be a revolution over night .

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Look at the fasces bundles in the halls of congress and what they represent, rods (corporations) bundled around an axe (state power of execution) to strengthen and support the government, collusion between the two, a fascist republic, what it has always been. Regime/changing of the guard solves nothing. Time for the constitutional democracy experiment, where you can represent yourself for a change.

  6. What big eyes and teeth you have....grandma.

  7. God's name. From the Summa Theologica of Saint Thoms Aquinas

  8. When are the State Jural Assembly's going to instruct the Continental Marshals to arrest the top Criminals conspiring in the corrupt system? Our Constitutional power to convene Grand Juries to prosecute our employees of these crimes have to be acted upon. It's just us if we seek remedy and closure of the contractual breaches against us.

  9. Don't this situation seem very familiar back in the depression the government came to the people's rescue making up all sorts of foriegn programs 1933? Cause and effect they came out smelling like roses! Here it Is again over this man made virus there giving people hope and trying to pass giving away all this money to the people! Again cause And effect? I like to know why we all of us can file a world wide law suit for this killer virus ? I personally think it's airborne be geo engineering climate control by the chemtrails above Our heads everyday that we can stop!the fact the chemtrail s are real you can see them perfectly! Spraying us like bugs! Who funds the geo engineering and the coronavirus 2015? Bill Gates!how did Bill Gates predict this virus ? Does Bill Gates see Our future? How his name seems to pop up enough! Our world has been turned upside down many people are suffering and dying off! I like to know if there making money off us if they took out suretie s bonds on us all and going to cash in for each death? Bonds are there survial! Without us and our assets,credit to insure there nothing more than a illusion,powerless! They all need to step down get on there ships get the hell off our lands!This INSANITY has to stop! But how? If we flood the streets they will kill us or we do nothing they still kill us! Saying it's for the greater good! That phrase is always used by the bad guy! Is there a
    Peaceful resolution to take back our country? It has always shed in blood! Now we feel attacked by this virus! Isn't this war by bio weapons? Crimes against humanity? Anyone have a solution to stop this take over by foriegn intruders? Who pays our health insurance ,hospital bills and who pays for all the funerals from this virus?we should demand full compensation for all humanity that was effected? This was not a natural virus! How dare they make virus that could harm life! Make laws to stop all laboratory s from making killer viruses so they can never again be used as bio weapons! Ban it all over the world! When is enough enough? We have one weapon they don't have is God! I truly believe he waiting for all of us to pull together and fight back instead of being sitting ducks waiting to be picked off one by one by these evil satanic monsters!


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