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Saturday, February 1, 2020

The Real Pied Piper

By Anna Von Reitz

I know the Pied Piper. He's a Prince of the Devic Kingdoms who remembers the Old Music. Well, so do I, so I am not necessarily criticizing him for that. He honors the original contract for Earth Governance including the original Peace Treaty with the Devic Kingdoms, and like all the Devics I have ever known, he is faultlessly honest.
Truth is the only Law of the Devic Kingdoms. Whatever is true, however awful it may be, is true. And what is true must be honored. Period.
So, you are now advised to carefully regard the story of The Pied Piper of Hamblin with new eyes. What happens? He shows up in his (to us) peculiar outfit (something like a Court Jester but more elegant) and offers to help get rid of the rat infestation afflicting the city. Despite his odd appearance, the City Fathers agree.
You know, or should know, the rest of the story. He played his pipes and rid the city of the rats, but when he came to get paid for this service, the other rats--- the Mayor and Townspeople --- refused their part of the bargain, thinking that, well, we are rid of the rats, and what can this stranger do? He's just an odd beggar.... why should we pay him for anything?
So, he switched up his tune and led away all the children of Hamblin, never to be seen again.
That was 600 years ago according to the Church timeline, and 1700 years ago according to mine, but who is counting?
Let's be clear about the Devics --- they are not, strictly speaking, people --- though they appear to be. Instead, they are Elemental Beings, that may from time to time incarnate in the physical world.
The Pied Piper maintains the Devic Law.
Whatever is true is true, and whatever is owed, is owed.
If you make a deal with a Devic, you have to keep it and do your very best to honor it --- which they will know and judge --- or you will reliably end up on the bad end of retribution.
That said, if you make a deal with a Devic, you can also rely on them carrying through on their part of the deal. Their devotion to Truth as Law is invariable and absolute. They know no other Law.
Now, I am not particularly comfortable with the Pied Piper these days. He's rather bitter and very old. He likes to meet me in a certain moonlit garden adrift in white roses and water fountains when Midsummer comes around. We sit and talk, sitting back to back on a certain white marble bench, for reasons well-known to the True Wise.
We commiserate about the Old Days and the Old Music and Time Out of Time. It's always bittersweet, because so much of that True Magic has been lost or polluted or eroded away to something barely recognizable, like the Sphinx.
His bitterness makes him difficult to be with at times, and even somewhat dangerous, because he gets angry, too.
This I bear well-enough, because he has reason to be angry.
The Devics largely create this physical world as workers and artists and fine craftsmen, only to see it constantly and thoughtlessly destroyed. They build the environment only to see it polluted. They try to interact with men and have some honest commerce, only to be disappointed --- like the Pied Piper of Hamblin --- time after time after time.
And they are right. It is our fault that we are not devoted to Truth, when we have the ability to know the Truth. It is our fault that we don't honor agreements. It is our fault that we are grossly ungrateful. It is our fault that we are violent and constantly harming each other and the environment, too. It is our decision not to remember who we are.
Frankly, it's hard to say a word against his irritation with mankind.
Of all the many potent complaints held against us and our kind, the chief and most damning is our mistreatment of the animals.
Are we so deaf, dumb, blind, and willfully forgetful that we cannot see the kinship we share with the animals? Can we not recognize our eyes in their eyes? Do we not care about anything but ourselves?
Have we entirely forgotten our Sacred Duty as Caretakers of this planet and everything and everyone on it?
My meetings with the Pied Piper take place in June every year, around the height of Midsummer, when we--- those who can remember--- all drift into his villa for conferences.
I am happy that I can still enter his palace unannounced and that he welcomes me and that we sit in his garden and stare up at the dark vault of Heaven together, back to back, hands knotted like school kids on the white marble bench, neither one of us daring to look the other in the face.
From his standpoint, the world has only gotten worse and the people in it more disgusting and self-absorbed and insensitive and dishonest. From my standpoint, he has become polluted by his own bitterness, and that makes it harder to find the True Magic we all need.
I wish I could just say, well, let's begin again....let go our bitterness and the past and go forward into a new day....
But he knows-- and I know-- that in order to do that, the people in this world all need to make choices that they are largely unaware of.
They have to decide to honor the Truth. They have to choose to keep their words. They have to remember and cherish and honor their obligations as Caretakers. They have to stop their abuse of each other and of the animals and of the environment. Have to.
So I am telling you all to search your hearts and minds. There is more ---far more--- to this, than the fate of Homo sapiens. Remember who you are. Remember your place in Creation. Connect to what is True, and turn away from what is False.
Decisions are made by the act of not making decisions, and every day we wait and waver and fail to find the collective will to do what is right, the True Magic of Creation slips away from us and away from our world.


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  1. You certainly have a vivid imagination. my concern would be the non stop over complication that goes right along with such articles and vivid imaginations.
    Keep it simple stupid (sily if you prefer.)
    Shelby this is for you and everyone concerned, please take your time and just consider. Thank you. i mo there is much here to see and adds discernment to the overall picture.
    Who controlled the weather before man ?
    Who still 'ultimately' controlls' the weather?
    Earth has a cycle, the universe all plays a roll working in harmony with and for the Creator.
    Have a look through the comments also. Notice a fairly good community feel about this site?

  2. I am a hunter, or have been. I haven't brought anything home in a few years. Maybe it's because of my goofy dog. There is something in his eyes I see in the eyes of all animals; an innocence, lack of guile, a quiet peace in their soul, don't know.

    Don't get me wrong, I understand life feeds on life. Plants are just as alive as an elk. That is a truth that must be respected. But, lately, I have noticed a lack of recognition of what a hunter really doing; taking a life so that life may go on. Instead it's about the gear. Smart scopes, range finders, ballistics equations, everything except what is actually being done. Is technology distancing us from life? Is our quest for convenience and ease blinding us to the destruction it causes to the earth and the critters? Do we lose our connection to the earth when we are busy pecking away at our phones? Who are we serving when we rely on GPS to get us to grandma's house?

    When was the last time you watched a bee, busy with his work of flying from flower to flower, collecting pollen to make honey? Did you notice, while you were watching that bee, something moving in the corner of your eye only to see nothing when you looked over? If that has never happened to you, you are missing life. There is something else present, something we might even notice if only we put the phone down. Call it what you want. It's there, I've seen it, sort of.

    Will I hunt again? I think so, but with a different understanding.

    1. Hunters are individuals, hopefully more are like you and do recognize the recognition and the respect you know and are speaking about.
      Even when butchering an animal raised for a meal, i give thanks and respect.
      Thanks for sharing, and some will not get it.

    2. Yeah, some people think they can remove themselves from the reality of life feeds on life by being vegetarians or vegans. How many vegetarians thank the plants for giving up their life or their chance to reproduce because we harvested them? It's a strange corner to be painted into, this life feeds on life business because, on the one hand, we want to respect and preserve life, but on the other, we must take life in order to preserve it.

      I wonder if that thing running around in the garden in the corner of our eye just wants us to honor it all for what it is and not for what we think it should be.

    3. Thanks Rog, well done, it is not very often on this blog that we see the kind of raw search for truth being set out that you have done with your post.

      And a follower is also correct, many will not get it. Many will reject it as cover to continue the kind of nonsensical pursuit of violence that is the "human condition".

    4. Same kinda thinking that allows the underbrush to take over and then blame man for engineering forest fires.
      Lets let all the cute little critters run wild and free untill they eat us and themselves out of house and home.
      Good plan!

    5. Rog,
      "Who are we serving when we rely on GPS to get us to grandma's house?
      Who are we Trusting in? Who are we relying on? Who are we praising and giving thanks to?

    6. follower, that's not what I meant. There are truths we must live with, like life feeds on life. Another one is man changes his environment to suite his needs. A bear builds a den, we build a house. In fact, we build lots of stuff. It's not the stuff we build it's how we use it. If we use it to control our fellow man, that is a misuse of the stuff we build. If we use it to glorify ourselves, that is a rejection of natural law, which answers your four questions.

  3. Replies
    1. Hey there, nicely done. There are quiet breakthroughs if we choose to look for them.

    2. Camera lenses dont taste good...elk, deer, rabbits, squirrel, ducks, geese...taste much better.

  4. Anna,I don't know who is following who...LMAO,2 weeks ago i found this book called (THE DEVACHANIC PLANE OR THE HEAVEN WORLD).
    Let me just say that that is the place where the lies are sorted.
    And the Astral plane is were the tricksters can live, JUST FOR VERY LITTLE BIT OF TIME SAY 10,000 YEARS OR MORE.LMAO Till they pay back there debts for the pain and suffering they caused others and the karma they will suffer.
    Link to the book called (THE ASTRAL PLANE)

    These books will tell you what's going to happen to these scum bags.CERN IS A TOOL THEY BUILT TO TRY TO KEEP THE NEGATIVE ENERGY ON EARTH.(SATAN)
    I have turn about 40 of these kind of books to audio books,let me just say that anna is correct and from my own meditations on these matters,!! They will suffer badly.These different plane's read your heart not your brain,so you can be trained to be a good B.S artist, but the universe knows just who is who.

    I have all 3 of these books in cleaned up text form, or you can down load them from the same site and clean your self.
    I will leave a link to a free text to speech program.It takes about 4 minutes to convert to speech then you can put on your phone or tablet and listen via blue tooth head set at work or play.All three of these books will take about 10 hours to get though.
    Link to free text to speech program that i use,but there are others to on same site.

    I have the clean text to these books,leave your email in reply and i will send.
    But i wish paul would put on this site for down load to all.

  5. Kinda of like the mathematics and gravity that ole Newton founded in guess what year?

    The animal reference is a 'new age' reference

    Only the rich will be provided with untainted and the best meats that their stolen money can buy

    Ted Turner raises his own herd of buffalo on his many many acre ranch, yet the common folk will be eating bugs in order to save the planet

    That's why the vegan movement, all new age
    Same thing with the plant based burgers

    How about some Chik Fila - TELL THEM THE COWS SENT YA

    See they have been throwing that in our faced for a long time but unknown to us their plan is to eliminate meat products for the serfs

    Cost to much for them to provide meat to the public, cuts in to their profits

    It's part of their save the earth 'new age' 'green new deal'

    It's why they have been putting farmers out of business for decades
    The slaves become dependant on them to supply the food

    As Kissinger said, control the food, control the people

    Currently starving the people in Yemen to death but no one reporting on that

    They created the WWF too, which is nothing more than private hunting grounds for them
    Not to mention they are putting tracking and tracing devices on anything they can get their hands on
    It's why they declaring huge swaths of land off limits to the people so the animals can live in those areas away from the 5G radiated cities they are stacking and packing the people in to

    Better wake up people

    1. >> As crooked Kissinger said, control the food, control the people

      Problems solved. Traveling, Foods etc can be made 5-15x cheaper.

      The Vermin's are untrustable to govern people, from now on.

    2. Raise it, grow it, gather it ,hunt it, catch it...our Heavenly Father gave us all we need..get off your ass and go get it.

    3. It's not easy for you neither Patr. Can you get to 30-60 miles hunting w/o a vehicle or fuel?

      That's the core of the issues of why the crooks defraud the whole world. The Vermins are lazy, believing in their invalid 1213 POPE Treaty.

      -------------------- EXCEPT FROM RAUTHDSCHILD ------------

      Sometimes other Ancient Families become Implementers and if Implementers use force and coercion, then they are termed as “Dragons”. For example, Queen Elizabeth II is and Implementer and not part of The Royals, so this should not be a matter of confusion. Sometimes they are given to groups or parties to form governments and therefore use their Central Banks to manage some aspects of the interface between The Royals and the Implementers. In recent history, The Committee of 300 was used for this interface, but now this organization is no longer ....

    4. Yeah well Kisser could use some food control. Speaking of the troll-slug (no offense to trolls & slugs) Kisser in 2012 a Jew York Post gossip columnist jewess Cindy Adams said she got a call from him saying 'Israel won't exist in 10 years'. Two more friggin years.

  6. Interesting read for everyone - the 'space farce' or I mean 'space force'

    1. You will notice within the above link that it just so happens that the Zika virus patent is owned by none other than
      The Rockefeller Foundation

      This Rockefeller band of thieves is also who started resilient Cities
      Make not in the link as well to Project FORESIGN and the psychological opertions they have prepared for after their 'staged event'

      Also note in the below link the association of this same Foundation in launching the UFO propoganda from the very start
      And again we have Jordan Maxwell the freemason liar that he is within this group
      Private meetings at the Rockefeller ranch with bunch of Hollywood and non other than the Clinton shill herself

      It is my belief this 'planned space invasion' is why UN agenda 21 and the round up (no coincidence the Round Up toxic chemical debackle either) and the round up of peopl ein to stack and pack cities is taking place right now

      They have to contain the people to better control them once they launch this grand spetacular invasion upon the masses

      Enter the multi billion dollar 'SPACE FARCE' yet another fleecing of the public for their nefarious deeds being played on all of the earth

      We can save you from these evil reptillians, trust us

      And of course they have the planned financial collapse to go with it so they can role out their next PONZI scheme on the world

      Sick ass bastards, every last one of them

    2. The soon to arrive ET space brothers as per the Rockefeller Foundations plan
      Launched decades ago
      Predictive programming the massives for decades
      The Hollywood masons and the military industrail complex masons working hand in hand to bring about their end times show

      Some sick ass people we dealing with here folks

    3. If it lives it can die, dont forget the basics. All tge bullshit " shit shows" they concoct, political circuses, insane drama, false flag crap...get back to a simple life and develope actual skills to thrive...its what I have been doing for years...the " noise" diminishes and you will see what is here for us to see.

    4. I get it Patriot58, however there is a whole lot more to this than filing some paperwork to escape their clutches

      Case in point, see the below

      I cannot stress enough that everyone understand what these psychopaths are doing

      Has anyone ever stopped to think that the paperwork you are filing with the SOS is actually the Synagogue of Satan and not the Secretary of State?

      Are you making a deal here and you don't know it?

      This strawman and birth certificate stuff came on the scene just like the truth movement, was it planned to piss the people off, get them to do things that would land them in jail or make a deal of some sort?

      This is a worldwide network of psychopaths
      You cannot make deals with psychopaths

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. The East West dialectic - coronovirus and china
    Funny how this very same verbage ties in with the Millenium Development Goals set forth by the UN

    The intent is to make this all seem like only the West is to blame for the worlds woes when in fact they are all in on it

    Has everything to do with the BRICS deal, make no mistake about it

    Found this interesting something published decades ago about the 'golden age'

    The entire narrative is controlled including anything about a 'new age'

  9. PIED PIPER: The people from Hamelin, (another spelling perhaps?) were visited by paid agent 'Lokators', often in multi-colored clothes who called upon towns, in this instance to seek recruits for new settlements to the east, seems as far as Poland. Those of less capacity need not apply, as lame, blind, deaf, were the only 'children' who remained.

    What if it was the towns loss of young adult children, rather than babies, kiddies. One researcher Wolfgang Mieder traced the Hamelin people to the various towns & found names appeared at appropriate times.

    Its also said the town did pay the 'Piper' half, 50 guilders, for whatever reason this Piper or Lokator or agent was there. There were professional rat-killers then, too.

    1. Hey Wink Wink and anyone else, need to read through the entire link leaving below

      It will literally boggle the mind

      And we are being told Putin woke up blah blah blah

      The BRICS deal was planned and this east west dialectic is all bullshit

      Claiming that we have to bring this system down and that she has an alternative and it will not be what they have proposed, THEN WHAT IS IT THEN

      If it has anything to do with BRICS then this is all bullshit

      I've said it before and I will say it again
      The $3,000 per person per month is just like their plan to hook the masses in to their scheme and then set the hook

      Once the hooks set then they pull back the funds unless you are compliant with their demands

      This is all a set up and until we get our own ways and means put in place to do commerce, nothing is going to change

      What they may give you in relief today they can take away tomorrow

      This goes way beyond just filing paperwork and negotiating with the crooks for mutual offset credits

      And I for one want more than just Anna's word for things
      I want names, numbers of just who she is negotiating with and the agencies

      Who is the Living Law Firm? Why isn't it the lawful firm considering that their law is all bogus?

      People need to stop blindly following this stuff without comprehensive proof with names, contacts, agencies they are talking to and who within those agencies and much more

      If Anna gets hit by a bus then what?

      Bottom line if they shut the financial system down and there is no alternative, we all lose

      Must create our own and work outside their commerce

      This shit that 30 million americans have filed paperwork and the rest who have not been 'enlightened' can just be left to the butchers is rediculous

      The aquarian age bullshit was contrived by the globalist, it means nothing

      We aren't waking up because of some cosmic flash or change, they planned this shit and rolled it out to us and they are tracking what we are doing through these damned computers
      Thats what CERN IBM Q is the world wide computer

      DATA DATA DATA - The Human Face of Big Data, go watch it if you can find it, put out by public television in 2015

      Like I said I applaud everyones efforts but this is way larger than people are comprehending

      You think they just magically going to leave the people with paperwork alone when the UN troops role in?

      Oh, yep, you're ok, but I have to slaughter your whole neighborhood because they didn't do theirs

      Congratulations you get to live in the aftermath

      Absolute lunatics is what we are dealing with here

    2. Hey Shelby - thanks for checking in. Beasts flailing death throes... time to find coded 'Final Solutions'. They'll never cease. Karma ran over their dogma, & just kept going.


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